One Last Shout Out

Adventurous Heart- Thanks! Aren't little brothers horrible sometimes? But other times they are great.

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Jenni- Thank you so much! I liked the Michi ending too.

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Pointless Chat About What Women Want

I was really nervous about this story, cause I had never written from the point of view of a guy before, and I was sure I was gonna get it wrong. Tai was one of my favorite characters, and I didn't want to mess him up. If feedback is correct, however, I think that it went alright.

Also, I was worried no one was going to give it a chance because it had the same title as the movie, and were going to think it had the same plot. Again, I was pleasently surprised at all the love I got from you guys.

So, that being said, I'm glad so many people gave it a try!

Shameless Promotion for Next Story

Yep, That's right. Its called "Wish" and yes, Tai is the main character again. And for all of you unhappy Taiora fans, I am making this one a Taiora. FOR SURE. So check it out, please?