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Eternal Triangle

By grizzlepot (aka Chiku – MM org)


Sitting on a low stool, a few feet from my father who sat in his armchair, I examined his figure; he was a small man of slight build, his hair which had once been lavender was now grey as was his facial hair. The thing I will always remember about him was that he was never without a cigarette, it would hang at the corner of his mouth as if waiting to fall but it never did.

He looked up at me through his thick glasses and placed his newspaper down upon his lap "get the hell out of my sight Bulma, you disgust me" was his mandate. My look or something else must have struck at him as offensive, as he spoke with extreme irritation. I got up and moved to the door; then returned again pausing by the picture window, across the room and finally to stand in front of him.

I had to speak; I had been trodden on severely and needed to turn, but how? What strength did I possess to dart retaliation at my antagonist? I gathered what little energies I had and launched them in this blunt sentence:-

"I am not deceitful: for if I was I would tell you that I loved you; but I do not love you: I dislike you the worst of anybody in the world, except Yamcha"

My fathers hands still lay unmoving upon his paper, his ice blue eyes remained upon me freezing me to my spot.

"Do you have anything else to say?" he asked in a tone that promised a repercussion from my initial outburst.

"I'm glad you want to disown me for you shall be no relation of mine: I will never again call you father as long as I live; and if ever asked if I loved you or how you treated me I shall say the very thought makes me sick and that you treated me with miserable cruelty".

"How dare you affirm that, Bulma Briefs" my father questioned.

"How dare I, how dare I Mr Briefs? Because it is the truth, you think that I do not feel, that I can live without kindness or love, well I cannot" I replied watching as his face became one of rage.

"I remember well how you beat me and pushed me into that dark room, how I begged for forgiveness from you while you laughed and all because of your boy, the one you take to your bed each night" I yelled, the tears of my anger and frustration clearly visible now.

Within seconds my father had risen from his chair and began to rain lashes across my back using the leather strap he always kept with him for such occasions. Once he was satisfied that I had been beaten adequately he called for his lover to remove me from his person for the sight of me sickened him.

I spent the night in that dark room once again, alone, cold and bleeding. I prayed to Kami to release me from my prison but he never heard my calls, for the door never opened and I was not freed.

It was several days later that I had left home for the last time having been released from my prison that Yamcha had placed me in. I took up employ at a small boarding house in Saten City and used all of my money to put myself through university where I studied science and engineering.

I finished top of my class and so decided to advertise on the universal web; receiving many replies including one from a distant planet know as Vegetasie. Intrigued by the opportunity of taking up employment in a far of galaxy I replied to their queen telling her that I would love the opportunity of working for her and her people.

I have been on a transport ship now for nearly six months and during this time I have kept myself to myself, only venturing out for food and exercise, the rest of the time I have spent studying the Saiyan's and their planet, I have even learned their language and have altered the gravity of my room gradually so that when I arrive and step of the ship I do not become instantly flattened.

In two more days I shall reach my destination and my new life, It cannot be worse than what I left behind. I am twenty three years old, with no family or connections; I have little money and even less in clothing however I do not let this depress me as I am beginning a new path in life and this is where my story begins…