Naruto's Vixen

Chapter 13

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'Kyuubi speaking'

'Speaking in mind, or thinking'

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The next morning the couple were awakened by a knocking at the door. Not wanting to get up from their positions, they continued laying there hoping the person would leave. Unfortunately the knocking didn't stop and persisted.

"Yeah what!?" yelled the blonde quite angry at being interrupted.

"It is Sakura and Sasuke, we need to talk, are you decent?" Called the medic from the other side of the door.

"Not really, but get your ass in here anyways, It's unlocked." Sakura twisted the knob and cautiously opened the door, leery about what she would see. Stepping into the room, she let out a sigh of relief when she saw they had everything important covered with their tails.

"Hey Sakura, I thought you said Sasuke came with you." Sakura looked behind her and saw he was missing.

"Um, he did… Sasuke get your ass in here or you're sleeping on the couch!" Naruto snickered at him being controlled like that as the Uchiha strolled into the room as his eyes almost left his face seeing Hinata's completely bare back and obviously wearing nothing else.

"You have your own Uchiha, eyes off mine." Commented Naruto seeing the direction of his gaze.

"Like I would want to waste my time looking at her, there isn't anything interesting about the way she looks." Sasuke defended

"Sure Sasuke, you were just looking at her like a piece of meat, besides she has nothing that is better than Sakura; except well, maybe her larger tits, her nicer attitude, her love, her fox features, her eyes, her strength, and the list can go on."

"What ever Naruto, you are just jealous you never got to see me naked." Sakura chimed in.

"Well I did see you topless that time Kyu-chan took your shirt, and I was very disappointed."

"NARUTO!!!" She screamed and nearly hit him, but noticed Hinata was sill sleeping on him. "Hey Naruto, why is Hinata sleeping through all this?" she asked as Hinata shifted.

"Well she was sleeping before you nearly hit me, now she is waking up."

"Oh, sorry." Sakura apologized. Hinata squirmed some more and let out a yawn before turning her head to the side looking at their guests.

"Hi Sakura." She muttered out sleepily.

"Hey Hinata, how did you sleep through all that noise?"

"I sleep more soundly now since, um, because of my condition." Sakura looked at her worriedly.

"Well what is it? What is wrong with you? Is it something I can fix?" Naruto and Hinata just laughed lightly from her questions.

"Nothing is wrong, this is normal, and I'd kill you if you stopped it. I'm pregnant." Hinata informed them.

"Huh, you're what!? Aren't you young to be having kids? Don't you know there are ways to stop this?" Sakura asked, thinking it would be the end of the world if someone had kids before they were in their twenties.

"Quiet Sakura, we took the precautions and it still happened and we will never change it. I have noticed that no one will ever be ready for children, so we are ready now as we'll ever be. Now, what was the reason for being here?" Naruto asked, being angered slightly.

"Oh, um we were asked to assemble all the high ranking ninja, and actually all of our friends are now Jonin, you two are the only ones not, and since you, Naruto, only had a temporary promotion, you are still genin. Anyways we are meeting our new military leader that is rumored to be accepted as Hokage in a few months, so show some respect and don't be late." Sakura turned around and pulled Sasuke out of the apartment and shut the door behind her.

"Alright Hinata-chan, I suppose we don't want to keep this idiot waiting, let's go meet the new Hokage and see how big of a moron he is." Naruto smiled at her before picking her up and carrying her to the bathroom for a shower as she giggled the entire way.

After their shower, they got dressed and hurried to the Hokage tower. Upon entering the larger conference room, they were greeted by the faces of all their friends and teachers. Every single one of them was there including Konohamaru and his team as well as many Anbu members.

"Hey baa-chan, Sakura came by and said there was some idiot we needed to meet, she said he was a loser and wasn't fit to be a future Hokage, or something like that." Naruto saw Sakura start fuming from his words.

"Naruto! You are the only idiot and one not fit to be Hokage in the future, now show some respect, he may be in this very room." Naruto just laughed while Hinata was giggling as they took a seat in the room. Tsunade looked at him incredulously.

"Naruto, you kept your mouth shut?" she asked.

"Of course, I don't need it to seem like a lie now do I?"

"Tsunade-sama, what are you talking about?" Sakura asked noticing something out of the ordinary.

"Easy, she is saying that Naruto is the one taking the title. In your mission to wave Kakashi and Kurenai asked many questions that you thought were to determine your strengths or teaching were actually devised to test Naruto on his tactics and knowledge. Also when Akatsuki came while in the country, he chose to delegate out the strategy to one with more ability." Shikamaru informed them lazily.

"Shikamaru is right, the Hokage isn't always the strongest and smartest of all ninja, but one that knows how to use the strengths of those under their leadership. Naruto has proven both his strength and ability to make important decisions under extreme conditions and has the full approval of the new council so he will be the Rokudaime Hokage when he reaches the minimum age to take the title, which will happen in a few months." Tsunade recited.

"Now that that is cleared up, Naruto and Hinata will be heading a group…" Shikamaru started, but was quickly interrupted by Naruto.

"Sorry, but Hinata is staying in the village from now on."

"What is the reasoning behind pulling one of our strongest fighters from the war, and it better not be because of your relationship." The Hokage demanded

"Well not exactly, but she has another she needs to think about keeping from harm other than herself." He replied with a smile.

"What do you mean…? Oh, I see. Your request has been granted. Now, what do you suggest our course of action be?"

"Well I believe the only way to end the war is to take out the leader. Since he commands the bijou we must put an end to him and then Gamabunta and the other bosses can be summoned to take care of the rest effortlessly, but let's just keep Manda out of it he wants too much payment."

"Sure that is great idea on paper, but how do you suggest we defeat someone with eight bijou under their command?" Shikamaru asked.

"Well that is where a specialized team is needed. With the correct people, defeating them will be a cinch. Since Yamato has the ability to suppress demon chakra I will require his assistance mostly, I would also like to take Sasuke since the Uchiha seem to have a latent ability in that area as well and I think taking Sakura with us will be all I need to ensure we come back. I would suggest all the ninja with a summoning contract stay at Konoha to repel the forces when we engage the bijou and the rest I'll let Shikamaru delegate."

"What makes you say defeating 8 troublesome demons will be easy to accomplish?"

"Easy Shikamaru, I am the new Kyuubi and I have the ability to defeat at least half with my own strength, it will just be easier with a few suppressing their power when I reseal them."

"So how do you plan on doing this? A demon like these can really only be sealed in a human child like you were." Tsunade asked

"There is a crystalline gem that was given to a powerful leader that has near infinite space held within. Once the crystal has been activated it will absorb all the demons in existence and implode destroying all of them. The crystal has never been used since there once was a benevolent demon that lived on this earth, but now she is gone." Naruto explained.

"Ok, where do we find this crystal?"

"Simple, it was given to a Hokage by the being that granted his power over demon energy and made into a necklace, the necklace I am wearing."

"So grandfather's necklace was designed to defeat the bijou. I guess we have a plan now. We will reconvene in three days for everyone to fully rest up and to finish the details of the counter attack. We will move ahead in three days, you are dismissed." Naruto quickly stood up pulling Hinata to her feet with him.

"Hey guys, how about we go to Ichiraku's for some ramen, I'm buying." Of course every one of his generation took him up on that offer so the old rookie nine, team Gai, and Konohamaru's team all gathered at the stand maxing out the capacity. The group questioned the couple on many things including their strength, and of course their pregnancy. Konohamaru kept going on about being beaten for Hokage again while most just laughed it off as they finished their meal.

The next days until the meeting, Sasuke, Sakura, Naruto and Yamato trained themselves to work as a team again while Hinata watched and did her own training. Everyone felt strange going on like a war wasn't currently happening, especially with the weird blue dome hovering above their head, but they had a feeling of security knowing there could be no attacks on them as long as they saw the shield.

The surprising thing for all the villagers was that it just happened to be the one they shunned that was able to give them the feeling of security. Looking back many of the villagers felt ashamed of their treatment, especially after finding out he truly was his own person and banished the demon from his body, of course after Hiashi pounded it into a few.

All the ninja were currently in attendance at the early morning meeting where they were finalizing the plans for the counter attack.

"Jiraiya has just returned from information gathering and nearly killed himself on the defense grid when he forgot to drop the passageway, but what he has found is that the enemy is apparently massing for one last strike." Shikamaru stands and pulls open a huge map of the area and lays out the battle plan.

"Now the attack will be a simple one. Naruto's team will head out first and attempt the assassination of their leader and destroy the bijou. Once the bijou have been eradicated Naruto will signal us and the second wave of the assault will commence with the boss summons to thin out their ranks. Once that has been completed eliminate or capture any other ninja." IT was at this time that Tsunade took control for the final pep talk.

"Since the enemy is organizing we need to take them down before they finish. Naruto; your team will assemble and begin the operation immediately. People, the fate of Konoha and possibly the world depend on this single day. Naruto, now is the time to prove yourself to the world, show them you can be trusted with their lives."

"You know I will Tsunade, I will prevail for the sake of my village, my future wife, and my unborn child. I will not and I cannot fail." Strangely serious, Naruto stood and left out the door after throwing on his overcoat.

'That one scares me when he is serious. Just that look makes you believe he can do anything, you will be a great leader.' Thought Tsunade as she watched their last hope walk out of the room

Naruto's team was currently making their way through the trees in the direction of their target.

"Ok, what we need to do is draw out the bijou, we only need two out for the crystal to have enough power to draw out the others. Most likely it will be the two weakest making them the Shukaku, the one tailed Tankui, and Nibi, the two tailed cat. The easiest way would be to bring out a summon lower than the boss, so Sasuke, summon a large snake when we find him and I'll act as the other. Yamato, you will need to try and suppress some of the chakra of the demons to let us survive longer until I activate the crystal."

"And how long will that take?" Sakura asked.

"Um, about 3 minutes, so you need to survive that long."

"Great survive 3 minute with a demon, just great." She commented in reply.

"Welcome to my world, I lived with a demon my whole life and then I became one, partly." Holding up a hand, Naruto signaled to be silent as they were breaking into enemy territory. With their years of stealth training on the line, they hurried through the trees deep within the enemy encampment. With another sign, Naruto stopped them all high on one of the branches.

"Now the first problem," he whispered to his team, "We have no idea what this guy looks like other than he should be wearing Akatsuki rings, eight of them to be exact. That was one of the reasons he gave those rings to the members, they would secretly drain chakra from their wearers to create a holding cell for each of the bijou. Unfortunately when everyone came to help Hinata they were able to retrieve the rings from Kisame and Itachi, anyways, we should just go right down into the middle of the camp by that huge tent and call him out, plain and simple."

"So the plan is to not have a plan?" Sasuke asked in exasperation.

"Exactly, I do my best thinking in the middle of a fight, and really we just need to occupy the bijou, so who needs a plan for that?" Acknowledging the simplicity of that, the guys took off, leaving Sakura in the trees for backup and medical support. They leaped from the tree line flinging kunai to take down the ninja guarding the large tent.

"Suiton: Hahonryū!" - "Fuuton: Rasengan!"

"Kufū Suika no Jutsu! (Drowning Maelstrom Technique – the one from the manga)" chorused Naruto and Yamato as they combined their techniques into a giant waterspout tearing through the large command tent sending ninja guards in every direction, when the attack subsided, there stood a giant wall of sand.

"Well, well. I see Konoha has sent a few ninja to attempt to assassinate me, but you will fail." The sand wall disappeared into the ground revealing the 5'10" man with bridge piercings and eight rings upon his fingers. "Ah, if it isn't the boy that messed up all my plans and removed the Kyuubi from himself, quite the undertaking, but without the demon you have no chance of even standing up to Shukaku.

"Well I guess Akatsuki isn't as informed as you think, I never removed the Kyuubi from my body, I became the next one." Naruto dropped the kitsune illusion he was hiding under revealing his nine charcoal colored tails.

"Foolish boy, not even the previous Kyuubi could stand up against all the bijou."

"No she couldn't because she didn't want to, but I found out some interesting things while I was training in my new kitsune abilities, there are many different colors. Each color signifies something or another. The lavender color is ultra rare and signifies a kitsune of love, of which my mate is, but rarer yet would be the kitsune always seen as a good omen, the black.

The previous Kyuubi was just a common red tail that found her tails just through being the oldest alive, but that doesn't mean there isn't stronger. As a black kitsune, when I reached six tails I exceeded the level of the Kyuubi, and as a Nine tailed black kitsune, I am in my own league." Releasing the restraints on his chakra output, Naruto brought out the true power of his new hanyou heritage causing debris to fly around as the nearby lower level ninja passed out from the pressures being pushed down on them.

"Do it Sasuke!" Naruto yelled out. Sasuke stared at his teammate as he struggled to breathe under the dense air pushing upon him. Gritting his teeth, he focused on making the hand seals.

"Kuchiyose no jutsu." Sasuke called out bringing forth a large snake. "Attack the one with nose metal." The giant snake said nothing as he obeyed. Slithering across the ground it went out of its way to avoid Naruto before bearing down on the Akatsuki leader.

"Alright morons, time to show you some real power; Come forth Shukaku and Nibi!" Holding his hand to the sky, yellow and purple light shot from two of the rings. The lights landed on either side of him before they formed into the two demons made of pure chakra until they formed their elements around them giving a solid shape. Shukaku took the usual appearance of the sand Tankui while the Nibi formed into a purple flaming tiger.

"I'm free again! Must have blood!"howled out the demon raccoon, obviously still nuts.

"Yamato, quickly try to slow them down, Sasuke, just occupy them." Yamato jumped into the battle and immediately had to focus on his task to not be over whelmed by the intense chakra output that seemed to not even affect the Akatsuki leader.

"Hokage Shiki Jijun Jutsu: Kakuan Nitten Suishu (Hokage-Style Sixty-year-old Technique: Enclosed Hermitage Return to Society)" Yamato's jutsu activated causing six large wooden dragons to shoot out of the ground and began swallowing enormous amounts of chakra from the two demons.

"My head! Make it stop, I'll kill all of you!!" Roared Nibi as it started flailing and swiping at the wooden statues. It wasn't going any better for the statues by the Shukaku as it too continued to smash at the dragons. Sasuke was atop of his summon throwing out long to medium range attacks which continually hit their mark but went unnoticed since the demons were preoccupied with the statues draining their chakra.

"Give me blood!" In a surge of rage Shukaku smashed through the statues on his side with Nibi following shortly after, disposing of the others. With a giant swipe of its claws, Nibi sliced the large snake summon to shreds sending it back to its realm in a puff of smoke.

"What the hell, this thing is miles stronger than Gaara was." Commented Sasuke picking himself up from the ground. "How much longer Naruto?"

"Halfway, now shut up, concentrating." Sasuke kept looking at Naruto just sitting there while huge amounts of chakra were being forced into the crystal necklace. Sasuke immediately started sending out his own ranged attacks trying to draw away the attention of the demons while Yamato was dodging swipes getting banged up quite bad in the process.

Just as a furious flamed swipe closed in on Sasuke he managed to pull off a kawarmi switching out with a piece of wood from one of the broken statues just to arrive in the path of a wind attack from Shukaku sending him hard into a tree cracking some ribs. He looked up and saw the tankui closing in to take him out when a thunderous fist struck the ground tearing up the earth below the sand critter, knocking him off balance ending his attack.

"Ugh, thanks Sakura, I was almost done there." Sasuke muttered out.

"Yeah, now don't get killed out there." She reminded before sending him back out to occupy the demons while she disappeared until needed again. Yamato was having large amounts of trouble fighting the demons now that his draining jutsu was proven less than effective without a container for the beasts and even his wood jutsu was of little protection under the heat of the flaming claws of Nibi.

Suddenly a strange surge of energy was felt in the direction of the blonde kitsune. All attention was drawn to him and they all witnessed the necklace pulsing with a white light floating in midair in front of him. His blonde locks swirled around wildly in the wind being churned up.

"Demons, stop him from what ever he is doing!" Commanded the Akatsuki leader. The demons quickly changed direction and closed in on Naruto whilst Sasuke and Yamato were at no position the guard him. The demons were merely three feet away when Naruto stood and opened his eyes that seemed to be glowing a brilliant blue.

"Crystal of Souls: Demon Absorption!" the bright white light split away from the necklace into eight glowing strings seeking out the chakra of the demons. Shukaku and Nibi both stopped dead in their tracks when the fine string pierced into their forehead and out their spine before wrapping around the beasts giving them a bandaged mummified look while they roared in protest.

The enemy looked on, not amused, trying to figure out what was happening when he saw the remaining strings wrap around the stones of his other rings, and crushed them, bringing out each of the other bijou fully wrapped in the illuminated strings. With each demon restrained, the strings pulled taut before forcefully dragging them towards the crystal.

"What have you done kid?" demanded the leader as he witnessed his trump cards being drug away.

"I have put them away like they were intended to be after they came into this world. The crystal was never used and was forgotten since a kind demon was currently on the planet, but since she is gone, say goodbye to the evil bijou as they are torn from existence." Naruto gave off a smirk as the demons disappeared into the crystal as it gave off a bright pulse and shattered into thousands of pieces sending fragments in all directions.

"Your quest for the bijou was all in vain, they are gone now like they should have been years ago." Naruto steps forward to the Akatsuki Leader staring him down before yelling out to his team.

"Sakura, send out the signal and heal the others, I'll take care of this guy." Sakura immediately took out the flare gun (they have those right? haha) and signaled Konoha before coming to the aid of Sasuke and Yamato.


"There's the signal, start the attack!" called out Tsunade as she called forth the slug boss Katsuyu. Seconds later she was joined by Gamabunta and the three headed hell hound Cerberus (Boss of the nin dogs Kakashi summons… makes sense right?) The three giant summons took off after the cocky enemy but their attitude quickly changed when the summons weren't stopped by the bijou and started decimating their ranks.

It only took mere seconds to reduce the army from the thousands to easily manageable double digits. The war was over and Konoha still stands strong, but to keep war from returning, the leader must be taken care of.

(Back with Naruto)

Sakura helped her two team members get away from the battle to ensue before she started healing their injuries for the way back.

"Do you think Naruto can win?" asked Sakura, looking towards the blonde.

"Might be tough, he used a good 95 percent of his chakra to destroy the bijou, but he should still have more than Kakashi. We are of no use at this point in our condition, so let's just wait and hope for the best." Yamato informed.

"So, it has been passed down that as one of the kitsune guardians, I have a standing order to end your life here." Announced Naruto.

"Bring it kid, I was the leader of Akatsuki for a reason, I was the strongest." The man drew out his katana and launched towards Naruto. Dodging at the last minute he escaped the beheading slash, but still earned a slice down his right cheek. The blonde pulled out a kunai and started to defend against the sword slashes narrowly avoiding each one. Knowing that he was at a less than optimal level in chakra, he had to slow the guy down enough to start doing some damage.

"AmaRasengan! (Rain of Rasengan)" Naruto unloaded sphere after sphere from his tails while parrying the sword slashes. Even though his attacks were weaker versions, they still had to hurt like hell when they contacted the guy, but it they didn't slow him down enough, then he would deplete his chakra in no time at the rate they were being thrown. It appeared as though the leader had lost his mind a while ago since he was just using extreme amounts of chakra for speed and power completely ignoring the shredded skin where Naruto's attacks landed. On top of that he was using no jutsu, but it still didn't make it that easy.

Naruto let up on flinging the Rasengan since he barely has enough chakra left to heal now at shifted to taijutsu only. He found it nearly impossible to deal a hit with the reach and power of a sword over the small kunai, and was really feeling the effects of it since he was now sporting gashes along his legs, abs, chest, and arms, not counting his face from earlier. Naruto stumbled over some overturned ground from Sakura's diversion and fell to his side narrowly avoiding another strike by rolling away from it.

"Hold still you shit, let me kill you." Screamed the guy as he had blood flowing from his mouth but refused to stop. Naruto howled out in pain as a slash nearly took off a tail and left a massive gash on his back from his shoulder to his waist. He was in a very bad place now but the leader was equally damaged but was yet to show signs of slowing down. Once again Naruto stumbled trying to dodge and was right where the enemy wanted him. Naruto could barely see the sword being intercepted by a person covered in blood as it thrusted a ball of something at the leader.

"Kitsune-bi!" Naruto let out a sigh of relief that is was just his fiancée but bolted back up to his feet realizing that she is covered in blood. The blonde ran to the bloodied person, completely ignoring the screaming 'crispy fried chicken' still burning in the blue flame, and held her shoulders firmly.

"Hinata, are you ok? Is the baby ok, you're covered in blood, are you ok?" he asked frantically.

"Quiet love, this blood isn't mine. But you on the other hand are covered in your own."

"Really? I didn't notice." He commented with a large grin before falling over unconscious.

"Naruto-kun!" Hinata screamed as she caught his limp form from hitting the ground. It only took a few seconds to be joined by Sakura as she helped Hinata carry him to her makeshift hospital. The both of them started healing him, after Sakura fed him a blood replenishing pill and Hinata got cleaned up. Between his own healing and the two kunoichi doing their part, most of the serious gashes were taken care of while they had to wrap the remaining cuts in bandages leaving Naruto looking like the usual mummy.

"Ugh, damn I haven't hurt this badly since, like, ever." Groaned Naruto after regaining consciousness.

"Naruto-kun!" shouted Hinata as she embraced him lightly and kissed him fully.

"Hey gorgeous, how about we get out of here and see how everyone else is doing, we are through here." After that suggestion all the weary fighters started out on their agonizingly slow walk home.

"Hey Naruto?" sounded Sasuke's voice. "Did you ever hear voices in your head when she was inside you?"

"Yeah, why?" Naruto looked to his returned friend and saw he was trying to say something. "Are you saying that you hear the snake bastard in your head?"

"Yeah." He replied quietly. Knowing that he would still never ask, Naruto decided to offer.

"You know, I can probably make a seal that will shut him up." Sasuke's eyes lit up as he looked at the blonde.


"Yep, but I need some rest first." Assured Naruto as they continued on their way.

They passed through the large battlefield where Konoha nins were busy cleaning up the carnage left behind from the slaughter. Finally they arrived at the village where the shield was still protecting the village. Both Hinata and Naruto took their positions on the wall and dropped the shield with Naruto absorbing some to help his reserves.

Upon entering the village, Naruto was lost in his own world as the villagers cheered on the heroes as they returned from single handedly ending the war. The small group split with most going to report to the Hokage while Hinata and Naruto returned home to rest.

Naruto flopped onto the bed completely exhausted when Hinata came in and removed her shirt baring her chest to him and sauntered over to his bedside.

"Hinata-chan, I'm too injured for that." He whined in disappointment.

"Maybe you're too injured to be on the giving end, but not the receiving." She smiled at him lustfully before removing his pants to give him his reward for winning the battle and coming back alive.

Time Passing (Epilogue)
After the defeat of the Akatsuki leader, the five major countries were finally at peace with each other. Even though most didn't participate in the last war, the effects of it were clearly being felt. There were many losses handed down in that war, but moving on was the best way to show the people that everything was alright, so why not show them with a wedding between the two most powerful ninja in their village.

"So dobe, you nervous?" questioned Sasuke.

"Actually it is more like excited, so how is the snake sleeping?" Naruto asked

"The ass hasn't bothered me since you placed that seal on him."

"That's good, you know there were times when I never expected you to return, and here you are standing in with me on my wedding day." Naruto looked at the usually brooding Uchiha ad saw something that could resemble a smile.

"Yeah, well it is easier to be human after avenging my clan, now I can focus on something else." Was his reply trying to hide his face.

"Right, and how is this 'something else' doing?" Naruto pried knowingly.

"None of your business, now get moving or Hinata will be marrying herself." The two shinobi hurried to the front of the gathering and started to wait. Within the next few minutes the music started and Hinata rounded the corner in all her magnificent beauty.

She was hoping to keep her emotions in check, the moment she laid eyes on her blonde kitsune dressed in the Hokage robes, with the Kanji for Rokudaime printed down the back, she couldn't hold it in and let the trickle of tears slide down her face. Before it could make too much of a mess Hiashi handed her a tissue to dab away the wetness before guiding her down the isle. Reaching the end Hiashi kissed her cheek and turned to sit down.

"Your wife looks a bit fat, what have you been feeding her?" whispered Sasuke with a chuckle.

"She's pregnant idiot, now shut up so I can get her." After the quick jab of words, Naruto took a step forward and took his soon to be wife's hand and brought her in front of Tsunade.

"Alright, we are gathered here for two great occasions, one is clearly the union between these two lovers and the second is promoting Uzumaki Naruto from the position of genin to the title of Hokage. (remember his chuunin status was only temporary for the teaching) Just like the late Sandaime, Naruto has made the greatest jump in rank a ninja can muster. So on behalf of Konoha and the new village council, Uzumaki Naruto is herby bestowed with the title of Hokage, enjoy the paperwork." Naruto's face paled a bit causing nearly all in attendance to burst into laughter since most has seen how much Tsunade deplored the paperwork.

"Now since we have taken care of that, let's move into the wedding." (Since you all know what a wedding entails, it would be worthless to describe it to you all. So let's fast forward it.)

"Since your love for each other has spoken volumes for us all to follow, I now pronounce you husband and wife, now kiss the bride, brat." In the midst of all the laughter, Naruto excitedly stooped down to her height and kiss his wife caringly. The crowd started whooping and hollering when Hinata took that time to wrap her arms around his neck and kept his lips in contact with hers for another few moments before letting up when it started to rain. Everyone looked to the clear sunny skies in amazement until Naruto pulled out an umbrella and held it above him and his new wife.

"What?" He asked, when all eyes were on them. "Didn't you know that rain falls even on a sunny day after a Kitsune wedding?" With a smile still plastered on his face, Naruto led his wife away from all the people to set out on their honeymoon. (Now after reading this story, I believe you all have a very good idea on how the sex went between them, if not rewind a couple chapters and read it again.)

After the honeymoon it was a time of adjustment for the both of them as they got settled into their own house, bought with the money earned from the shoe design, as well as life of a Hokage. About five months after the wedding the Hokage and his wife could be found in the hospital with the previous Hokage where Hinata was giving birth to her child. After much screaming and excruciating pain, there in her arms laid a dark haired girl looking at them with her pupil-less eyes that was completely human despite the hanyou heritage of both parents.

"So, what are you going to name her?" asked Tsunade as she smiled at the three of them. The couple continued to stare at the girl until they caught a glimpse of dark red chakra forming ears upon her head, which could only be seen by kitsune eyes. Naruto and Hinata smiled at each other and simultaneously answered.

"Her name is Kyu-chan." With another smile, Tsunade left them with their new child.

It was unknown how two kitsune hanyou were able to give birth to a full blooded human, but it was probably nature's way of saying that kitsunes belong with their own as do humans. The strangest part is that Naruto and Hinata only had the one child, while everyone knew they wanted more, but couldn't figure out why the never did and every time they were asked they just answered 'there is plenty of time.'

Naruto served his village for about twenty five years, all the while not caring who his parents were anymore since he has his own family now, until he decided it was time to let another lead, and much to his excitement, Konohamaru was chosen as the next Hokage where he served for another twenty five years before stepping down as to not out shine his early mentor/rival. Years passed peacefully and the newest generation of ninja were very promising as they grew into the new leaders of the village.

Today was a particularly sad occasion for the village, about 60 years have gone by since the war with Akatsuki and for some unknown reason the old Rokudaime Hokage and his wife were found dead that morning still sleeping in each other's arms like they were twenty again. Their death couldn't be explained other than by 'natural causes' and that when one went the other couldn't live without the other and went as well.

The entire village gathered together for the double funeral and time wasn't the best for the rookie nine and the others, they all were as old as the two deceased, and knew before too many years were to pass they were next (they were really surprised that they all managed to live into their 80's). The attendees of the funeral all filed out after the service leaving behind the entire Konoha twelve, minus the two, with what was still remaining of the Konohamaru corps and everyone's children and grandchildren. They were gathered around the two caskets when they were disturbed by two young voices laughing from behind them.

"Quit your laughing, do you have no respect for the dead?" hollered the 60 year old Hyuuga looking woman, but her eyes shown a glimpse of red in her anger joining her tears. The rest of the group turned with her to the still laughing 20 year olds and gasped upon seeing them.

"Konoha is left in your capable hands, take care of it and protect it with your life. We decided that is wasn't fair to stay around here among everyone as you grew older while we didn't, and now our mortal life is officially over." Proclaimed one of the laughing intruders with blonde hair.

"This is the world of humans and is no place for kitsune hanyou. Our human lineage continues on in you, Kyu-chan, and your children, we are both proud. As you can see, we will live much longer than anyone here since we are part demon now and we wished to leave before seeing our friends all die before us, and now you also know why we said there was plenty of time for children. We were only allowed to have one fully human child; the rest will be hanyou and should live among the kitsune." Informed the dark haired girl, as she held the hand of the blonde.

"Take care, and know we love each of you. Come on Hinata-chan, we should be going, we don't belong here anymore." With an arm slipped behind the young woman's back, they disappeared into the forest to leaving the still gaping friends and relatives standing there staring into the forest where they disappeared.

Konoha grew into a massive city and barely got into any wars since that one year, and the ones they did were short lived. Every decisive battle that was about to be fought was ended before it could be started by a strange blue twister of intense heat. It was because of this that nations chose to remain at peace since they feared the flames and the whispers heard over the wind calling forward the 'Tatsumaki Kitsune Inferuno.'

The people of Konoha were also amazed with this phenomenon but there was a legend passed down through the years that Konoha was protected by a pack of demonic foxes. As long as their ideals remained pure, they would be protected from harm by the kitsune, but if they were to fall into evil, it would be their end by the same hand that protected.

This isn't the end of the life of Naruto and his vixen Hinata, but what happens in the future remains in their hands and only they know the outcome as they continue protecting their home, from behind the shadows of the forest, as the unofficial guardians of the will of fire.

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