Yes, She Could

By Flaignhan

Disclaimer: Don't own it so go away lawyers.

He'd already stretched it to two trips.

And he'd been thinking of another place he'd take her when he'd been waiting for her to escape the Macra safe and sound.

If only she wasn't so damn likeable. He could have very easily said to her after the trip to 1599 that she was to go home, if only he'd been able to find some little annoyance, something about her that was slightly off. He'd even have been able to justify sending her home because she had a wonky nose.

But she didn't have a wonky nose. And that was where his plan fell through.

He didn't know how long they'd spent talking in New New York. It had sun had set and started to rise again before they went back into the TARDIS. He'd told her all about Gallifrey, and about the Time War, and she'd listened to every word. He'd even begun to tell her about Rose, but he stopped, deciding it was unfair on her. And although he knew she didn't really like how he constantly mentioned Rose - which was fair enough after all, because nothing said 'you're not wanted' like talking all the time about someone else who you'd much rather be with - she'd listened to him, and she'd pushed her own feelings aside, just so he could let everything out.

And then there was the intelligence. She was definitely clever. More than clever, her friend who was also training to be a Doctor was clever, but she couldn't comprehend breathing on the moon. No, Martha was brilliant.

Granted she was nowhere near as intelligent as he was, but for a human she wasn't too bad. Not bad at all.

The enthusiasm, that definitely struck a chord. She took everything in her stride, and had definitely adjusted well. She had been thrown in at the deep end, so Shakespeare and New Earth were just walks in the park, but even so, she was doing very well indeed.

The thing that really did it though, was that she cared. He shouldn't have expected anything less, what with her being a doctor, but doctors only really cared about humans. She cared about everyone, and that was what made it so hard to take her back home.

She could run fast as well, which was always a plus.

She was watching him quietly. He'd noticed it a while ago. She was sitting on one of the chairs near the console and watching his every move, trying to work out if he was setting a course back home. He himself had been so lost in thought that he hadn't even realised he was setting a course. But then he realised that they were heading to 1930s New York, not to London 2007.

He'd need to take her home at some point; she'd been wearing the same clothes for about three days now. Her shoes weren't very practical for running either.

But she'd managed so far, so another trip wouldn't hurt.

How would he explain another trip to her? Would he make it a four trip thank you? Or maybe five? Would he ever stop?

Eventually, yes. Because she'd either get fed up of him or he'd get fed up of her. Or they'd be separated forever, but he hoped lightening wouldn't strike twice.

What did it matter if he was getting ever so slightly attached to her? She was a nice girl, and there was nothing wrong with getting ever so slightly attached to nice people. He'd been attached to Jack, in a strange way, so it obviously didn't mean anything.

It was then that he realised that it didn't matter if they went on five trips or five hundred trips. There was no question as to whether he'd allow her to stay. He'd made up his mind quite a while ago actually. If she wanted to though, obviously.

Yes, she could.