Well readers let me tell you my life is now one of bliss and contentment, Vegeta and I took part in the mating ceremony and although it was a simple affair as neither of us wanted it to be lavish it was beautiful.

I had reacquainted myself with Chi Chi who had also had her own son whom she named Gohan after one of her mate Kakkarot's old masters; our friendship grew to that of sisters and our children grew to be the best of friends.

I had also become even closer to Cyan who was a devoted grandmother towards Trunks and a day never went by where she did not see him at least once. she taught me everything I needed to know in order to be a good queen and in time became the mother figure I had always longed for.

As for Vegeta and myself life was almost perfect, we even have a daughter now who we named Bra which means gifted one, and she definitely lives up to her name, she was my spitting image although like Trunks she possessed Vegeta's more moody and darker qualities at times.

As time passed our children grew into fine adults Trunks became the perfect warrior prince, which pleased Vegeta to no end, and Bra well she was the apple of her fathers eye, always able to wrap him around her fingers.

At this precise moment I am sitting in Vegeta and my chambers awaiting the return of my mate, for I have been very disobedient and am now awaiting my punishment, but that's another story.


A/N: Ok that's the end of that story, it was one of my first so I know it was not brilliant, but I hoped you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it, and yes there was an element of Jane Eyre in their as that is also one of my fave stories.

Sorry if the ending was really crappy, but my muse has gone to mush, and i totally lost the plot at the end, however i will attempt to write another story soon, lots of smut and a bit of darkness

Thanks to all the readers and reviewers i could not have done this without you all, you are brilliant, again i thank you