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Naruto's Vixen

Chapter 1

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'Kyuubi speaking'

'Speaking in mind, or thinking'

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It was early in the training mission with Jiraiya when October 10 came around. Like usual the pervert was out in the local nightlife trying to score with the ladies leaving Naruto alone on his birthday for yet another year. This year he thought would have been different since he actually had friends now, but he couldn't ever catch a break having the fox demon stuck within. He finally decided that training to the extreme would be just the ticket, and after that maybe some of the left over saké Jiraiya forgot he left in the hotel room the last time he was wasted.

"Well, happy birthday to me, here's to yet another lonely year." Naruto sat at the edge of a cliff next to where he was training earlier and quickly gulped down the horrible tasting fluid feeling it burn its way down his throat. He chucked the empty bottle of saké off the cliff and stood up at the edge of it watching it fall peacefully to its demise in silence. Some minutes later, between dehydration and the strong alcohol that was now pumping through his veins, he was feeling quite open to any thoughts that crossed his mind.

"Hmm, that bottle sure looks peaceful down there; maybe I could have that same peace." He muttered as he swayed on drunken legs.

Naruto held his arms straight out to his sides and felt the calming breeze of the autumn wind as he slowly pitched forward. The wind flowing through his hair increased, but the vertigo of his fall never reached him through the haze of the alcoholic influence so he never even saw the ground coming to remove him of his life. Suddenly the wind died and the young blonde was finding himself once again in front of the ugly steel cage of his life long nemesis, the Kyuubi.

"Go away you stupid fox, you have caused me so much pain and I just want it to end." He saw a flash of light emit from the cage as he fell backwards falling into a drug induced slumber.

Naruto found himself waking to a lush forest surrounding him as he was comfortably lying upon the thick grass of the clearing he was in. He thought he was in heaven feeling so peaceful and safe in the forest. He even started hearing soft and gentle voices being carried across the fragrant wind.

"Naruto-kun, are you awake? Please answer me." Came a discernable soft voice full of worry. He turned to the voice and saw a young woman, about his age, with jet black hair and a chest close to rivaling Tsunade's, but strangely many times more attractive, yet he didn't know why at first. His eyes wandered down her perfectly formed hips and fell upon a neatly kept patch of hair at the junction of her relatively long slender legs. After pausing on that sight for a few seconds he blushed and turned away now realizing she was fully nude.

"Naruto-kun, what's wrong? Does my appearance bother you?" He turned back and made extra effort to focus only on her elegant face.

"Um, yeah it does bother me a bit." The young woman smiled at him before her form shifted to a young pink haired woman in the same state of dress. Naruto's cheeks flushed at the seeing the tops of her breasts but refused to look further.

"Is this better?" she inquired.


"How about…" her form shifted again to the young long haired blonde kunoichi.

"No." came the reply quickly.

"Hmm, maybe you like older women…" this time she shifted into a fully nude Anko getting Naruto's cheeks to gain color once again.


"Then how about…" this time her form shifted to a smaller girl with short midnight blue, nearly black, hair. Uncontrollably his eyes darted to her, not too big, but not too small, mounds of flesh before they continued down and was slightly confused as to why she had no hair where he saw some from the first form but also found it enthralling. "D-do you l-like this f-form better Na-Naruto-k-kun?" she asked with a faint blush on her cheeks while prodding her fingers together. His face turned deep red and quickly turned away from that form.

"No, please, it isn't the form it's the fact that you aren't wearing any clothes." He yelled out embarrassingly. A smile spread across the young woman's face at the information she found and reverted back to her original form.

"Ok, I have some clothes on this time." He rolled back over and looked at the elegant white kimono with silver embossed designs cut really low at the neck showing off plenty of cleavage. As he looked further down, he coughed on the air he was breathing when he noticed there was only half of the kimono and got another eye full of her bare lower portion before facing away. She laughed at his expression as the rest of the kimono faded into existence.

"I'm fully clothed now Naruto-kun, you can look." He cautiously turned back and verified she was in full dress before trying to sit up. His attempt failed as he crashed back to the ground. The young woman was at his side instantly and helped him sit up using a tree to lean on that appeared from nowhere. He was about to thank her for her help when he noticed she was still very close to him, smiling. Her hand reached out and gently brushed a finger across his lips and then… she kissed him softly pulling back very slowly afterwards.

"Um, thank you, but who are you and where are we?" he asked trying to get over the feeling of shock and bliss from the unexpected affection. She backed away from him to allow a view of her all at once.

"Take a look at me again and figure it out for yourself." She told him in a sad tone. He looked out at her beautifully crafted silk kimono and paused a bit on her exposed cleavage. He wasn't making any progress in finding out who she was, since he was getting distracted, until he caught a glimpse of something moving behind her. Switching his gaze to the source of the movement he counted nine tails covered in shimmering blood red fur tipped in just a little black, like her hair, swishing behind. He quickly looked back to her face and realized that in the midst of her long black hair stood two black tipped red ears like that of a… fox.

"So am I supposed to believe that I have a sexy fox demon inside me?" She smiled widely at him and ran to sit beside him. She took his hand in hers and leaned her head on his shoulder.

"Well, I only wanted you to know you had a female fox sealed in you, but I guess you think I'm sexy, I like that." She cooed from her comfortable position.

"I'm still confused, I've met the fox before and it clearly wasn't you, he was pure evil."

"Well I can guarantee you that what you met was still me, but I was still stuck in a blood lust rage. That rage finally wore off on your 16th birthday allowing me to return to the way I am. Just incase you're wondering, no I am not free, I can just take my human form outside the cage, not any chakra." Naruto was pondering this information while secretly enjoying the soft hand intertwined with his.

"Ok, so you appear very, um, not evil; so why did you attack Konoha?" he asked which wiped the smile from her face

"Well just so you know, I'm close to 9500 years old. It has easily been 5000 years since I have enjoyed the company of someone. Since I was always fond of humans and their strong emotions on love, I decided to come to Konoha since it was to be so peaceful, and I really liked the forest. I came into the village and was thrilled to watch how everyone interacted with each other, especially the couples. I continued walking through the village and found a young man by himself and thought he may be lonely like I was so I talked to him. He seemed quite nice so I accompanied him, at his request, outside the walls, that was when things changed." Naruto was intrigued at the fact that this powerful demon actually was able to look sad, but continued to listen to her story.

"He did some weird ritual and killed a small fox kit, which just showed up at the time, in front of me. I was enraged at the blatant murder of my kin and somehow that ritual of his was meant to amplify and trap that feeling within me, so I was then out for blood leading to the attack. Your, fa...um, Yondaime saw everything after my first arrival in that viewing ball and apologized to me before sealing me away in you. I'm sorry, it was my fault you were all alone."

Naruto had to sift through everything, the demon that attacked the village and demanded blood in his fights was now apologizing while weeping on his shoulder, add that to her sad face from before and he was easily convinced that she was telling the truth. He tightened his grip on her hand and looked at her teared up face.

"You were lonely, a feeling I know all too well, so it wasn't your fault for trusting that guy. Do you know who he is; I'd like to return the pain he caused."

"Yes, Naruto-kun, and you already have an idea who he is." (cliché I know, but orochimaru is a perfect fall guy)

"So it was the hebi-teme (snake bastard), I thought as much." He let out a disappointed sigh. "So what should I call you then, Kyuubi-nii-chan?" she immediately looked appalled at the idea.

"NO, I do not want to be seen as your sister, anything but that." She cried out as tears made their way down her cheeks again showing that she needed something more than a sibling relationship; she was missing the affection of a romantic one.

"Fine, I won't look at you like a sister, Kyu-chan." She smiled at the blonde before resting her head back on his shoulder.

"I haven't slept in 16 years, will you let me sleep on your shoulder, it feels so comfortable." She asked, already in the process of falling asleep.

"Only if you don't mind me sleeping as well." She let out a sound signifying she was perfectly content with that before they both fell into slumber, the feeling of loneliness gone from both.

Naruto woke with a splitting headache and the horrid stench of sanitizers; once again he was in a hospital. He hated hospitals, the horrible food, the uncaring people, and most of all very few visitors making him feel even more alone. He seemed like he was expecting something different to wake up to and sighed.

'I guess it was all a dream.' He thought sadly, remembering the peace he felt when not alone.

'No, Naruto-kun, it wasn't a dream, I slept very well on you, thank you.' Called the vixen from his mind.

"So it wasn't a dream?" he said out loud getting the attention of the white haired guy in the room.

"What wasn't a dream?" asked the perv.

"Nothing Ero-sennin, why am I in the hospital?"

"I found you at the bottom of a cliff near death, how the hell did you manage to fall off a cliff?" Naruto's face fell upon his realization.

"I didn't fall, throw a little alcohol and a whole lot of loneliness together on your birthday and people will do stupid things. Don't worry, I'll be fine."

"So you did do that, sorry kid. You do know that if you died I'd never hear the end of it from Tsunade." Jiraiya informed him with a hint of anger.

"Gee, thanks Ero-sennin, wouldn't you be so inconvenienced by my untimely death?" he retorted in obvious sarcasm.

"You're damn right." Naruto ignored this and carried on.

"So how long was I out?"

"About three days, even at your extreme healing rate you won't be able to leave here for another two, so get some rest, I've got research to do." Naruto have off a disgusted sigh as the pervert left the room.

'Kyu-chan, how do I come back in there?' he called into his mind wanting to leave the loneliness of the empty hospital room.

'Just close your eyes and imagine yourself here'

He did just that, he closed his eyes and let his mind free, when he opened them again he was sprawled out in the soft grass with Kyu's head resting on his chest.

"I like your imagination Naruto-kun." She stated while snuggling deeper to him.

"What do you mean?" he asked, not realizing he draped his arm across her shoulders.

"Well the place that we are in is basically your imagination, so when you thought of being here you imagined me with you." She informed before kissing the bottom of his chin. Making him fidget at the intimate contact.

"Um, Kyu-chan, can I ask you a weird question?"

"Sure, you can ask me anything." Naruto thought about his question, trying to word it correctly but realized he was a direct approach type of person.

"Um, what is sex? Ero-sennin always talks about it and I just figured it was something perverted."

"What!? You don't know?" she shouted in disbelief looking at his face.

"No, I think we had a class at the academy about it, but the teachers said I could skip it and still get a passing grade, so I did. That and the door always seemed to not open for the duration of classes; afterwards all the guys and girls were acting weird around each other. You are in my head, so why didn't you know that already?" he worded with his eyes closed.

"I could go through your memories, but I don't want to be that way. If there is something you want me to know, you should tell me yourself. Now for your answer, would you like to try it?" she asked, brightening up at the idea.

"I'd rather not, until I know exactly what it is at least."

"Ok fine, but I will probably need visual aides so you can't look away from me while I teach you." She told him with a hidden grin.

"Sure, that's fine." The young looking fox woman stood and walked out a ways, like she was about to teach a class.

"Alright, time for your lesson. Sex can take many forms and can be perverted if done for the wrong reasons. Usually it is an act shared between a man and a woman who love each other greatly, this is form of sex is commonly referred to as 'making love' and is the most satisfying of all the forms since all the love and affection each person has is shown through the act. Now in certain cases sex can be had with two women or two guys, but I'm definitely not fond of the latter and indifferent to the former and we'll avoid that for today ok?" Getting a nod in return she continued.

"Now another form of sex is commonly referred to as 'fucking' while it can be enjoyable, there usually isn't any extra emotions shared between them, and can be quite animalistic in roughness and in the pursuit of a few minutes of pleasure. It is quite rough and fast and afterwards one or both of the participants can feel dirty for their act leaving it to be a very hollow experience. Now there is some grey area in between where two people can be not fully in love and still get the benefits like they were, but in some of those cases it can turn the relationship strictly physical since their emotional connection wasn't strong enough to sustain the relationship correctly and the two fall to the wayside. You understand?"

"Sure, I guess, but what is it? I get it that it is a form of loving someone but after that I'm lost."

"Well at least you grasped that part. Now I know you have seen a naked female, but do you really know what the difference really is between us, males and females?" She smiled watching him fidget under her gaze.

"No, I really only know that somehow only women can have children and have larger chests." Kyu just sighed and continued her lesson.

"Well that saves some time. Sex is actually for reproducing, you know having children, but there is a great amount of pleasure found in it that it would be stupid to do it only when you want children, anyways, time to describe the female body. The breasts of a female, or their chest, are there for the purpose of feeding her baby, but outside of that they are sensitive to touch making them a common focal point before, during, or even after sex and nearly all men are attracted to them. Now the only other thing really different with women is below the waist. You know what you have down there and you saw that females don't and that is the main ingredient for sex." She rattled off like second nature. (well it should, she's been a female for nearly 9500 years)

"So you're saying my, um, thing is used for sex?" Naruto asked with a blush

"I thought you were kidding before, but you really don't know anything do you?" she asked with a humor laced voice

"Hey, don't make fun of me! It isn't my fault I didn't have anyone to tell me this stuff, and the kids my age never talked about it either." He defended

"Sorry, Naruto-kun, I didn't mean it that way. Now then to continue on. Yes your, thing, as you elegantly put it, is used for sex. Now when you see a cute girl, or a naked one, do you notice a change in yourself?"

"I don't know, I never really paid attention."

"What!? These idiots can teach a young man to kill, but they can't even teach them how to be a real man and notice something so obvious. I guess I need to bring out the visual aides, now remember you can't look away." She reminded with a pointed glare.

"Yeah I remember." Kyu smiled at him and snapped her fingers making all her clothing disappear again. Immediately Naruto blushed and looked away, but she walked up to him and pulled his face back forward.

"I said you couldn't look away remember?" He embarrassingly nodded and kept his eyes fixed upon her. "Now you know these are breasts." She told him while she made them bounce around for emphasis. She looked at him and was slightly surprised to immediately get exactly what she was waiting for from him so quickly, especially since he created the sexy jutsu and should be used to seeing this. "Now do you feel anything different?"

"Um, not really." He replied as his eyes kept searching her body. With an exasperated sigh she walked up to him and grabbed the large bulge that formed in his pants.

"This down here, you realize the difference now?" she asked while holding him with light pressure, surprising the hell out of him.

"Yes, I do, definitely. Can you stop?" she smiled at him and started to rub him gently through his pants

"Why does this not feel good?" she teased in a seductive voice

"Yes! I mean No! I mean just stop now ok!" he yelled as he forcefully removed her hand from him. She chuckled a bit before sitting in the grass across from him hiding herself behind her legs.

"Now that you know how your part feels I can give you the last lesson. A woman has another hole that guys don't." Naruto looked surprised and waited for more information on this. She resituated herself and spread her legs open slightly giving Naruto a perfect view of her more intimate parts making him blush and had to force himself not to look away out of embarrassment.

"To have sex your 'thing' has to slide into the woman here." She demonstrated by inserting one of her fingers in her opening and removing it again slowly making sure to over exaggerate the action. "So now that you know what sex is, would you like to try? I promise you'll enjoy it." She teased.

"Not that it isn't very intriguing, but I'll pass. From what you told me earlier, I only want to do this with someone I love wholeheartedly or it could possibly turn me into Ero-sennin." He stated while turning away with a permanent blush on his face. She smiled and walked up to him and pushed him onto his back before stroking his bulge again.

"Are you sure? I know you would enjoy it." She coaxed with a sexy voice. He gulped audibly before taking her hand in his.

"Be it as it may, I don't want to do it. Can you put your clothes back on?" The moment he said that her smile faded as the clothing warped back into existence. She turned to leave but was still held by her hand.

"Just because I don't want to have sex with you doesn't mean that you have to leave. I'll be trying to figure this out for quite some time now in the future, so just stay with me for a while." She smiled once again before laying back down beside him placing her head directly over his heart listening to the rhythm. She placed her hand on his stomach and let it wander back down to his pants.

"Above the belt Kyu-chan." He reminded as she reluctantly rested it back on his stomach where she stayed until they both fell asleep.

Naruto woke up and found himself still in his mindscape but had no idea what time it was in the real world since it all looked the same in his mind. The young, appearing, fox demon was still sleeping on his chest and dare he think it, she looked cute with her fuzzy ears. Curiously he brought up a hand and touched the tip of her ear and smiled seeing it twitch, finding it amusing he tried again, getting the same response. He was about to touch her again but was caught quickly by her hand. Before he could apologize, she placed his hand at the base of her ear.

"It tickles up there, but you can rub it lower where it feels better." She told him without moving from his chest. Naruto couldn't explain exactly why, but he enjoyed running his hands through the soft silky fur and obviously she did too as she gave off a light growl which sounded more like a purr.


"Hmm?" She growled out cutely.

"Why did you want to have sex with me?" he asked while still stroking her fur.

"Hmm, well, you see sex is a very powerful thing, once you have it you want more. After not being with someone for over 5000 years I could probably screw almost anything, but there is one thing more powerful than sex and that is love. I have seen everything you have gone through and I truly want to be here for you. I know how caring and sincere you are over the years and just the fact that you could forgive me after the pain I caused made me care for you. I care for you very deeply, and if this wasn't so, I wouldn't have offered to be with you in that capacity. Just so you know I'll always be here and when you come to care for me, like I do for you, my offer will always stand."

"For a demon that would scream for me to kill, you sure have taken a turn in attitude, but I guess you have protected me even when you wanted to kill, so I believe you. I don't know how I would want to be involved with you, but right now my loneliness is gone and that is thanks to you. For now, lets just be friends, but before that I was wondering if you would kiss me once more." She turned her head and looked into his eyes.

"Do friends still make out?"


"Do they hug?"


"Do they sleep on ones shoulder if they are tired?"


"Do friends hold hands?"

"I think they can."

"Ok," she moved close to him and captured his breath as she softly pressed her lips to his and slowly worked them until she broke away leaving him smiling and breathless.

"So I guess we are just friends now then Naruto-kun. Although I am 9500 years old I am fully mortal now since I die when you do and I will age as you do, you will be the last person I will ever see. Just remember that in all actuality I am now like any other woman except I'm stuck within you so don't count me out when you look for a girl in the future." Giving him a sweet smile she rested her head back down on his chest.

"So then, since we are friends now you won't try to sneak a feel right?" he questioned.

"Well, Naruto-kun, I am a fox, so there is no guaranteeing that." She showed of her cliché fox grin showing her mischievous nature. "You should probably wake up in the real world now it should be time to go." Naruto concentrated on leaving and faded out of his mindscape with one thought on his mind.

'What trouble have I now found myself in now?' he asked himself fearing that the beautiful vixen won't leave him in peace for the rest of the training time with the perv.

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