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Start Story:

Anime High. It's a new school to me, seeing as it's my first year of High school. One thing I do know about it though is that it's a very prestigious school - you have to actually be smart to get in. Everyone ages 14 through 18 freshmen to seniors are welcome, though, if they meet the requirements. Including me, Vivian Jamison. Tomorrow, I will be one of the hundreds of teenagers walking through Anime High's doors on September 7th 2006. I guess that's when I'll find out about all these rumors on the first day of school. You know, all the stuff juniors and seniors tell freshmen to scare then. Like rumors on evil teachers and the load of homework. If you ask me you shouldn't believe what any of them say; you shouldn't believe it until you see it with your own eyes. Oh well, I suppose I'll find out all about that, right? I mean that's what High school is about right? Learning about real life, dealing with evil teachers, and homework and such? I guess I'll find out tomorrow. That's right tonight is September 6th: 9:45 PM to be exact. Tomorrow, I'll officially be a freshman at Anime High. Should be fun, I suppose, though I admit I am a bit nervous. OK, well, I really must go. I'll write tomorrow to tell you how my first day goes. Wish me luck!


Dragging the cursor to the save button Vivian clicked it, saving her newest journal entry, then again she dragged the cursor to the red x in the right hand corner of the screen clicking it. Microsoft Word disappeared in a flash a long with her newest Journal entry - saved and everything. Vivian closed her lap top, hearing the soft click that it made, and gently rose from her bed, placing the lap top on her desk in her room. Her eyes strayed to the sticky note pasted to the desk beside her lap top. She picked it up gently, peeling the sticky side from where it was attached to the desk. Her blue eyes scanned the note for the seventh time that night since she had originally read it after she had gotten home that afternoon.


Your father has the night shift at the hospital and I have a meeting with a new client. Won't be home till late. There's some leftover lasagna in the fridge, I think, it should still be good. If not well…you'll think of something. Don't wait up. Sorry we couldn't be there before your first day, honey. We probably won't be there in the morning either. I have an early meeting and they need your father in the hospital. Sorry sweetie! Good luck! Tell us all about it when we do get home.

Lots of love,


You've only missed every other important thing in my life…what's the difference now? Thought Vivian bitterly as she set down the note on her desk, pressing down the sticky side so it adhered to the wood of the desk. She doubted they would ever get the time to listen to her about her first day. Vivian Jamison was invisible to her own parents; they hardly noticed her. The closest thing she got to quality time was seeing them talking on the phone during dinner, always chattering rapidly to a co-worker or a client that was, if they were there at all. If the brunette was lucky she would get a kiss on the cheek, or a hastily-called goodnight. The rest of the time… her parents were only a sticky note pasted to the desk, and food left over in the fridge.

She knew her parents loved her, and that they wanted to be there but…they worked and it was as simple as that. Her mother was a top lawyer in a huge law firm and her father was a brain surgeon at the best hospital around. Their jobs were very time consuming.

With these jobs they were able to provide the best for Vivian. A rather large house and the latest technology in everything. She never showed off any of these things though, she was a quiet girl and didn't like to be the center of attention so very few knew of the things she had. It wasn't that she didn't like it, all the technology and the best schools and everything, but she would give it all a way to spend one full day with her parents.

Vivian sighed and looked over to her backpack sitting by the door. She had already packed for school tomorrow. Not knowing what else to do, as she was all ready for bed, Vivian grabbed her current reading book and lay down on her bed. Propping her pillow up behind her back, she leaned back and opened the book beginning to read, her thoughts on Anime High slipping to the back of her mind.


Is everybody going crazy?
Is anybody gonna save me?
Can anybody tell me what's going on?
Tell me what's going on?
If you open your eyes
you'll see that something is wrong

I guess things are not how they used to be
there's no more normal families
Parents act like enemies
making kids feel like it's World War III

Naomi's lips curled in an ironic smile, as the lyrics to "Crazy" by Simple Plan blasted in her ears through her iPod. World War III. She could've sworn that was going on in her house this very night, every night for that matter.

The yelling of her elder brother and father was the only thing that was raised above the volume of her iPod. She wasn't even paying attention to what they were fighting about this time. This only happened about every other night. For some reason Kiyoshi, Naomi's older brother, and her father had some issues with each other they could never get along.

Naomi had stuffed her iPod in her pocket as her ear phones were placed securely in her ears; she wandered around her room searching for the bag that held all her school supplies. She had yet to pack her supplies in her backpack instead they were still sitting in the bag in which she received from the store where she bought the supplies.

"Come on where is it!" exclaimed Naomi, frustrated as she got on her knees and looked under her bed. She probably should've listened when her father told her to pack up earlier, but she hadn't and now here she was scrambling to finish packing. Rising from the floor, Naomi stood up and both hands on her hips she surveyed her room. Clothes were scattered on the floor, posters of rock bands covered the walls, and her computer sat on her desk. Nothing looked out of place or out of the ordinary.

Where did I leave it? Naomi asked herself. She rattled her brain to remember where she had set down the bag. Let's see…she'd come home went into the kitchen for a snack then ran into Kiyoshi in the hall then…that was it! When she ran into Kiyoshi she dropped the bag and she was too busy yelling at him for being an idiot and not watching where he went she hadn't realized she never picked the back up.

Naomi dashed out of her room down the hall and down the stairs. Sure enough right by the kitchen door was her bag with school supplies. She picked up the plastic bag and quickly ran past the living room and dashed back up the stairs. Sprinting to her room she opened the door and closed it quickly careful not to slam it.

Plopping herself on her carpeted floor folding her legs beneath her Naomi reached for her black backpack. Grabbing the old material she plopped it in front of her. She took the plastic bag of school supplies lifted it up and turned it upside down and all the supplies fell in an avalanche.

Naomi heaved a sigh and picked up her permanent sharpie marker. She picked up her brand new red notebook and neatly printed 'Naomi Miyake' she couldn't help but smile. Tomorrow was her first day in high school. Anime high actually…she couldn't believe she got in.

Kiyoshi said he knew she would though. Kiyoshi was a senior in Anime High and was looking forward to giving his little sister a hard time in high school. Naomi knew he would look out for her though, he always did. She continued to label her school supplies and piled them all in her backpack.

As the routine became steady her mind began to wander. She wondered vaguely if she would find friends at the school. She was positive she would. Naomi allowed her mind for a moment to wander to the possibility of a boyfriend. She smiled at the thought.

Well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see, now won't we? Naomi decided leaning herself back, her back hitting the soft rug as she brought her arms behind her head and stared into the eyes of her favorite singer.

Naomi couldn't wait for the year to start.

The bright lamp light illuminated a young girl's room. The light casting a shadow on everything in the room as it clashed with the pitch black darkness outside the window. A shadow including the one of a young girl. Her black hair, though short, was down and flowing needlessly as she moved across her room sketchbook in hand.

Her violet almost black eyes searched the mess on her desk for her target finally, her eyes lit up as she spotted it; her favorite pencil, a bright shade of sky blue, chewed at the eraser cap and with a few teeth marks here and there, a bit worn out but still in for good use none the less, the lead sticking out of the metallic tip.

Kazumi grabbed her pencil with great haste and plopped down on her bed rising up and down lightly as her body made contact with the soft comforter. She put her sketchbook in front of her and opened it up to a new clean page. Propping herself up on her elbows she gently brought her pencil eraser to her mouth and thought. Only to find that no inspiration came…she was drawing a blank this rarely happened.

Kazumi realized it was because she was too excited for school tomorrow. She was going to be a freshman at Anime High. Her mind was flooding with questions. What would it be like? Would it be hard? Would she make friends?

Well Kazumi was sure she would make friends; she was rather friendly and most people liked her - she hardly made any enemies. So friends was one thing she was not worrying about. Kazumi hoped that she would be able to find her classes alright…Kazumi despite the confidence in herself had small doubts, gnawing at her consciousness. This nervousness seemed to be overcome by the great excitement towering above it, though. She felt as though she would burst, or laugh, or dance, or cry or something. Unfortunately, all she could do was stare at the blank page in her sketchbook.

She was going to be in high school she couldn't wait!



Kazumi's head snapped up at the sound of her mother's voice. Kazumi's brass door knob shook slightly and the knob turned with practiced ease. Her mother emerged from the hall way, Kazumi tilted her head curiously at her mother.

"Yes?" she inquired lightly placing her pencil down on her sketchbook.

"Are you ready for tomorrow?" asked Mrs. Nakashima eyeing her daughter nervously. Kazumi had to resist the urge to groan and roll her eyes. This was one thing she wasn't ready for. Her mother.

"Yes mother, I'm ready, for the tenth time tonight!" Kazumi said snappily, an annoyed expression gracing her face. She really tried to be patient with her mom tonight but…it wasn't working. This had to be the fifth time she had been interrogated by her mother tonight alone.

In all honesty Mrs. Nakashima was more nervous then her daughter was. Sending her daughter off to high school honestly scared her. Her daughter seemed so laid back, excited even about this whole thing.

Kazumi understood her mother's thinking, but she was unsure on how to console her. After all, Kazumi was only fifteen; what was she to know about parenting? All she could do was console her mother that she would be fine that she was well prepared and anticipating high school with great excitement.

And so she did, as she had many times that night. She told her mother to calm down and breathe, that she was to be the one freaking out not her mother. Also that she was more then prepared and could not wait. So her mother left the room looking all the more nervous but slightly reassured that her only daughter would be fine.

When Kazumi rose from her bed and closed the door behind her mother, she let a sigh of relief pass through her lips. She walked over to her bed and let herself fall backwards landing on her back. She rose up and down lightly with the soft mattress. Kazumi stared at her ceiling plastered with drawings and paintings of her own. Artistic and intelligent were the two words that would help describe her the best. Though friendly happy and carefree were definitely up in that range.

She closed her eyes and let the peacefulness of the night fill her mind. She couldn't seem to make her thoughts stray from Anime High. She couldn't help it she was so excited, that and she was always one to be distracted rather easily.

Kazumi smiled. This year was going to be great she just knew it!


"Are you excited?" came a young girl's voice through the phone. Skyler smiled to herself playing with a piece of her black hair as she flipped on her back. She felt the mattress shift slightly under her.

"Of course!" exclaimed Skyler as if this was the most obvious thing in the world. "We'll be seniors this year why wouldn't I be excited?"

Skyler heard her best friend's laugh ring through the phone.

"Yeah! Its going to be so awesome!" exclaimed Seru to her best friend Skyler through the phone. "Our last year of high school then we'll be done!"

Skyler only smiled. "Yeah I'm so psyched! I hear we're getting a lot of freshmen this year too."

"Mhmm," hummed Seru on the other line. "I heard that too, a freshman class of… three hundred, was it?" She paused for effect. "…know what else I heard?"

"What?" asked Skyler mildly interested. Skyler rose from her bed lightly and balanced the phone on her shoulder as she picked up her hacky sack and started playing with it lightly.

"Roy broke up with his girlfriend this summer so that means you can hook up with him this year," said Seru mildly as if this topic was one of the most obvious.

"WHAT!" The hacky sack dropped to the ground as Skyler lost her balance and fell back on her bed. "What would make you think I would want to be with that pervert!"

"Cause I know you like him…duh," Seru said calmly. Skyler could strangle her best friend right now. She did not like him! Her, Skyler Shales, like Roy Mustang…the thought was laughable.

Ok, Ok…so he was hot. And charming. And kind. And she could go on and on... But she certainly didn't like him.

"I do not." came Skyler's quiet reply. Skyler could just picture Seru rolling her eyes on the other end. This had the feeling of an old argument. And here they went again.

"You so do!" replied Seru indignantly. If it was the last thing she did Seru would get Skyler and Roy together this year. Skyler opened her mouth to reply but was silenced by a knock at her door.

The door opened and revealed her older brother. His hair dark brown and wild and crazy as always how he lived with it was beyond Skyler. But the one thing she loved the most about her brother was his purple eyes…just like their mother's. The one thing that helped remind her of their mother everyday was her older brother, Bryce's, eyes.

Skyler cocked an eyebrow at him.

"I need the phone so get off please," said Bryce looking rather annoyed. Skyler rattled her brain and suddenly remembered the frequent reminders that her brother had told her to get off the phone 5 times before. Oops… Maybe within the course of his phone call she could write up her last will and testament.

"Sorry Seru…Bryce needs the phone, bye!" Skyler explained quickly hanging up the phone without waiting for answer from her friend. Skyler laughed nervously as she turned to face her brother.

"Heh Heh…sorry brother," said Skyler putting on her cute face. Bryce sighed and held out his hand expectantly. Skyler tossed him the phone and Bryce caught it with practiced ease. Pretty much, this was how things worked every night around her home.

Bryce shut the door behind him as he made his exit. Skyler heaved a sigh and plopped herself on her bed. She couldn't believe it she was going to be a senior in high school. Skyler turned over on her stomach and buried her head in her pillow. Had it really been 7 years? 7 years since she had lost her mother and father…her family. Bryce was the only one she had left.

She could hardly believe she'd survived seven years without her parents she remembered when it felt like she could barely get through the day without them. But now…she was going to be a senior! This was her last year at Anime High she would graduate this year, then if everything went as planned she would go to college and eventually get a job.

She was growing up and moving on with life. Skyler turned over on her back and stared at the ceiling a small smile stealing her face. Maybe…just maybe she would even fall in love this year.


Dancing4life23: Tomorrow is the first day of school can you believe it!

Imnotshort42: Well yes but its awesome that we will be sophomores this year we have someone below us this year

Dancing4life23: Ed…I hate to break it to you…but no one is below you…I don't think anyone is even eye level with you

Imnotshort42: -- Lori…

Dancing4life23: Yes Edward?

Imnotshort42: shut up! I'm not short!! points to screen name

Dancing4life23: snickers you're in denial…how cute

Lori meant what she said too, cuteness and all. Lori spun around in her computer chair as she waited patiently for her friend to respond. She bobbed her head lightly to the music that was playing from her computer speakers. Her dark brown hair fell over her shoulders as she stopped the computer chair placing her feet on the ground. She allowed herself a few moments until everything around her stopped spinning.

She focused on the screen and that Ed had indeed responded.


Lori couldn't help it the laugh escaped her lips of free will. Ed was so weird but oh she loved him. As a friend…and maybe more. But those were thoughts that she wasn't discussing… with anybody. Lori turned to her keyboard and typed in her response.

Dancing4life23: giggleswhatever you say Ed…we're getting off subject you know, we were talking about the first day of school no?

Imnotshort42: grumbles you were the one who got off subject….

Lori rolled her eyes, but smiled nonetheless this was just so typical Ed.

Imnotshort42: but yes we were talking about the first day of school…are you excited?

Dancing4life23: Of course as you said we'll be sophomores we have a year of experience under our hats now.

Lori smiled excitedly, the music she was listening to turned to an upbeat tune as if to match her mood. She had the urge to stand up and start dancing but, knew she should probably wait for Ed's response.

The music reminded her of something else though, and after a moment Lori started to type again.

Dancing4life23: plus with school starting that means dance team!

Imnotshort42: shakes head you and you're dancing…

Dancing4life23: Hello! Look at the screen name here! points at screen name frantically

It was true. Lori loved to dance; it was as simple as that it was her passion, her life. Dance team was a huge part of her life. She worked hard and was a great dancer because of it. She loved what she did. However her life did not revolve around dance she still had great friends the Elric brothers among them.

Lori jumped slightly at the bleeping sound her IM conversation made as the elder Elric responded.

Imnotshort42: Yeah yeah…you know who will be freshmen this year though?

Dancing4life23: Who?

Imnotshort42: Al and Katherine

Dancing4life23: oh my god! That's right!

Alphonse Elric was Ed's younger brother and Lori was good friends with him as well. Katherine Bennett was a friend of the Elric brothers, Lori knew her through them. Al and Katherine were the same age; Katherine had a crush on Al. It was so cute! Everyone but Al seemed to know that she liked him. And Alphonse… well, she'd bet her dancing career that he liked her too.

Anyways the two would be freshmen this year. Lori wondered vaguely if the two were nervous. She decided to ask. Lori's fingers took to the keyboard and began typing.

Dancing4life23: Are they nervous?

Lori waited for the response, as she recalled her first year at Anime high. She wasn't that nervous on her first day she already knew people who would be there with her. She quickly made many other friends as well not only with the other freshmen but with upperclassmen as well. She had remained in contact with most of them over the summer.

Lori jumped again at the sound of her IM conversation. She looked to see the boy's response.

Imnotshort42: Well Al is…not much you know since I'll be there but still he's going through normal high school anxiety

Dancing4life23: Ed! School hasn't even started yet and you're using big words on me!

Imnotshort42: it means he's nervous you big dope

Dancing4life23: I knew that! I'm not stupid I was just saying you were using big words

Imnotshort42: anime fall

Dancing4life23: pokes you

Lori laughed out loud at their crazy antics. They were supposed to be sophomores and look at the way they were acting! However, Lori loved it immature idiots were half the fun of high school.

Imnotshort42: jumps up NO POKING LORI!!!!!

Imnotshort42: evil grin pulls out random stuffed animal Pulls out flamethrower

Dancing4life23: gasp NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! DON'T HURT THE CUTE FLUFFY ANIMAL!!!!! sniffles I…I cries surrender!

By now Lori was laughing her ass off. This was hilarious. How quickly the conversation had turned. How quickly they had gotten off subject. Lori's laugh rang through her room, only Ed could make her act this way. The usual Lori was calm and laid back never this hyper never this idiotic. Only Edward Elric could bring out this part of her. Kind of strange, really, now that she thought about it… but that was getting into the part of her thoughts that we agreed not to talk about. Ever. Under any circumstances. Well, maybe under torture…

Dancing4life23: We got off subject again you realize…

Imnotshort42: We always do...

Dancing4life23: that we do…so what about Katherine is she nervous?

Imnotshort42: Not that I know of

Dancing4life23: I really can't believe we'll be sophomores…only 2 more years of school and we're done

Imnotshort42: yeah I know…only 2 years that's not a lot and we have no idea what's to come

Again the conversation had turned from hilarious to serious. The two's conversations often ended up like this looking towards the future. Lori closed her eyes letting the thought sink in. Two more years of school and she was done. She didn't know what was in store, if she would remain friends with any of her friends. What she would with her life. Who she would fall in love with. (And she planned on falling in love, though with who is still in that confidential piece of her thoughts that shall not be hinted at under any circumstance.)

Lori smiled slightly and began to type a response after some thought.

Dancing4life23: Yeah butnot knowing what is coming is what makes it so much fun!

She knew she was right. No one knew what would happen this year or the next. Knowing that you didn't know what would happen that is was so unpredictable was the fun of it though.

Lori smiled.

Who knew what this year held for them. All of them.