Plot Summary – They've all grown accustom to her presence. Her job is done though, and she must return to where she supposedly belongs. They finally realize their feelings, but it might be too late...

A/N: So this is basically something I thought might make a nice angsty-romancy story about a certain couple. When I thought of this, and I was thinking of a title, and I immediately thought of the song "Leaving Town" by Dexter Freebish. This story starts like it would happen in the real story of Bleach, but will turn pretty quick into its own story. So this beginning chapter is really only an introduction. Nothing important happens. Haha, yeah so that doesn't really help my case for wanting people to read this huh? Well, please do. I swear it'll get more into the plot by next chapter. Well, that's only if you say you like it… So yea, enjoy!

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Leaving Town

Chapter 1: Normality

"What the hell was that about?!" Rukia yelled, as she punched the newly dressed wound on Ichigo's chest. "How many times are you going to interfere, when I'm in the middle of exterminating a hollow?!"

"Well I wouldn't always have to interfere if you weren't so careless!" Ichigo yelled back with just as much heat radiating from him as Rukia.

It had been about a year since Soul Society triumphed over the Arrancar. Ever since then, Rukia and Ichigo were assigned to watch and protect Karakura Town from any further threats. At each passing week, less and less hollows were appearing.

Rukia continued to live in Yuzu's and Karin's room as part of the family. It had come clean to the whole family after the return from Hueco Mundo, of what exactly Rukia and Ichigo were and did. They had all gotten quite comfortable together. And eventually, Rukia was practically completely adjusted and accustomed to the living world's technology and culture. Although every once in awhile something new would appear to her, but it occurred less and less.

Rukia also continued to attend school with Ichigo, Orihime, and the rest of the entourage. They were in their last year of school, resulting in Ichigo being at the age of seventeen. Strangely enough, due to Rukia's long term stay in the living world, her gigai seemed to have grown as if she was living in a human body. She, along with Ichigo and their many comrades, has matured as well.

"See this?" Ichigo said pointing to the wound Rukia had just dressed across his chest. "This is about where your neck is," he planted his hand on top of Rukia's head. "If I didn't interfere by jumping in front of you, ya would have been hit and could have been killed!"

Rukia crossed her arms across her chest and gave Ichigo one of her traditional death glares that he has grown accustom to after the past few years. "I wouldn't have died, Ichigo! I can handle myself!"

Ichigo raised an eyebrow, "Oh Miss High and Mighty, so you think you can't die, huh? Well, I'm pretty sure ya can. Take that bastard Aizen for instance. He was a shinigami and even more powerful, but he died. So ya, think again, midget." He ended by folding his arms and delivering her a smirk.

"I never said I couldn't die idiot! I'm just saying I won't die. There's a difference between can't and won't. I have a strong will to live and with that I can get through anything. So, basically I won't ever die. At least that's what it said in this manga I've been reading…" She picked up the said mange and waved it in the air, showing it as a prop for her statement.

Ichigo's smirk disappeared and was replaced by his usual scowl. "Hey! I've been looking for that everywhere! I was almost done with it and then the next day when I was gonna finish it, I couldn't find it!" He lunged forward and grabbed it out of her unsuspecting hands.

"Ichigo! Give it back! I haven't finished it yet!" She started to try to grab it from him, but he continued to wave it around in the air to avoid her grip.

"So now you know how I feel! Just let me read the last bit of it and I'll let you have it. Next time why don't you ask to borrow my stuff first and then we'll be able to avoid this." He reached behind his back and tucked the mange into the back of his jeans.

"Well if you didn't just leave things around, maybe other people wouldn't think anybody's using them, pig. It was your loss, so give it back!" She tried reaching around him to retrieve it from his pants, only to be swatted away by the orange headed teen.

They were in each others faces by now, gritting their teeth. "I said I'll give it to you when I'm done!" Ichigo shouted again.

"Oh ya?" Rukia backed up to his desk and picked of the few pieces of paper. "Isn't this your history report that's due tomorrow?" she said with an evil grin.

His face went wide with concern for the newly finished report that would be worth fifty percent of his grade. "You wouldn't dare," Ichigo simple said.

Rukia just smiled, "Oh I think you know I would. Two can play at this game. Give me the manga or the report gets it," she said rolling the report up and placing it just inside the back of her jeans, where Ichigo had placed her desired asset.

They started to move in a circle, understanding that this was going to be war. They made a few complete circles until they stopped with Ichigo now near his desk and Rukia standing in front of his bed.

"Just hand it over, Ichigo before I beat the shit out of you." Rukia said, holding her hand out with all seriousness.

"To hell with that!" Ichigo moved to grab her hand and pull her into him so he could have a clean grab for his precious report. But due to the amount of clutter in his room, he stumbled on what seemed to be a shirt and shorts, wrapped around a sneaker, causing him to fall forward on the petite raven-haired girl.

They had fallen back, onto Ichigo's bed, in quite a compromising position. This only commenced the fight, making Rukia wriggle around underneath him and wrapping her arms around his waist trying to grab the manga. Ichigo just continued to swat her hands away, while trying to get around her waist to retrieve his report. This went on for awhile, until Rukia decided to start punching Ichigo's chest.

"Damn it Rukia! Just give me my damn report! And stop punching me! I won't heal if you keep opening the damn wound! Damn it, bitch!" He yelled at her, finally grabbing a hold onto each of her wrists and slamming them down on to his bed so that they were on each side of the raven-haired girls head.

Meanwhile downstairs, Yuzu was just finishing up dinner as Isshin proceeded to set the table. Karin just sat at the said table reading a sport magazine.

Yuzu had apparently finished. "I'll go get Rukia and tell her dinner's ready," she said.

"Sure thing, my dear Yuzu. I'll go get Ichigo. He deserves more exercise due to the drop in hollows. More surprise attacks are in order!" Isshin said with excitement and determination present in his voice.

Karin just mumbled, "Shut up old man," without even moving her eye contact from her magazine.

"Daddy knows you love him! The cruel remarks are just a ploy and are your way of telling me you care," he said looking emotionally touched, and kneeling beside Karin with his hand over his heart.

Karin quickly punched him in the face, "Then I guess I care a lot old man. Now back off!"

"Nice punch Karin! Now let's go Yuzu! Don't want to let your lovely dinner go cold!" he said, rubbing his cheek and marching toward the stairs with Yuzu behind him.

Yuzu walked down the hall toward her room, assuming that's where she would find Rukia. To her dismay, Rukia was not there and decided she would go check to see if she was with Ichigo.

When she got to his room, her father was standing in the door way, mouth ajar and eyes wide. She looked in the room and established the same expression seen on her father's face. They stood there for quite some time, which only made Karin come upstairs in an irritated mood.

"Hey, dinner's getting cold. What the hell is taking so long?!" she said in annoyance and stood looking in on what seemed to be the center of attention.

What was seen was truly a sight to behold. Ichigo was on top of Rukia, on his bed, with his waist positioned between her legs. He was also seen holding her arms against the bed.

"Ichigo! Give it to me!"

"I will, Rukia! Just be patient!"

"No! Give it to me now!"

"Let me finish first!"

"You're taking to long! I can't wait any longer!"

"Well if you don't settle down I won't give it to you!"

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!" Karin yelled from the door way, with Yuzu holding her hand over her mouth.

"My boy has finally become a man," Isshin said, getting teary eyed.

Rukia and Ichigo turned only their heads to look at the intruders. "What?! Shut up old man. We're trying to settle something. Stay out of it!" Ichigo said in response to Karin's question.

Karin replied, pointing her finger at the both of them, "What could you possibly be settling in that position?"

Ichigo and Rukia both had a questionable look on their faces, then slowly turned back to each other and examined how the were placed. They immediately were shocked and faces turned a deep red. Ichigo let his pressure on her wrists go, just at the time Rukia pushed with all her might onto his chest. This made him fly off onto the floor, landing on his back.

Ichigo allowed a large howl to escape his mouth when landing on the floor. Rukia brought her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. Ichigo then sat up Indian style, and as if they were reading each other's mind, they took out both the report and manga and handed it in the direction of each other. They each took it without looking at each other or saying a word, with the blush still visible on their faces.

"Ummm, well. Dinner is ready. Please come down when you're, umm, done with whatever you were doing," Yuzu said uncomfortably.

"WE WEREN'T DOING ANYTHING!" Ichigo and Rukia yelled simultaneously. They then jumped up and followed the rest out of the room and down for dinner.

Dinner was quiet. No one would talk, and when someone was about to, Ichigo would look at them and glare, basically telling them 'You talk, you die.'

Finally though, Isshin did speak and believe it or not, it was a serious matter. "I was told that a few shinigami are coming to the living world tomorrow and requested a meeting with you two and a few of your friends. They'd like for you to all meet at the park by six."

Ichigo nodded and said, "We were planning on going to the park all day tomorrow anyway. So, ya."

Isshin smirked, "Ichigo. You do realize that the date in a relationship is suppose to happen before the se…"

"WE WEREN'T DOING ANYTHING!" Rukia and Ichigo shot up from their chairs, yelling in unison, also creating the same deep crimson blush across their faces.


Well, what do you think? It's something that came to me during class. Yeah, I know I should be paying attention, blah blah blah. Anyway, it sounds like it's only a one-shot, but it's not. It's just leading up to it. I know it sounds kinda like nothing is going to happen, but it will. I felt you needed to get a feel for the characters, even though you already do, because duh you wouldn't be reading this if you didn't know them. But yea, please tell me what you think. Most appreciated. Later