Hello my good readers as you may have noticed this is a story that already features characters from the books. I changed the name of the main character, to James and I thought this was how the book really should have turned out like.

A musty smell greeted him and a couple of moths flew out along with dead moths that fell to the floor. Drawing back he eyed the carvings again and shrugged May as well he thought and stepped in. He had to bend low to enter because he was so tall, brushing aside musty outdated coats, he turned to face the opening of the wardrobe. He shut the door halfway , backing up he tripped and was surprised when he felt something soft not hard as he had been expecting. Guessing that he would see a thickly woven carpet underneath him, he was surprised when he saw green grass. He twisted around and got a bigger shock, there were trees, and bushes, and birds and in the middle of it all was a lamppost, brightly burning.

"I'm not in England anymore." He murmured out loud, a snap echoed through the woods, right after he spoke. "Hello, is anyone there?" called James, then after a long pause, there was a hoot, and a dog bark. "Excuse me, are you looking for someone?" asked a rather confused British voice!! Turning around eagerly James came face to face with a …..fox. "Uh, did you just speak?" asked a confuzzled James, "Well, of course I did." Said the fox in a hurt tone, "Oh, I'm sorry did I hurt your feelings?" asked James contrite. The fox nodded, James sighed wearily "I am sorry, I have no clue where I am." The fox looked interested and said, "This is Narnia, a good place to be, what are you anyway, a dwarf who's had a growth spurt?" "No I am a human." James replied. The fox smiled greedily, "What's your name?" he asked. "Uh, James Kirk, and you are?" he asked. The fox smiled wider, "My name is Ploy." "Really?" asked James, Ploy nodded, "Listen." There were dog barks and horns sounding in the distance. "Right, now we've got to move." "Why?" asked James. "That is the sound of the Great Hunt, led by giants, I don't think you want to be to be their path when they arrive." Said Ploy, "They can be pretty nasty when they are interrupted during the Hunt." James nodded "Come on then." And Ploy took off.

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