Chapter 1 The Strike

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Warning: contains violence and spoilers for episode First Strike.

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Stargate activated. Through the ring emerged three marines carrying boxes and bags. They stepped down and from the shining puddle a woman followed them. The woman was obvious a scientist with grey uniform and blue T-shirt. She removed her sun glasses and took a look at the surrounding area - the MALP near the Stargate, the three marines and the forest.

"Isn't it X69-MG one of the most beautiful planets", she exclaimed with a wide smile on her face.

One of the marines, with Lieutenant marks on his uniform was trying to place one of the boxes in the MALP that have to be use as a carrier. He stopped and gave a smirk to the others two.

"You are new? Right, Doctor Langner?", he asked with a teasing grin. The others began to chuckle, exchanging knowing looks.

"Yes. I came to Atlantis last week, Lieutenant Tayler", the woman felt little emberaced with the low chuckle of the marines. The chuckle turned into laughing.

'Fine. Just what I need! A bunch of narrow minded marines to make a joke with my inexperience', thought Doctor Langner.

"Shall we proceed with something useful like to do our mission and explore that place or you intend to spend the day in laughing?", she interrupted their entertainment and pulling out an Ancient life-sign detector she went to the forest.

The Marines just loaded the boxes on the MALP and followed her.

While they were going through the forest with Doctor Langner leading the group, one of the Marines whispered to the Lieutenant.

"I don't think it's a good idea to mock with her, Lieutenant. I heard that she is one of the new Chief scientists."

The Lieutenant turned his face to the soldier, "And what, Ericson? Another scientist. At least she has pretty legs. That makes the mission far better that the crap we had on that planet of children with Zelenka."

The three looked at the legs in grey trousers.

"I couldn't agree more", said with approval Ericson.

"And I have to say these are very pretty legs in combination with blond hair" the third soldier appreciated.

The group continued to walk in the forest.

Ten minutes later they reached the ruins the MALP had been detected.

"Okay. Here is the source of the energy readings", she announced. "Let's unpack the appliances and start working".

While the Marines unloaded the MALP she began studying the ruins.

'Definitely Ancient. But why there are no life signs? The researches indicated that the planets with Ancient outposts or cities always have human population', she thought 'The only exception is Doranda'

They built the camp and unpacked the devices. She scanned the structure and recorded the discoveries with camera.

"From the recent exploration I can say that this structure is an Ancient outpost. I am still unsure about its purpose but I think there is a chance these ruins have been some kind of mining facility. Because I am detecting a large deposit of metal ores in the surface", she dictated her thoughts in the voice recorder."We have still not found the source of the energy MALP has detected".

She was just to add something when Ericson cried "Doctor Langner, come to see this".

She turned the recorder off and put it in her pocket. The marines had gathered around something on the nearest hill towards the ruins. She hurried and climbed up. Reaching the top of the hill she noticed a shocking view. Organic device with sparkling lights was hidden in a stone chamber. In the centre of the device a big red light was blinking.

A sudden fear filled her. "This is a Wraith..", she couldn't finish the sentence when a familiar sound stopped her. She turned around and saw how the Stargate began to be dialed up and three Darts flew from the ring.

"Move!" Lieutenant Tayler cried out. Ericson grabbed her arm and start running to the woods. The Lieutenant reached first the cargo on the MALP and took out one of the weapons. As the first Dart came closer he managed to shoot it down and the Dart exploded in the air. The other marine was shooting the second Dart and also successfully aimed it. As the second Dart burst out, the Lieutenant shot down the third one. This Dart didn't explode but fall behind the hill.

Breathing with the rush of adrenaline Lieutenant ordered, "Ericson, you come with me. Davidson, you stay here and guard Doctor Langner."

The two marines ran to the fallen Dart. Surrounding it Tayler aimed the cock-pit and noticed that the seat of the pilot is empty.

"He is not here. May be these Darts have some kind of escape system", he called to Ericson.

"Lieutenant, look", Ericson was pointing to the marks in the grass. The traces of black blood were forming a path. "The Wraith is wounded. And the marks are leading towards ..", he paused "the camp!" In this moment sounds of fire came from the ruins.

Doctor Langner was packing the appliances and was trying not to panic. Suddenly a strange feeling touched her mind and she froze. Turning around she saw a Wraith with a big wound on his chest to approach her. She screamed and the Marine turned around and began shooting. The bullets didn't stop the Wraith. He caught her for the shoulder and aimed his stunner and fired at the man. The Wraith blast hit the soldier in the arm and he fall without loosing consciousness. Wraith stunned marine's left hand and then turned and faced her.

The whole world concentrated in his eyes. Yellow eyes burning with hunger and anger. 'So this is the end', she thought in disbelief 'All those years of learning, all those scientific awards, to end like that'. As a background she heard the yelling of Davidson.

His hand slammed to her chest and the sucking sound filled her ears. She felt how something began to flow from her to his hand. She was looking in shock to his hand. The long green fingers with dark nails were stocked to the blue T-shirt. The metal finger-armors were glistening to the sun light. Then a bump thought crossed her mind.

'Why I don't feel pain?'

The stories about the Wraith feeding were always focusing on the pain of the human. She raised her eyes and saw the look of pure rapture on the Wraith face. He was obviously feeding and feeling pleasure. His mouth was opened showing sharp teeth. His eyes were closed in the ecstasy of feeding. She looked at his wound and saw how it heals. Strange but she didn't feel weaker or dying. As longer he fed the stronger she felt. All tiredness and even the headache she was suffering from the morning disappeared. Like someone was lifting up an enormous weight from her body. Sensing that something was different the Wraith opened his eyes and stared at her. Their eyes locked. For a single moment the time stopped. She noticed the strange tattoo on his left eyelid, cheek and forehead. Like a wave with three lines.

The moment was broken when Tayler and Ericson began shooting at the Wraith.

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