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Notice: There may be mild violence and mature sexual content.

Summary: The sequel to "Supergirl in Linda's Closet". It's only been a couple of days since Kallan Thompson first met Supergirl near Goose Creek, and Linda Danvers finds out just how enthralled Kallan is by the superhero. Meanwhile, Supergirl is kept rather busy by an unexpected creature from Greek mythology that tries to attack several civilians, which includes Kallan.

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Started: April 15, 2007

Ended: April 15, 2007

Series 1: Down to Earth, Story #2

My Superfears

by Red Hope

Chapter 1: The Supergirl Fanclub

Linda Danvers kept her head down and continued her note taking for the class. She then was distracted when her friend, Kallan, nudged her and pushed a piece of paper onto her desk. Linda quickly read the message, and she jotted her answer back to the question.

Kallan took the paper back. She had not lost her grin because she felt like a high school kid. She brightly smiled at Linda's answer. She tucked the paper away then refocused on the lecture.

Finally, the class was over after a half an hour. Linda tossed her bag over her shoulder and adjusted the strap. She smiled at her new friend.

Kallan zipped up her book bag, picked it up, and turned to her friend. "I have a story to tell you."

"Oh?" Linda prompted.

"Yeah, you won't believe it." Kallan put her bag on her back then followed Linda out of the emptying classroom. "I went to see my friend the other night."

"I remember," Linda agreed. She already had an idea where this story was going to go. "You have a good time?"

Kallan shrugged and moved closer to Linda when other students tried to get into the classroom. She entered the long hallway then finally answered, "It was okay. I hadn't seen Amanda in awhile."

Linda's head just bobbed while she listened.

"So, the other night right." Kallan became excited, and she talked faster. "I was coming home from seeing Amanda and I was really tired."

Linda stepped ahead and opened the front doors. "Don't tell me you fell asleep at the wheel?" She darkly glanced back at her friend. "That's not good, Kallan."

"You don't need to lecture me on that." Kallan held up her hand briefly. "I try not to do that... driving puts me to sleep pretty easily." She sighed but followed Linda down the steps. "You know where the Goose golf club is?"

"Yeah sure." Linda headed for the building that held the cafeteria.

"Well," Kallan explained, "I almost fell asleep right near there. I was fine until this car jumped right in front of me. I pulled the wheel to the left too hard and almost got clipped by a truck." She read Linda's worried features, but she told the rest of her story. "When that happened, I was going over the small bridge... that goes over the creek. I was headed right for the guard rail."

Linda cringed and mostly because of her memories from that night. She'd witnessed it all too well from her position in the sky.

"I thought I was dead," Kallan breathed. She slightly shivered at the feeling. "Just when I think I'm going to hit it, I don't and instead my car is up in the air."

Linda had a confused face then she pretended that it dawned in her. "Supergirl?"

"Yes!" Kallan laughed but out of disbelief. "She just showed up out of nowhere." She grabbed the back of her neck then mentioned, "I couldn't believe it." She dropped her hand to her side.

Linda recalled the minute Supergirl showed just after she'd been stabbed by Buzz. That damn bastard, she hotly seethed, I can't wait to find him. She shook away her thoughts then focused back on the present. "I was lucky when she found me in time."

Yet Linda knew the truth; she knew Supergirl had been too late to save Linda Danvers. The guilt and anger Supergirl experienced when she was too late swept through Linda. Sometimes it was hard to decipher whose feelings and memories were embodied in her. She knew it'd take some time for Linda and Supergirl to merge as one unlike how it'd been easy physically.

"She has great timing," Kallan agreed. She went up the steps and opened the door for them. "Any second later, and you'd be visiting me in the hospital." She tilted her head as Linda entered, and she offhandedly added, "Or the morgue."

Linda shot a dark look at her friend. "That's not funny." She stood in the doorway, and the dark expression wouldn't leave her.

Kallan frowned, but she lightly touched Linda's arm. "I'm sorry." She gave a faint squeeze.

Linda nodded then mentioned, "I'm glad you're okay." She finally moved away because she did not want to reveal too much. She opened the next door, let Kallan go through, and she followed. She was instantly surrounded by the smell of food. And thank god too because she was really hungry.

The two students pulled out their campus cards and gave them to the attendant at the front of the food hall. The attendant swiped the cards, nodded, and let them pass to the dining hall.

Kallan went to the left when she entered the Commons. She picked up a tray and utensils. "You know what was strange though?"

Linda gathered her items too. "What's that?"

Kallan moved away from the stack of trays and such. She stood in an open space in the middle of the Commons. She waited until Linda was closer then mentioned, "She followed me home that night."

Linda's eyebrows slowly met then it occurred to her what Kallan meant. "You mean Supergirl?"

"Yeah." Kallan shook her head then headed for the salad bar in the middle of the Commons. She noticed that Linda got in line too for the bar. "Why would she follow me home?"

Linda kept her eyes down as she slid her tray down the bar and made her salad. "I don't know." She mentally cursed herself for being caught when she followed Kallan. What had she been thinking? Sure she'd been worried about whether or not Kallan would make it home safely. But was it something else or more? She faintly shook her head. "Maybe she just wanted to make sure you got home safely."

Kallan picked up the plastic ladle and scooped out Range dressing. She carefully poured it on her salad. "Okay maybe that is it, but I've never heard of her doing that before." She held the ladle out to her friend when Linda went for it. "I've never even heard of Superman doing that." She picked up her tray that had her plate of salad. She faintly pivoted on her heels and questioned, "I mean has Supergirl just popped in to ask how you're doing?"

Linda slightly chuckled at the joke while she grabbed her tray. "Not exactly." She then nodded off to her left. "I'm going to grab something at the Rotisserie."

"I'm going for pizza," Kallan decided aloud and separated from her friend.

Linda ordered a few items from the menu then collected her plate of food from the employee behind the counter. She then met her friend at the beverage bar.

"Here." Kallan handed the other student a clean glass. She moved down the line then filled her cup with Cherry Coke.

Linda had a wry smile at Kallan's gesture. She moved down the beverage bar and filled her glass with ice tea. She and Kallan then entered the dining room off to the right. She took a seat on one side of the table while Kallan sat on the opposite side.

Kallan grabbed a handful of napkins from the basket in the middle of the table. She handed some to Linda while she spoke again. "I think something is up."

Linda raised an eyebrow and picked up her fork. "She saved your life, Kallan." She felt slightly eerie when she talked about herself in third person.

"And I couldn't thank her enough," the student agreed. "I just think its odd that she followed me home."

Linda shook her head then speared her honey-glazed salmon. "You're being paranoid."

Kallan chuckled and teased, "You'd be paranoid too if Supergirl followed you home." She filled her mouth with some salad, yet she cocked her head and considered something else. She swallowed and asked, "Now that she knows where I live I wonder if she'll visit?"

Linda choked on her next mouthful of salmon. She coughed and patted her chest after she swallowed it down. Her eyes watered, but she quickly drank some of her tea to help her throat. She cleared her throat and glowered at her friend's amusement. "Next time ask her for her cell phone number."

Kallan laughed and picked up her glass of soda. She paused and thoroughly teased, "I bet even Supergirl has a cell phone. I think you're the only person on this earth that doesn't have one."

"Earth?" Linda chided.

"Okay in this country," Kallan amended. She took a long drink of her soda then set the glass down. She quietly ate her salad again.

Linda was grateful for the silence so she could eat her meal in peace. She wondered if Clark ever tired of hearing about Superman as if they were separate people. It was easier when she was simply Supergirl, and she had no secret identity. Linda, however, knew that her merge with Supergirl was the best thing for them both. Supergirl now had a real life, a family, and a soul that she never had before, and Linda found a purpose in her life. Linda had never seen her life so much clearer than she did now.

"You should have seen her eyes," Kallan randomly muttered.

Linda rolled hers but met her friend's gaze. "I've seen them," she sharply reminded.

Kallan held her breath when Linda's intense blue eyes captivated her. A sharp thought struck her, and she wondered how Supergirl and Linda had such matching eye color. "I guess you have," she finally agreed. She dipped her head and released her breath. She pushed her salad around with her fork.

Linda noticed the motions, and she inwardly grumbled. "I'm sorry, Kallan. I didn't mean to snap at you."

"I know." Kallan raised her head. "I just thought you were a big Supergirl fan."

Linda eased a smile onto her face and nodded. "I am." She then shrugged and explained, "I just have a lot of other things going on in my life. There are bigger things in this world than just Supergirl."

Kallan coyly smiled and played with her salad again. "There are... I guess I just have Supergirl obsession." She laughed at herself. "She saved my life and... well you know. It really hits home to know there is somebody out there that is willing to protect you from harmful things. Even something as trivial has a car crash."

Linda softly smiled, and her earlier annoyance completely deflated. "Yeah, you're right." She had thin lips as she thought out her friend's words more carefully. "Where would any of us be without heroes like her?"

Kallan finally pierced some lettuce and a cucumber slice. "In a dark and dangerous world." She ate the food, and afterwards she joked, "I'm gonna start a Supergirl fanclub."

Linda laughed and shook her head. She made no comment and just ate her meal.

Kallan smiled at how she returned Linda to her earlier good humor. She sighed contently then pushed her empty salad plate aside. She picked up a slice of plain cheese pizza. "You think Supergirl dates?"

Linda dropped her head back some and groaned. "God please save me from this." She brought her head back and revealed a smirk.

Kallan laughed and displayed a shy smile. She leaned forward and murmured, "You've seen her, Linda. She's six feet of blonde bombshell."

Linda leaned forward and menacingly whispered, "And I'm five foot of ticking time bomb if you keep talking about her."

Kallan caught the twinkling in her friend's eyes so she dared to take the risk. She jested, "Supergirl will save me if you go off."

Linda bared her teeth and growled, "Not even Supergirl could keep you safe from me."

Kallan laughed and leaned back in her chair. She watched Linda sit back again. "That sounded more interesting than threatening."

Linda did a double take and mentally repeated Kallan's words. She tilted her head and lifted an eyebrow. "Oh?"

Kallan recalled herself and shook her head. "I'm sorry." She dipped her head. "I-"

"You're fine," Linda brushed off.

Kallan locked eyes with Linda, and she released a relieved sigh. "I'll explain later... its complicated."

Linda glanced about their surroundings and understood that it was a private topic. She nodded and ordered, "Eat your lunch." She pointed her fork at the partially eaten pizza.

And Kallan did eat her lunch. She was slightly nervous, yet Linda's unchanged regard calmed her. She figured it would be okay after all.

To be continued.