"So….go talk to him!" exclaimed Skyler, nudging her friend in the shoulder knowingly. "You know you want to…"

"No I don't," responded Seru, forcing herself to look away from the brown haired boy. She and Skyler had been observing them for a while now. Roy had immediately found his friend Sano after he dropped the bomb. Now the two seniors were talking animatedly.

"AW come on!" exclaimed Skyler. "You know you like him and—"

The rest of Skyler's incessant babble was lost in the sea of words, as Seru's blocked out her friends voice. Seru let her eyes wander the party.

Everything was slowly winding down; Seru could hear the many angry mumbles of Roy's announcement. Even Seru had to admit…she was disappointed; everyone had made such a big deal about this announcement, and Roy went and did this!

Well Skyler claimed she wasn't surprised that it was just like Roy to do this sort of thing, I mean he is a "self-centered pervert" as Skyler had stated arrogantly earlier.

Puh-leese. That girl was so far in denial. Seru glanced at her friend again, was she still talking?

"And you guys make the perfect couple and—"

Hmmm….that would be a yes. Seru had known Skyler her whole life, and loved her like a sister…but boy could that girl talk. Seru yawned and looked over to where Sano and Roy were talking. She saw out of the corner of her eye, Nayumi chatting with InuYasha.


Nayumi was talking with him, by the looks of it just playing nice. No real interest there. Trying to get to Sesshomaru through his brother? Ooo she was smart.

Maybe there could be a relationship there, the Ice Prince and the new girl…it would be an interesting match. Seru was sure with her and Skyler's help Nayumi would be on the prince's arm by the end of the year. Mhmm that would be fun…

"Are you even listening to me?!" Skyler's voice exclaimed. Seru turned to look at her friend.


"You weren't! Seru!" exclaimed Skyler looking stricken. Seru yawned again and gave her a friend what she hoped looked like an apologetic look.

"Sorry Skyler," she said. "Guess I'm just tired…"

Skyler sighed. "Honestly Seru…"

Seru gave her best friend a grin and shrugged her shoulders lazily, her eyes—as they tended to do-straying to Sanosuke Sagara. She watched him for a moment observing him, he was grinning at Roy, who had just laughed at something.

Then what looked like a butler came over and tapped Roy on the shoulder. Roy turned and talked to the man, at this time Sano seemed to take notice of Seru. He turned to her and sent her a grin, making eye contact with her.

Taken aback Seru quickly smiled at the boy, trying hard to suppress the color from flowing to her cheeks. Sano turned away, and almost immediately Seru's cheeks flooded with color. My gosh she was acting like some stupid middle schooler!


He had smiled at her.

Smiled. At. Her.

Seru smiled, and turned back to Skyler.

That had just made her night.


"Everyone's heading out Maki c'mon let's jet, before there's a major traffic jam," reasoned Kei, pulling lightly on his younger sister's arm. Who, of course, wasn't listening to a word he said.

"Yeah yeah in a sec," Maki said waving her hand dismissively. Kei sighed; no way was she listening to him. As always, some things never change.

"I'm going out to the car." said Kei, turning to leave. "You better be out in 10 minutes max."

Maki nodded vaguely. Her mind and gaze were held somewhere else tonight. The poor girl was to be once again caught staring at the short dark demon in the corner.

Maki had only sighted him a few minutes ago. He and his group of friends had been very dodgy all night. She hadn't seen any of them when she was dancing on the crowded floor, or heard any familiar voice over the rush of the music.

Ew...what was she some lovesick puppy? Listening for his voice, searching for him please! An asshole like him! An exceptionally hot asshole but still…that was not the point!

Maki sighed and rubbed her temples. Gah. Too much to think about. If Kei knew she was going all school-girlish over Hiei…man he would never let her hear the end of it.

Sighing Maki ran a hand through her hair. Whatever was she to do? Hiei was a complete and total ass. Yes a hot ass….but point being he didn't notice anyone outside his own world. He even ignored his friends sometimes, (most of the time) the only person she had ever seen him give even the slightest interest in was his half-sister Yukina. Even that was barely spared.

The question was: How did she get him to notice her? When he was so wrapped up in his own world. Blocking out everyone else around him…how did she break that barrier? When it seemed no one else could.

Finally Maki's eyes strayed from the dark demon, and examined the crowd around her. Everyone was slowly dismissing the crowd becoming smaller; Roy was bidding good-bye to his guests. She spared at glance at the host to find him talking with a freshman girl looking comfortable….not like he was hitting on her though, just…talking.

Maki yawned she was too tired to wonder why the most popular senior was talking to a freshman. She watched as people were filing out…oh yeah! Her brother said to meet him out there. Ha…shit.

Heh…making her way through the crowd Maki's mind began to once again wander to her previous predicament. Getting Hiei to notice she was alive.

Hmmm…..this would be hard.


She needed a plan.


Yawning, Micki leaned back against the chain-link fence, fighting back sleep. She had agreed to this why…?

It was Saturday morning, 11:00 AM and where was she? At school on the soccer field watching as the girls' freshman soccer team practiced. This included her new close friend Vivian Jamison.

Blinking back the urge to sleep, Micki crossed her arms casually and looked up her brown hair falling in her face. She saw through her thick locks the girls playing, they were good. Micki would never put that much effort into a sport into something so….troublesome.

Looking up at her friend though, she looked quite interested. Vivian seemed to be enjoying herself, beads of sweat dripping from her forehead and her dark brown hair swaying in its tight pony-tail as she jogged down the field. She was working hard, and once receiving the ball moved up the field to pass to someone else.

Vivian looked…free. Normally all the time Micki could always pick out the discreet loneliness in her eyes, but while playing she looked to be worry free for that time, only focused on one objective: the game.

Micki sighed, and closed her eyes lightly. Wondering again why was she here? Oh yeah…Roy was picking them up and then dropping them off at Vivian's house where Naomi would meet up with the two. Vivian said she might be able to annoy Roy enough to get him to carpool them around.

It was cute actually. Vivian really was close with the senior…just no one else ever noticed it. Every once in a while Roy would stop Vivian, and Micki and Naomi in the hallway just to bug Vivian, no one seemed to notice that the most popular guy in school was talking to them.

Vivian even knew who he liked! Though she wasn't telling anytime soon. (Despite the annoying prodding of both Micki and Naomi)

ANYWHO! That was boring. The interesting thing is…Micki had talked to Shikamaru. A few times, he was a man of few words. (As Micki soon discovered) But….point being she had talked to him! He was totally cool too-though both Naomi and Vivian agreed he was a bit dull but still…or okay Micki thought so…

He was a lot like her except ya know he was a boy and he was quiet and actually kind-of anti-social and not happy cheerful in anyway but….hey opposites attract right?

Micki sighed and opened one eye to see everyone exiting the field. Vivian made her way over to Micki, she was sweaty and her cheeks rosy red she was taking a sip from her water bottle.

"Sorry you had to sit through that," she apologized capping the nozzle of her water bottle. Micki waved a hand dismissively.

"Whatever." was her non-caring answer. Vivian giggled slightly.

"I'm not used to seeing you this….calm," she said smiling. "Its soo weird."

"Its 11 AM I have not woken up yet." Micki said stifling a yawn. She gave an almost curious look to her friend. "Don't know how you can be so awake."

"I just had a 2 hour practice what do you think? Doy…" answered Vivian as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. Which it might have been to anyone else but Micki was tired and her mind was unusually slow today.

"Roy should be here soon," stated Vivian, looking towards the streets.

"Why is he picking us up anyways? Doesn't he have like butlers to do this sorta stuff?"

Vivian gave a small giggle. "Well yah, but they work for him so they shouldn't have to pick me up. Plus its fun to make him do this! He needs to get off his lazy ass every once in a while."

Micki laughed she liked this logic.

"Roy is taking us back to your house right? Then we're heading to the movies to meet Naomi?" asked Micki.

"Mmhmm," nodded Vivian in response. Both girls fell into a comfortable silence. Vivian took a hackey sack from her soccer bag, and began to play with it by herself. With practiced footwork she kept it going, Micki watched soundlessly, she made it look so easy!


Both girls looked up at the noise, and Vivian's hackey sack fell to the ground.

"Hey freshmen let's go!" Roy Mustang's head popped out of his fancy black convertible. Vivian couldn't help but roll her eyes, as she picked up her hackey sack and threw it in her bag.

"Come on Micki," said Vivian, already jogging to the sports car.

"Coming!" chirped Micki, immediately breaking into a jog. So far this weekend looked to be very promising.

And she got to ride in a probably very expensive, very fast, very cool convertible. With, did I mention the possibly hottest and coolest senior in their whole entire high school?

Four words my friends…

This. Was. So. Cool.


"Kazuki, you're so amazing!" exclaimed Yuna, looking on her older brother with nothing short of admiration. Kazuki spared a smile for his 11-year old sister. His fingers sat gently on the keys of the grand piano in their living room.

It was Saturday and here he sat at his grand piano, because of his sister's relentless prodding for him to play.

"A song, just one song please! Big brother!" She had pleaded, giving the cutest (never resisted) adorable bambi eyes. Oh how could he resist? His little 11-year old sister, who looked up to him as if he was the king of the world. (Something most others would take advantage of but Kazuki would never…ok so that a teensy tiny little white lie).

"One more song brother, please!"

Her small voice snapped Kazuki back to reality. He looked at his sister about to point out that he had already in fact played three songs, and he might've succeeded but then he made a fatal mistake. He looked at her.

Her jet black hair was pulled back into a high pony-tail, and her big blue eyes were shining in the morning light. And…oh now who in the world could ever say no to a face like that.

A sigh left Kazuki's lips and he turned the page in the piano book. Taking a deep breath he looked over the music this was a song he knew by heart.

He began to play. The music left the piano almost of its own accord. As if the keys knew what to do knew what to play to make the perfect melodious sound and Kazuki was nothing more than a mere puppet, moving the keys. Kazuki had been playing piano since he was five years old.

He had, at first, like many been forced into it by his pushy mother. But as time went on he found he enjoyed playing piano and that he indeed had a knack for it. Now many weekends and afternoons were spent like this, Kazuki playing piano and his more than eager little sister listening eagerly.

The song ended and Kazuki's fingers left the keys. He looked straightforward for a moment, and then hearing Yuna sigh beside him looked over and gave her a smile.

"That was so cool!" said Yuna, her eyes dancing. "I wish I could play piano like that!"

"Maybe you can play violin like that one day if you keep practicing,"

Yuna sighed audibly. Their mother had also forced Yuna into taking violin and it would be an understatement to say that Yuna disliked the instrument.

Yuna was about to respond but saw that her brother had picked his cell phone from his belt. Which indeed he had, feeling the annoying vibrating signaling someone was texting him.

Sighing Yuna jumped off the piano bench and left her brother to his cell phone.

'Want 2 come 2 the mall man?'

Kazuki quickly typed a response into his cell phone.

'cant. Watching Yuna.'

'bring her with. We dont mind. We r gonna check out the girls'

Kazuki hesitated. Girls. Maybe like Kagome. She might go there on a Saturday. That is what most girls did on weekends, shop and stuff right?

She might not even be there…the thought crossed Kazuki's mind but still…

"Hey Yuna! Want to go to the mall?"


"Well this is boring…" said Suzuki taking a sip from her soda.

"You are so negative," groaned Alex. Suzuki sent a glare to her friend.

"Well this is boring," she said with a dignified tone. "It's Saturday afternoon and we're in the park! How lame is that."

Alex rolled his eyes. "We were playing tag football earlier don't you ever just chill?" He pulled his hat over his eyes, leaning against the tree they sat under.

Suzuki smirked, an idea forming in her head. Okay so this was kind of mean but oh well. She walked over to her friend. And with a swift movement she tipped his hat off his head and into her hand.

Alex looked up annoyed to see Suzuki twirling it on her finger smirking.

"Give it," demanded Alex, although something in his gut told him she wasn't giving it back.

"Come and get it," She smirked. Told ya. Sighing Alex launched at Suzuki, and laughing she swiftly stayed out of the way. She jumped up into the tree and giggled, crouching down she pulled the hat on her head.

"It looks good on me ne?" said Suzuki grinning as she twisted the hat backwards. Alex looked up at his friend and rolled his eyes noticeably.

"You're hilarious," He said quite sarcastically. "Now get your ass down here and give me back my damn hat."

"Sheesh so demanding," Suzuki stated, the grin leaving her face as she pouted and swung down from the tree branch landing gracefully on the ground.

"Still thinks it looks better on me," she said flipping the hat off of her own head and handing it to her friend.

"You wish," said Alex flashing a grin and pulling his trademark hat on his head. "Anyways, dude I'm meeting Ray later at the arcade want to come with?"

"Ehh I don't know…"said Suzuki thoughtfully. "Ray's cool and all but he always seems so nervous and stuff ya know? It's kind of weird."

"I told him to chill out!" muttered Alex under his breath so quietly it would have been inaudible to a human. But Suzuki wasn't human.


"Wha--? Ah nothing!" scrambled Alex quickly catching himself. He regained his composure as fast as he had lost it. "So you want to come or not?"

Sighing Suzuki ran her hand through her hair.

"Yeah sure why not?"


"Justin!" The young red-head yelled down the stairs of their two story house. "Have you seen my chemistry book?"

No response came.

"Justin!" Yelled Amie louder this time. She allowed herself to step out of her doorway and into the hallway. "JUSTIN!"

"What?" finally came the shout of her obviously annoyed older brother.

"Have you seen my chemistry book? I need it." Justin appeared at the bottom of the stairs, looking as if he had not left the house all day. Which Amie gathered he hadn't. His red hair was a mess, and he was wearing a large black T-shirt and dark blue pajama pants.

"Why the hell would I knew where your damn chemistry book is?" shot back Justin, annoyed. Jeez what had she done that was so bad? Interrupted him sitting on his ass all day? Oh God forbid.

"Because I think I left it on the kitchen table, and I need it because unlike some people (a swift dirty look at her brother) I actually do my homework," replied Amie her hands resting on her slim hips. Justin rolled his eyes.

"Then come down here and get it," said Justin simply. With that he turned and walked away.

"Justin! JUSTIN!!" shouted Amie after him frustrated.

The only noise that was to be heard was Justin Hiten turning the volume up on the TV.

"Ugh!" screamed Amie frustrated. She stomped down the stairs and walked to the kitchen. Sure enough upon entering the kitchen there sat her thick chemistry book on the kitchen table. Oh God forbid her brother could do one thing for her!

Amie picked up the book and walked back upstairs to her room. It was Sunday, her homework day. Yes, I suppose waiting till Sunday to do her homework may not be the smartest idea, but it was the way she did it. And she always managed to finish it.

Sighing Amie tossed the book on her desk, hearing a loud thump as the 398 page book fell on the wood. Goodness she was bored. She had hung out with Maki all day yesterday talking about boys and such. And trying to think of an answer to Maki's problem of getting Hiei to notice her.

Why Maki had it so bad for that cold-hearted junior Amie didn't know. She did know that, as far as Kei knew Maki had no interest in any guy. So it was very hush hush…it made it very interesting in the least.

Amie had asked herself more than once if her friend was just setting herself up for heartbreak. I mean who had ever heard of Hiei liking a girl? Let alone going out with one!

But what could Amie do? Maki had her heart set on this. So like a good friend she would help. Plus its not like Amie should be talking, she had a crush on another one of the cold ones, Neji Hyuga and probably one of the most out of reach men (Next to Roy Mustang Of course) Dark Mousy.

Amie sighed and placed her chin in the palm of her hand. Oh she was over her head. Amie took a deep breath and let it out. Walking over to her computer, she quickly changed her away message on AIM.

Her fingers typed quickly,

'Doing that thing. You know the thing that teachers give you because they have no life? And it takes hours and hours of hard work to do? You know the thing people refer to as the devil's spawn?

Yeah that thing.

Call (please!)'

That would take care of any annoying people who decided to bug her. If anyone really cared or had anything very important to talk about (like giving her an excuse not to work) they would call.

Besides that all afternoon it would just be Amie and that evil thing called homework. Her parents would not bug her with her door closed. Justin could care less. She was in blissful solitude for…

Amie glanced quickly at her backpack and chemistry book.

For at least the next 4-5 hours.

Amie sighed. She had better get started then shouldn't she?

She pulled out her chair and sat down; opening her chemistry book she looked down at the problem.

'What is the chemical make-up of an atom?'


Amie sighed.

She hated homework.