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What I've Done

It was nightfall at the temple and the dragons had all decided to rest for the night. All except for Cynder who stood looking out at the starry sky still thinking about what happened when she was general of the dark armies and forced to do Malefor's bidding.

In this farewell, there's no blood there's no alibi,

Cause I've drawn regret from the truth of thousand lies.

Meanwhile Spyro, Sparx and Dojo found Cynder starring at the sky in deep thought. The purple dragon could tell that she was still blaming herself for what happened when she was a pawn of the Dark Master.

So let mercy come and wash away what I've done I'll face myself

To cross out what I've become Erase myself and let go of what I've done.

"Cynder" Spyro called out to the black dragon. "What are you doing out here alone?"

"My guess is that she's probably planning to kill someone." Sparx commented.

"Or trying to steal all the Shen Gong Wu and turn me into dragon stew!" Dojo yelled in panic not knowing he sent a torrent of lightning from his mouth.

Put to rest what you thought of me

While I clean this slate with the hand of uncertainty

So let mercy come and wash away what I've done

"Isn't it obvious, I don't belong here." The black dragon replied, "I've caused a lot of damage in the dragon realms."

I'll face myself to cross out what I've become

Erase myself and let go of what I've done.

"It can't be that bad." Dojo remarked

"Oh sure and I suppose capturing the guardians, draining their powers and trying to free The Dark Master is small in contrast to the wind dragon's treachery." Sparx replied referencing Raimundo only to receive a glare from Spyro, an expression of anger from Dojo and a look of shame on Cynder's face.

For what I've done

"Sparx don't even go there." Dojo warned the dragonfly

"Or what you gonna run to Master Fung or Volteer whom by the way you should be calling Master Volteer you little gecko." Sparx taunted only to find that dojo grew to his larger state and glared daggers at the little dragonfly.

"Don't ever call me a gecko got it!" the temple guardian warned.

"Quit it you two." Spyro voiced. "You want Master Fung or the Elders to hear this?"

"He's got a point Sparx. So you call a truce." Dojo replied returning to his small size and offering his hand to Sparx who in turn took it.

I start again

And whatever pain may come.

Today this ends I'm forgiving what I've done

"You see Cynder, Raimundo was in your scales once and his friends forgave him for what he had done now." Spyro spoke to his friend.

"He's right young one." A new voice spoke and the gang all turned to find themselves staring right into the face of a large red dragon that could pass for Ignitus.

"Ignitus, what are you doing up at this hour?" Spyro asked knowing that everyone else was asleep.

"First off I'm not really Ignitus even though he and I look so much alike." The red dragon answered "and second I'm here to warn you that the forces of Darkness are looking to turn Cynder back to their side and may plan on turning the master of the keyblade into a heartless."

"Is that so?" Sparx replied, "Well what else is new?" and before he could ask anything else the dragon disappeared.

"Back to what I was saying Cynder" Spyro continued "You can't keep letting your past hold you back otherwise you'll just be shrouded in a shadowed future."

"Well it's getting late I say we hit the sack." Dojo replied before he and the rest of the dragons returned inside the temple even though Cynder was still worried about how the xiaolin dragons were going to put up with her. From what she heard about them, Omi seemed like he would be the most difficult monk to gain trust from.

I'll face myself

To cross out what I've become

Erase myself

And let go of what I've done

What I've done.

What I've done, what i've done

Forgiving What i've done

Meanwhile on a hilltop overlooking the xiaolin temple, the red dragon from earlier could be seen gazing over the dragons with an expression of worry in his face.

"All we can do now pray for a miracle." He said to himself.

"Did it ever occur you to that your being to tense Shahryar?" a feminine voice spoke and there was a black dragon who looked very much like Cynder when she was doing the dark masters bidding. She had a sharp razor blade on the tip of her tail, a silver collar around her neck and white horns growing out from her head and red wings.

"Scheherazade you and I both know that our daughter Cynder was captured and made to do Malefor's bidding. My brother and his fellow guardians may have saved the purple dragon from dying in the raid and trained him in elemental mastery but he lost all his powers trying to stop her." Shahryar replied.

"You think I don't know what my brother in law went through in the aftermath of the raid and after his comrades ended up captured." Scheherazade replied to her husband. "Besides we agreed not to tell our nephew Thestalos that his father failed in his duties as a guardian dragon and lost his cousin to the forces of darkness."

"I understand that dear but given the present situation we'll have to tell him once my brother's garnet activates and if it is captured by the forces of darkness it will cause." Shahryar warned

"Ten thousand years of darkness for this world. You make it sound like you would rather have Malefor take possession of the Garnet of Ignitus. Besides I'm more worried about what my sister in law Pyrrah is going to say when she figures out we're keeping information from her." Scheherazade accused

"Now is not the time for accusations Scheherazade. We must return to the Northern Cho Cho clan and prepare for the upcoming battle." The Arabian elder spoke and with that, they both took to the skies preparing for the worst that could happen.

Well that was Chapter 2 of The Legend of Dojo and we learn about Ignitus's relatives. Next time The heroes go through basic training as Sora, Spyro and Dojo struggle to master their new powers even as the Heylin Forces plot to Turn Cynder into a heartless.

P.S. I originally had it so that Cynder was the granddaughter of Ignitus but i decided aganist that because it was too confusing so i made her Ignitus' Niece and Thestalos's cousin.