Turning Point Chapter 30 Search and Rescue

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Miranda took a deep breath and faced the five Wraith standing before the computer's console.

'I can't believe how they agreed to be commanded…If they were humans or human scientists we should've spent the last three days arguing which way to go on and we should've been still in that forest.'

She measured their eager stand to be noticed, the not so hidden ambition of the Lieutenant to overthrow Alarick and take his place and she has to work hard not to laugh at that display of boldness,

'Wraith's hierarchy must be very dynamic…'

"Everything is ready for the coming Hive, I assume?" she asked and closed the computer program.

"The teleport beams have been adjusted on long range and the canisters with the drug have been dispatched in the teleport chambers!" reported Alarick and she smiled approvingly,

"Then we are ready. What about you Commander?" Miranda looked at Lycanor,

"All of my people have been loaded in the dart's cargo and I am ready to go", he responded.

She could sense his desire to come with them and help them but she had pointed that if he comes with them his people will be stuck in the base and if her plan fails and Michael returns they will be killed. So Lycanor have to go back to the planet with the rescued people and try to organize resistance if Michael wins.

Probing his long unused to be shielded mind, only proved the rightness of her decision to send him back. This Wraith was coming with them out of loyalty but what he really longed was to be with Lira – his beloved.

"Then I can I only wish you good bye and to hope we will see again some day, Lycanor." He was dismissed with a slight nod and the sound of his leather coat echoed in the silent lab.

When the lab's doors closed after him she looked again at Alarick,

"And the hybrids?"

"All heavily sedated and secured in the stasis pods"

Miranda reattached the portable computer pad from the console and grinned at the Wraith,

"Then let's go and serve that lovely surprise to the ship"

The Wraith grinned back showing four sets of fangs.

The Hive emerged from the hyperspace just beside the planetary atmosphere and as Miranda expected sent the order the new batches of soldiers to be delivered.

'No greetings, no saying Hello', she has explained to the bewildered Wraith when the Lieutenant has objected her plan pointing that they will be discovered at the first time the captain of the coming ship wish to speak with the commander of the base, 'that is Michael's Order to his minions. They are just tools at this stage of their mind programming and they act according to his Orders. And I bet the video greeting is not amongst the things set in their minds'

From the open bay's hangers on planet's base a single dart took off and rocketed through the air with a loud whine. For seconds the ship reached the space and headed to the Hive.

Suddenly the dart changed its course and flew straight at the upper section of the Hive, emitting a bright ray at the Hive's organic structure and then making an elaborate turn and heading to the cargo bay.

In the cloaked Jumper that has been at one hand distance during the whole time, Miranda and Alarick exchanged smiles. She knew that he and the other Wraith had sensed the panic telepathic signals coming from the Hive.

Jumper's holo screen was showing the quick changes that were happening inside the Hive.

She tracked the amazing speed with which the gas was distributed by the Wraith life support system.

'It's really astounding that organic technology. Easy to build and self repairing…'

"Your plan worked" announced Alarick, practically beaming with satisfaction. She took a look at his sparkling like polished gold eyes and fought an impulse to grasp his long hair, knocked him on the Jumper's floor and have fun in the next few hours.

'I received from him for a day what an average woman gets from her husband for ten years marriage and without the cooking and cleaning the house part that always goes with the marriage's life!' She still couldn't believe how Alarick has performed in their sexual encounter on the planet,

'But I suppose that has to be expected. All quickie Wraith males that couldn't stand to Queen's demands in bed hasn't been left to live long enough to sire offspring and only the tireless ones have been strong enough to procreate and that line has become dominant in all Wraith males'

She tasted the memory of Alarick panting explanations of her wonder about that mystery behind his endurance while she was making teasing licks at one his most sensitive spots below his belt.

'Why Davos has to contact me so soon? After all the Galaxy could wait another few days!' she suppressed a sigh and kept her desire to explore again the endurance of his Wraith's body.

'Alright, I have to stop drooling after him …at least till we could find a place without two curious Wraith watching us'

A first thing first was to give the thumbs up to the pilot of the dart. Miranda sent a telepathic approval to the Lieutenant, who was piloting the dart,

'Good work, Lieutenant.'

Her words were met with the mental equivalent of wide smirk and playful pinch on her butt. Miranda almost jumped in her seat shutting the link and catching the Alarick's quizzical look.

"Just couldn't find a seat from the excitement" she said and he continued to monitor the progress of the drug in the Hive.

When she was sure he hasn't noticed anything she again focused on the insolent Wraith,

'I think you and I have to talk when this is over, Lieutenant and make some improvements on your manners'

She didn't wait to receive another smart answer and tried to remain in touch with what was happening in the Hive.

She has seen the videos of the Hive targeted with the retrovirus when Michael's Hive has attempted heading to the Earth and now she was seeing the same scenes – motionless bodies, although they haven't been targeted with the retro virus but with a very powerful sedative.

By Alarick's order his warriors started dragging the bodies to the transport chamber and his Lieutenant flying them to the base.

Miranda quickly found the Command Centre and the computer. According to the logs this Hive has a mission to collect the new soldiers and transport them to the coordinates ordered by Michael. She searched at the last data and frowned,

'Hm…' she must have made a sound because Alarick immediately looked at her,

"What's wrong?" he asked.

She gave him a sign to come closer and felt his body slightly touching her back,

"Here…" she pointed at the data on the holo screen, "this is the log of all the traveling of this Hive in the last two years. As you can see up till two weeks ago the ship has been traveling in a routine schedule obviously patrolling a Hive territory…"

He looked at the data, "I noticed the signs of one of the lesser Queens in the major Alliance but I wasn't sure." He seemed worried, "How is possible for Michael to be able to capture a ship of this class so soon? This Queen was relatively old and very experienced to be an easy target?"

"And from what I can tell this is not the only one Hive he has captured" she said scrolling through the files, "But what is more interesting is the last missions of this ship and the recorded logs of encounters with other ships of Michael's new Fleet…" Miranda opened few new screens and the room suddenly was lit by the space map of Pegasus Galaxy.

The door of the chamber opened and the Lieutenant and the other two warriors entered in the hall. She knew they have accomplished their task and that Alarick quickly has briefed them of the current data. The Lieutenant's self importance was like a beacon,

'If I was a Wraith his boldness would look very attractive but I love Alarick so …' she glanced at the object of her thoughts who was throwing contemplating stares at his subordinate, 'making a threesome is not an option' she concluded and tried to suppress a smile.

"As your Commander has informed you" she said out loud managing her best 'science' face expression, "this Hive has been captured and used by Michael to dispatch his soldiers at various battlefields in the territories of at least two different Wraith factions."

She pointed at the dozens marked in green worlds on the virtual map,

"What is more interesting is all the other ships in Michael's Fleet have been doing the same – transporting troops and delivering the Hoffan's poison to many worlds. All except two of the captured Hives and one cruiser", she marked the three ships in the logs and they lit in red. "These two Hives and a cruiser have been stationed at the last month around a moon base in this quadrant", the place lit in blue and she continued sensing the attention of the Wraith,

"And this is the list of supplies that have been delivered to the stationed in orbit ships by the rest of his Fleet. Do you notice anything interesting?"

Miranda looked at the bewildered Wraith faces and Alarick voiced out the obvious fact,

"No soldiers have been transported to these two ships. Only human food and …" he made a pause and Miranda finished,

"…. one human subject, female. Which makes me believe this may be Teyla from the timing of the delivery. And what is more interesting is why Michael is not with the rest of his Fleet in his vengeance against the Wraith. After all he could do all of his experiments on the ship. What is so important to be on that backward moon in the middle of no populated system?"

The Lieutenant looked at her, "Building a weapon?"

Miranda just nodded,

"That's a very good theory. And it sticks with the rest of his actions. His Fleet is creating havoc among the Wraith, killing their food and driving the factions into severe battles for the still edible humans, making them isolated and vulnerable for conquest. But what is more curious he is sitting in one place lone enough so the spies of his enemies could see him and inform Atlantis of his whereabouts", she has to admit Michael was thinking one step ahead of the rest of Wraith and human population of this Galaxy,

"He has captured Teyla not only because he needs their child to finish his little project but to draw his major enemy into a trap. Because he may hates his kind but his hatred is nothing compared to the loath he has against Atlantis", she told them and then hesitated for a moment,

"If my assumption is correct he is deliberately allowing his enemies to know his location so he could focus on his main goal – Atlantis. That's why he has chosen this distant moon for his base – this world is a day away from Atlantis even with Deadalus hyperdrive. Time enough for a battle. He is counting on the fact that we don't leave our people behind and Carter will continue to search and rescue Teyla using Deadalus in that mission instead of guarding Atlantis. So he could freely attack the City…" she knew that her theories were too thin based only on the data from a few computer logs but the Wraith looked impressed like she had a solid proof for her statements. If they were her science colleagues this would be the moment to start a debate about the loose points in her suggestion that would last till someone decided to give up.

'To be a Queen must have been similar – she is acting relaying on her intuition and desire to compete with the other females rather than on real facts.'

"I have no idea what Michael is planning to do once he is at Atlantis. The City is not defenseless but so far he has shown to be creative. We have to go to his base and find out before he is ready to deploy his plan."

Her words were met with a telepathic agreement.

'What if I am wrong?' she wondered but didn't voice it out loud.

"Wow!" she exclaimed looking around the vast chamber. Enormous view screens were on the place of one of the walls and she could see the amazing beauty of the space. Billions of stars were sparkling over the blue atmosphere of the planet.

Alarick was smiling still standing at the entrance of the Queen's chambers.

'Michael hasn't even changed the decoration of the captured Hive' she thought looking at the opened door of the Queen's wardrobe. The wardrobe was actually a detached chamber full of elaborate fabric gowns, shoes and piles of leather clothes. The walls of the chamber were made from polished organic structure that closely resembled the human mirrors.

She picked a red leather top that consisted only from a small piece of leather and many straps for the back and shoulders. Looking the fancy cloth in the mirror she couldn't resist and quickly undressed her vest and top of the uniform.

'I am sure the Queen wouldn't mind…'

The mini top was extravagantly wonderful, emphasizing her pale skin and light hair.

And was in sharp contrast with her uniform trousers and boots.

She turned around and walked back in the main chamber looking at the organic walls and high ceiling and then at the organic bed. This was a piece of art. Elegantly made on a podium so wide than six people could sleep in it. She stepped closer and touched the bed sheets.

'Ha! They are not organic! I knew it!' she giggled plunging a hand over the soft linen, 'I wonder where the laundry is'

She felt his hands trailing a path on the line of her spine and then Alarick's thoughts in her mind,

'If you were a Wraith female this', he unlocked her belt and she felt his hand fondling her back under the belt, 'would be extremely erotic, even …', this time another hand joined the other under the leather top on her nipple, 'romantic gesture by human standards'

She caught his hand and kept it on her breasts as he helped her undressed her pants and boots, while her other hand grasped another particular erotic place of his anatomy. She heard his moan and felt the slight shaking of his fingers,

'Oh?! And this …?' her hold tightened and this time his trembling were almost visible, 'what is the Wraith equivalent of? Love, desire, invitation…?! '

His amused chuckle sounder in her ears,

'Actually …'

He turned her and she faced his dilated irises. Their kiss was like a hurricane and she could feel the sharp fangs on her lower lip while his tongue was toying with hers. He took a hold of her legs and with a swift movement lifted them up and opened wide, moving his body between her thighs. She clutched her legs on his back and her arms over his neck.

For a second he jumped still holding her tight to the view screen and she sensed the cool organic surface on her back. He was carrying her like she was light as a feather, demonstrating his strength. He broke the kiss and she looked at his eyes trying to find her breath,

'It is a mark of choice' he said at last.

"What?!" she voiced her question.

"That's a mark of choice", he repeated while undoing the belt of his pants, "When the Queen has chosen a male for breeding the offspring she made that gesture…", Miranda was speechless by his statement and the sound of his belt hitting the organic floor was followed by the sound of the lowered zip of his pants, passed by her ears, "and that is something extremely attractive for the chosen male, it drives him nearly insane that he has been prized to sire warriors even a Queen if he is found worthy in Her eyes."

His hold on her legs tightened and he pressed her against the organic window,

"For months I imagined how I will show you my quarters", his coarse voice and cool breath fondled her ear, while she was grasping his shoulders, "And this is how I imagined we will do it", Miranda bit his neck, moaning with pleasure, listening his words, "Now we have a whole day to fulfill my fantasy"

'Screwing with a handsome Wraith against the front window of Queen's quarters and playing the main female role in his sexual fantasies…' she thought feeling the ecstasy sweeping in her body, 'I begin to like this Galaxy!'

He chuckled in answer to her thoughts.

They didn't notice when the Hive jumped into the Hyperspace too busy with more important things.

Hours Later

Miranda plunged a finger over the cool skin tracing the elaborate tattoos and muscles. Her move was followed by a low moan and she looked up at the source of that sound.

Alarick was grinning at her and she thought he looked absolutely wonderful,

"You look like the ultimate eye-candy, do you know?" she told him and bit the cool flesh of his lean stomach, surprising him,

"Are you ready again to please me, oh, you Mighty One? We have four hours to test your endurance in games", she teased him looking at his naked body and tied arms.

During the last one of the many games they have played she has tied his hands to the posts of the organic bed and had teased him what a powerful Wraith he is and how defenseless she is.

He has liked the game and she suspected that a Queen always had the upper hand in her relationships.

He was ready, again, and obviously eager to do what she wants so she decided some waiting will be a good idea. She bit for the last time his flat stomach and then got up and untied his hands. He glanced at her with raised eye ridges,

"I am ready!" his voice sounded coarser with desire.

She smirked, "I know…but …" she grasped his hand and he followed her to the attached bathroom, "the candy always tastes better when it's being anticipated longer…"

The Queen's bathroom was like the wet dream of a teenager – a bath with the size of a small lake, mirror surfaces on the walls and ceiling, lots of lights and some fancy shampoos she has barely inspected the last time they have used it.

Miranda got in the bath and threw him a playful look, "I think you know what to do"

Alarick's grin widened while taking a sponge and spreading some scented shampoo on it. Carefully he started to soap her legs, making teasing approaches higher and higher.

She glanced at his glistening wet hands and closed her eyes, enjoying the sensations of his touch. The warm water and pleasant aromas relaxed her to the point of almost sleepy state.

'I must have been tired without sleep but thanks to the numerous feedings I am full of strength…' she thought, feeling his hands on her soapy toes.

Now as she wasn't directly occupied with sex, more sex and ideas of how to fuck him even more, her thoughts drifted aimlessly. But a thing was rankling at the back doors of her mind and she knew what it is.

Something with this sudden rise to power of Michael didn't seem right. She has wondered from the moment Davos showed her the future but was too preoccupied with questions how to get out of that planet to rip it up.

'How Micheal so fast has succeeded in modifying the Hoffan's drug? Even with Becketts's memories from the mind probing he still was light years away from the present success in genetic engineering. And what about his other plans – if she was correct to assume – to attack Atlantis? With the common Wraith weapons to attack the City would be just wasting of resources and time. So why was he heading into that way? What he hoped to gain?'

She felt the hands and sponge on her breasts, realizing she has black out for few minutes the teasing actions of Alarick with her body. He has joined her in the bath and was now nibbling her ear while his hands were doing their magic.

Suddenly the image of the mercenary Lort and his words about the former Genii hit her. Neemo Goen has come to Lort bringing an Ancient activated personal shield…..

She sat up straight in the bath, splashing waves of soapy water and dragging the surprised Alarick with her.

He glanced at her, "Don't tell me more waiting will be even better for the taste of the candy!"

She looked at his irritated eyes, "No! It's not that! Just I've got an idea…" he made a face thinking her idea involves him being tied and teased for hours, "..No I don't plan such things. I've just realized something Lort has told me!"

Alarick was completely taken aback, "The stinking human mercenary from New Athos? What about him?"

"Well, he told us that the former Genii Goen has brought him the Ancient personal shield. The same Genii that has hired Lort to capture the Athosians and then taken them through the Stargate" she noticed his questioning look,

"The same Athosians that have so unique genetic patterns. Genes extremely useful in Michael's project of creating the perfect hybrid. Goen has been working for Michael the whole time. But that is not the most important thing…"she clenched the soapy sponge,

"The key in that puzzle is that the device has been activated before being put on a human with some Lantean blood. I should've noticed it the moment I killed that man in the forest but was distracted. If the man with Lantean gene has really activated the shield as Lort told me it must have been set on the main program of the shield – to defend his owner. But I killed him and the shield didn't stop me…" he was still looking uncertain at her not sure where her logic was leading them,

"Don't you see? The shield has been deliberately put to option to shield the presence from humans like Teyla who can sense Lort's soldiers. I guess Michael wanted to be sure Teyla and the rest of the Athosians will be captured easily and not be alerted. And this means that the man I killed hasn't been the one who activated the shield. He couldn't even switch it on a defense mood when I attacked him. Which means Michael is working with someone with enough Lantean genes and knowledge willing to help him!" she threw the sponge on the floor and stood up, "He has a partner!"

Alarick was really surprised, "That explains how Michael got his hands on working fully charged Ancient device… and how he has succeeded in modifying so fast the Hoffan's enzyme. I know that with the Lantean machines genetic manipulations could be easily done and applied to test subjects…"

"Exactly! And the question is what other Lantean technologies Michael is using for his plan…"

He sighed and she looked at him, "What?"

He playfully plunged his finger on her belly, "I guess that also means we have to stop having fun and start thinking about Michael's possible weapons?"

She smiled, "I didn't say that…" and quickly jumped back in the bath.

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