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Fall into the Sky
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Rika had never thought that she'd be able to jump again, not like she used to anyway. But for some reason she had gone along to the track-team that day after school, just like she had before everything started to go wrong. She had gone and she had jumped, breaking both her own record and Kako's, shocking everyone because she was better than before even though she hadn't been practicing at all.

Rika knew that wasn't important; jumping, for her, had nothing to do with training and everything to do with her feelings. She had stopped jumping when her heart had gone to sleep, but now her heart was awake again, she could feel, she was alive. She wanted to achieve something because she knew she could. She felt alive again and it was all thanks to him, Mr Money – no, not Mr Money, Yumihiko; those nicknames were just a reminder of the past she wanted to forget now.

She didn't want to destroy any more, not the school nor herself. Yumihiko, Nanaka and Reichi… it was all thanks to them that she could jump again, that she could feel again. Without each other it was likely that they'd all be dead by now thanks to one thing or another: dead or cold, alone and trapped by their own weaknesses. These things were overpowering when they were alone, but not when they were together. They wouldn't be alone again.

Rika was glad of the way things had turned out, the way her losses had eventually mounted to a larger gain than she would have thought possible. She had found love and friendship in the strangest of places – now she could jump; now she wasn't empty. Rika knew that she could fall into the sky now, and there would always be someone to catch her when she fell back down to Earth: that was what she had always wanted the most, and now she had it she was at peace.