---Respect is Earned---

By: Mists

Disclaimer: I don't own DC, Justice League, Batman Beyond, or JLU. If I did, the first season of JLU would include Wally in some way or fashion!

Author's Notes: Welcome everyone to my first Justice League fic! This will be my first ever multi-chapter fic. Input and any ideas will be greatly appreciated here. This story is meant to explain how Wally and Bruce came to respect each other in the JL and JLU universe. The best example of this is the "Flash and Substance" episode from the final season (and my all time fav ). This takes place after "This Little Piggy" but before "The Return" in JLU season one. So Shayera isn't back yet. Now onto the fic!

-Fate SUCKED!-

-Wally's POV-

How in the HECK did this stuff always happen to him?

He took one mission for the League. One! After several months off to watch over Central City, he took one lousy mission and he ended up in a cast!

Now normally, this wouldn't bother him too much. He was "The Flash" after all. He could heal broken bones in two weeks, tops! The problem was that "Lady Luck" decided to flake on him that day. He couldn't have broken something of little importance like a rib or his left arm. Oh no! He had to break both his LEGS! Which meant the majority of his power was rendered completely useless.

He had only broken his left leg once before, but that was before he got his powers. And now he had broken both! How was he supposed to deal with this?! He couldn't run!

Wally had only been this confined once before, and that was during the…never mind, he didn't need to dwell on that right now.

"I'll go stir crazy! Two weeks will feel like ten years!"

Not only that but while he was away, Central City had been attacked! Luckily, the League came in time and no one was seriously hurt. But it just so happened that his apartment building was one of the places hit. Which meant it would need weeks of repair before he could live there again.

So not only was he stuck in a wheelchair, but he was now homeless as well.


It wasn't until the Senior Members' Meeting that fate placed the icing on the cake. It was decided that someone in the League had to watch him.

"Like I'm a child or something, I swear!"

They decided that he was too vulnerable in his curtain condition to be left to his own devices.

He couldn't stay with his normal friends because they would wonder how he healed so fast. So it was decided that one of the members of the League would take him in.

"This may be the most degrading thing that's happened to me…and that's saying a lot."

They could have chosen to leave him with Fire or the Princess. But nooo…where had his friends decided to place him against his loudly protesting wishes?

"Master Wallace, your coco is ready. I'll be back in an hour for your sponge bath."

Sometimes the Blue Bird of Happiness sings you a tune and other times it shits on your head.


Well this is the end of Chapter 1! Next we see how Bruce feels about this little "arrangement." The other bats make an appearance later. And we get to see how Wally's boredom drives him into the cave and play with the Bat-computer. Did you know that Bats has a head set installed in his cowl like Terry?

"Wally to Bats, do you have nachos in this house?"


Hehehe! Oh yes, laughter, Batman Beyond references, and an actual plot are abound! So keep tuned in! Please read and review!