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-One Week Later-

-Wally's POV-

Wally looked up at the familiar stone structure. In a way, it was like a second home to him. As he slowly walked up the stone path, he knew the kids would be in good hands here, Ray would make sure of that.

Wally smiled and hopped up the stairs just like he'd use to on his way to his internship.

He opened the big glass doors and stepped into Ivy University's main science building. It was lovingly nicknamed the "Atom" Building in honor of the infamous professor who worked there.

The one thing he loved most about this building was that it never seemed cold or sterile like the other science buildings on campus. The New England architecture made the whole facility seem warm and homey.

As he walked down the hall, a few people he knew waved to him and said hello. It was a very nice environment to work in. Not to say that his job at the crime lab in Central City wasn't great, his colleagues were awesome! But…there was just something about this place that made Wally feel like he really belonged.

He came to a stop in front of a familiar door, one that read, "Dr. Ray Palmer - Head of University Research." Wally smiled and gave the door a knock.

"Come in," called the muffled voice and Wally opened the door.

Ray was sitting in his old beat up swivel chair, typing away at his old laptop.

Wally just leaned on the doorframe and watched him go. Ray was in one of his "Brain Blast" modes, which meant that he had just conceived of a brilliant idea and had to type every last bit of it down before it flew out of his head all together. As the scientist's typing slowed to a stop, Wally gave a quick cough and Ray brought his head up and blinked at him.

"Oh, Wally! I'm so sorry, I lost all track of time!" said the professor as he went around his desk and shook Wally's hand.

Wally just laughed, "Please Ray! It's not like I'm not use to it by now! So what's up, Doc?"

"Well the kids are doing in much better," replied Ray as he led Wally down the hall, "We've been able to extract all the Nanotech from their systems by injecting them with new Nanobots to act as antibodies."

Wally nodded his head in understanding. The new Nanotech would hunt down and destroy the old, infected robots just like white blood cells would do to take down infected cells.

"We also have determined the root of most of their genetic mutations. The Nanobots and the anti-mutagen are rewriting their DNA and RNA back to their original codes. It'll take a while, but I'm positive we'll have all the kids changed back to normal in no time," said Ray as he opened a door to a different hall.

"That's great to hear, Ray. Bats and I were really worried about that," sighed Wally as relief flowed over him.

"Batman?" asked Ray quietly, "But wait, I thought you went home a week ago."

Wally just smiled at him, knowing how absurd it seemed that the two were still in communication with each other now that their time together was up.

"I did," said Wally, "But that doesn't mean we don't still talk though. I'll explain it all later…."

The two then walked into the main lab.

Elena was sitting on the lab table getting a shot from Katie. Her tail had been replaced by legs once more. The gold of her snakelike eyes was fading back to their original brown. She still had quite a few scales here and there, but they two were receding back into her naturally tan skin.

Sitting on her right was Matt, holding her hand gently for support. The fur on his face was nearly gone, but his claws and pointed ears still remained. He was staring sweetly at Elena and hadn't even noticed the two men come in.

On a chair next to them sat Danny. The fur on his face was nearly gone, and he once again had only two eyes. His pupils were returning and his extra set of arms and fangs were receding. He sat there sucking on a lollypop doing what he did best, making fun of the Love Birds.

Wally felt himself swell with pride. Just by seeing them happy and healthy again, he knew they were going to be okay.

"OI! I come all the way to Boston to see you guys and I don't even get a hug!" exclaimed Wally pretending to look offended.

The three kids jump up out of their seats with cheers of joy as they ran to Wally, hugging him tightly.

"Wally! Wally it's really you!"

"Man, Wally we missed you!"

"Is everyone at the orphanage okay? They know we didn't leave on purpose, right?"

Wally just laughed and answered all their questions. He saw Ray smiling at them out of the corner of his eye. He stared at the three kids with love and compassion, Wally could tell that his little trio had already stolen Dr. Palmer's heart.

After a few hours and several chocolate bars later, it was time for Wally to go.

"I'll come by again in a week or so to check up on all of you, okay?" And with that, Wally waved good-bye to them and he and Ray walked out the door.

The two men walked down the hall in silence. Each appearing to have something important on their minds.

"Uh…Ray?" asked Wally.

Ray turned to him, "What's on your mind?"

"What's…what's going to happen to all the kids once they're cured? …..I mean, will they all have to go back to orphanages…."

Ray let loose a relieved sigh, "Well….I actually don't think we have to worry about that."

Wally looked at Ray questioningly.

"You see, we've already gotten a lot of inquires about the kids and how people can help. All the news publicity of their plight has gotten a lot of people's attention, and it turns out that several families want to adopt them, and give them proper homes."

Wally felt like his heart was about to burst. Joy lit up his blue eyes like a pair of stars. He couldn't believe it. It was all that he could have asked for and more!

"Um….actually, Wally, there was something I wanted to ask you…" said Ray looking kind of shy.

"Ask away!"

"Well….it's about the trio…you know those three really well, right?"

Wally looked a little confused for a moment. "Yeah…..is something wrong?"

"Oh! Oh no….it's just…I-I….well you know that my biggest regret about my divorce was that I never got to have a family….and well…I was wondering…if you thought they would like….to well…"

Wally could hardly believe his ears.

"Ray…" he asked almost breathlessly, "you really want to adopt them?"

"Um…well yeah, I do. They're such sweet kids. I-"

But Wally didn't let him finish, he just pounced on him and gave him a big hug.

"That'll mean the world to them, Ray. Trust me…they couldn't have found anyone better to be their father!" said Wally as he let Ray go and wiped a tear from his eye.

"You really think so?" asked Ray softly.

"I know so," said Wally.

The two talked a bit more as they walked out of the school. Ray and Wally said their good-byes and the speedster took off for home, knowing that all was well.

-Later that Night-

-Bruce's POV-

"6:03…He's late."

Bruce sat in the library reading his newspaper when he heard the doorbell ring.

"Hey Al, what's new?" asked the voice at the door.

"Good to see you, Master Wally. Master Bruce is waiting in the library," said the butler as he showed the speedster inside.

When the two men entered the room, Bruce put his newspaper down on top of the chess table.

"You're late," he said with a glare.

Wally just rolled his eyes.

"We'll excuse me, but being three minutes late is NOT the end of the world!" exclaimed Wally as he sat in the seat opposite Bruce in front of the chess table. He ripped the offending paper off and set up the clock timer.

"You're the Fastest Man Alive, you should be on time," replied Bruce as he set up the chess pieces.

Before Wally had left the mansion, Bruce had commented that Wally had better not get behind in his training.


"I guess that means you'll have to train me once a week then…" suggested Wally as he was walking out the door.

"I suppose I will …For the sake of the League, of course," said Bruce huffily.

"Of course," said Wally sarcastically, knowing full well what Bruce was doing.

Well two could play at that game.

"I will attend these sessions of physical and emotional torment, on one condition," said the red haired man thrusting his index finger into the air.

Bruce frowned at this.

He didn't like anyone else offering stipulations but himself.

"And just what would that be?"

And so it had been decided that on Sundays, the two men would meet for a rousing game of chess, and on Thursdays, Wally would attend training sessions with the Dark Knight.

"It's your move, hotshot," said Bruce as he hit the switch on clock next to him with a click.

Wally made his move.

"You know I went to see Ray and the kids today…."


"…How are they doing?" asked Bruce as he moved his knight up.


"They've found a way to cure them all. It'll take sometime, but they'll be back to normal selves soon." and with that Wally took Bruce's pawn.


"Good, I'm glad," said Bruce a little gruffly as he tried to trap Wally's queen.


"Ray said that a lot of people want to adopt the kids, too…"

Wally moved his queen out of harms way.


"Well that's a relief," replied Bruce as he retaliated by taking out Wally's bishop.


"Yeah…tell me about it….Ray even said that he was going to adopt Elena, Matt, and Danny!" exclaimed Wally as he moved his rook out from behind his pawn.


On hearing this news, Bruce looked up from the board. "You're kidding." It was almost too good to be true.

"Nope, he asked me if I thought it was a good idea. Ray's a great guy, he's always wanted a family, now all of them will get to have one….Oh and it's still your move, Bats," said Wally pointing down at the board.

Bruce gave him a small grin and went back to the game.

"This kid is really something else."

After an hour of fast paced game play, both combatants were down to last of their pieces, in fact they each had so few, that neither could put the other in check.

The two stared each other down.

With a smirk, Bruce said, "….Looks like it's a draw."

Wally shrugged and replied, "Guess so….want to play again?"

The two looked at each other, knowing now just how different, and yet similar they were.

Bruce had finally found someone to test his limits, someone he could truly understand and respect.

"Bring it on," said Bruce with a smirk.

And in the end… that's all that needed to be said.


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