The Mysterious Wardrobe

Mr. James Kirk was a 19 year old man and had graduated at Oxford University in 1845, that summer. James had graduated with a science degree, and was given the title Professor Kirk. He had since shortened it just Professor, and was out in the world looking for a home. One day he found the perfect place a Victorian mansion that had immediately captured his interest. He had just enough pounds to pay for the mansion, and was walking around the 2nd floor when he came upon a half open door. James looked behind him, as if to make sure no one was there, then walked foreword.

Pushing the door open all the way he saw a beautiful carved wooden wardrobe standing in front of the room. Walking towards it, he eyed the carvings they were of mythical beasts and fantastic places. Feeling unholy to be there, he drew back and glared at the wardrobe. Doesn't feel right, he thought and hastily left , shutting the door behind him. A few days later he went back and quickly left again weeks went by in this same fashion, until one day James approached the wardrobe. Leaning over he touched the wardrobe with one forefinger, it was smooth and warm to the touch. Grasping the brass ornate handle with in his other hand, and pulled the door open and peered in.