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Rupert Giles sat there in the back store room, surrounded on all sides by piles of books, some written before the Magna Carta had been conceived. They were all thick and leather bound. The pages were yellowed with age and written in several different languages, including a few that weren't human.

He had spent, of and on, the twenty-four plus hours looking up something that Xander had said when they literally ran into each other at the city morgue after Xander had been forced to stake his own father.

His shirt was un-tucked and wrinkled. Several ceramic mugs devoid of tea or coffee formed a wall between him and the world, testifying that he hadn't gotten much sleep and was running on caffeine at this point. He knew that he should just let it go, but what Xander had dropped in his lap was too intriguing for him to ignore.

The boy had referred to the vampires as Primordials. That alone had triggered a distant memory in him. He knew that he had heard of that particular title before.

Finally, after looking through several books, he found an entry in a book, written entirely in Latin, with the title of A Concise History of Non-humans and the Forces of Darkness, by Orris Roemello.

In the book he found a listing of terms for vampires. While most of the list was nothing new, the word Primordial was listed and next to it was a brief description of where the word came from.

According to A Concise History of Non-Humans and the Forces of Darkness, the term Primordial is used by Kindred when referring to a vampire demon, thus demarcating the difference between them and lesser beings. These discoveries lead to another extensive search for the term Kindred.

Finally, a couple of hours later, he came across a description of what the Kindred were and several of the clans that made up the society known as Kindred.

Giles just about dropped the book. The beings described were vampires. There were some notable differences between the Kindred and the monsters that Sunnydale was all too familiar with.

The Kindred formed a society among humans, moving among them but always remaining distant and hidden. They were divided into clans, and areas were controlled by an individual known as the Prince. Despite their more tribal tendencies, they lived by rules that were designed to protect them and hide them from humanity. Also, while they did drink blood, as noted in the book, they retained their human soul, unlike the demon-vampires, also known as Primordials among the Kindred.

There was a bit more about the Kindred and the clans that made up this hidden world. While it was informative, Rupert knew that he needed more information about this secret society and Xander's place in it. He did not doubt for a minute that Xander was somehow mixed up with these soul-possessing vampires, but he couldn't see the boy actually joining up with them. It seemed out of character for him to have done so. He couldn't conceive of any reason that would make Xander want to join up with these creatures, soul or no soul.

He saw for himself that Xander had changed in the past year. The youth was powerful, possessor of some kind of magic. Giles had literally felt waves of power, wild and natural, coming off Xander. It was raw, but potent and purer, as if he was tapping into a power source that hadn't been corrupted by evil. He wondered where the boy had come into that kind of talent, for he was fairly certain that Xander did not have any sort of magical ability when he had left. He told himself that if he had seen any evidence that Xander had the potential to work magic, he would have trained the boy himself.

Maybe it was always there, but the energies of the Hellmouth had blocked this natural ability, he told himself. I wouldn't have let the boy go at it alone.

Who am I kidding? I didn't even bother to look. I was always wrapped up with the Slayer and all of her issues and later trying to teach Willow how to control her magic. I ignored Xander, dismissing him and his contributions to the group, Giles thought regretfully, self-flagellating himself for being somewhat narrow minded in his views towards Xander Harris.

Giles wanted more information about these people and what Xander was really up in San Francisco. He felt that he owed Xander and had to make sure he was happy and safe. The boy had been like a son to him at time, granted an annoying and irritating son at times, but he too quickly dismissed him once Xander had left the town and the Slayer behind. Giles wanted to make sure Xander knew what he was getting into, whatever that may be.

Sighing, he extracted himself from his fortress of solitude and went into the small office that was off to the side. At the desk, he flipped through his rolodex, looking for the phone number of a friend that lived in the city.

Finding it, he rapidly dialed the number and waited impatiently for John at Crystal Way to pick up the phone. He wanted answers to his questions.

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