This was inspired by my own online activities, and written because I am stuck on basically everything else I'm writing right now. This is not betaed, so all mistakes are mine.

Someone (I mention no names, meanie!) threatened to kick me, if I didn't post this, so I thought I'd better do so.

Enjoy, and sorry if it isn't funny, it is my attempt at humor.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, CSI is not mine and it probably never will be.


"Hey hon." Sara walked into the living room and saw her girlfriend sitting in front of the computer.

"Hi." Catherine looked up shortly before turning her attention back to the screen.

"Are you hungry?" She asked.

"Mmm." Catherine didn't seem to hear her.


"Yes?" The blonde looked up from the screen. "Sorry." She smiled

"Are you hungry?" Sara repeated the question.

"A little bit." Catherine nodded.

"Ok, I'll make something light." Sara took one last look at the blonde, who was once again fully concentrated on the screen, before disappearing into the kitchen. She shortly wondered what the other woman was doing, but quickly came to the decision that most likely it would be something work related. Catherine was rarely online, claiming that she was too old to be surfing online at all times of the day. No, she stuck to checking her mail at work and using the web for information concerning cases she worked.

"Oh, come on!" She heard the blonde exclaim from the living room.

"Did you say something?" Sara poked her head out the door.

"What?" Catherine looked up, confused. "No, I didn't."

"Ok." Sara went back to her cooking. Come to think about it, it was weird that Catherine would be online at home. Especially since, as far as Sara knew, she wasn't working any big cases at the moment. In fact, she'd just solved the murder of an elderly couple.

"Yes! Take that! Ha!" Her thoughts were interrupted by the exited scream from the next room, but she decided to ignore it this time.

The elderly couple on Catherine's case was killed by a little old lady over a game of… No, surely she wasn't… Sara shook her head, surely Catherine wasn't… Ding, ding, ding, dinner was ready. She quickly prepared two plates and carried them into the living room.

"Dinner's ready, Cath." She walked up to the blonde.

"Ok, I'll be just a minute…" She looked up shortly, before violently moving the mouse up and down, before releasing the left button. "I just need… just… no!" She screamed at the screen. "I just needed two more!"

"Hon?" Sara moved to stand behind her, so she could take a look at the screen. It seemed that she had been right earlier in the kitchen. "You got this from the case you were working last night?"

"Yes!" She huffed staring accusingly at the screen.

"Ok…" Sara tried to hide the smile forming on her lips. "And…" She didn't know how to continue.

"And now I understand perfectly well why that little old lady killed those people over a game of Yatzy!" She fumed when she didn't get the last two sixes to win the game.