PRWA All In Chapter 22: Alyssa vs. Syd, Bra and Panties Match

Hey everybody its time for chapter 22 of All In, as Alyssa and Syd are set to do battle in a Bra and Panties Match. Now when coming up with the PRWA Series I wanted to use all of the "special" matches that are used in wrestling. Now when it comes to the women there are a lot of these "special" matches, and most have the same purpose, showing off the women's beauty. I decided that I at least wanted to use one of these matches, so I went with the original, the classic, the one that set the stage for all the other women's matches, the Bra and Panties match, where to win you must strip your opponent to their bra and panties. So which female will strip their opponent to their "unmentionables" and score the ultimate humiliation victory, will it be Syd getting some payback, or will it be Alyssa continuing to torment Syd? I hope you enjoy this chapter and please review.

Summary: The PRWA heads to Sin City, Las Vegas. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, as its time to go All In. Live from the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sunday September 24th 2006, only on pay-per-view.

Disclaimer: The only thing I own is the PRWA and its owner Phil Savitt, who is me.

Bell Rings

As soon as the bell ring Syd releases all the anger she has towards Alyssa, charging and tackling her to the ground. The catfight begins as the two women roll around the ring. Even the ref can't stop these two, as they roll into him, knocking him down, and then rolling over him. Alyssa is finally able to get the advantage, as she holds down Syd in the schoolgirl pin position, sitting on Syd's chest, her legs preventing Syd's arms from moving. Alyssa then grabs hold of Syd hair and start bashing her head against the mat. However Syd is able to get her leg up and kick Alyssa in the head. This forces Alyssa to lose her balance, and allows Syd to force Alyssa off of her.

Both women are down back up and charge at one another, Alyssa looking to kick Syd, but Syd catches Alyssa's foot. Alyssa then tries for a spinning heel kick, which Syd ducks, but Alyssa is able to bring her foot back and kick Syd right in the face. Alyssa then mocks Syd, asking her if she broke her pretty little face. Alyssa then stands on Syd's blonde hair, and stretches her arms up, the pink ranger screaming in pain as her hair is stepped on. Alyssa then releases the hold and picks up Syd by her hair, and throws her across the ring by the hair, like Syd was a rag doll. Alyssa then moves in, trying to remove Syd's shirt but Syd is able to bring her foot up and kick Alyssa in the head.

Syd then gets up and bounces off the ropes, taking down Alyssa with a flying clothesline. Syd then lifts up Alyssa and whips her into a corner. Syd then charges, driving her elbow right into Alyssa's face. Syd then takes Alyssa for a ride, monkey flipping her out of the corner. Syd then bounces off the ropes and delivers a flipping leg drop. Syd then goes to the top rope, but Alyssa is ready as she knocks Syd off bounce and then delivers a superplex. Alyssa then starts to lift up Syd, but Syd sends a punch to Alyssa's midsection. Syd then bounces off the ropes, but Alyssa delivers a kick to Syd's midsection. Alyssa then bounces off the ropes and connects with her Crouching Tiger scissors kick finisher. Alyssa then moves in and removes Syd's shorts, proving why it isn't a good idea to wear them in this match, since they come off rather easily. Alyssa is now halfway to victory.

Alyssa then takes the pair of shorts and tries to tie Syd's arms behind her back, but Syd was able to prevent it, sending punches to Alyssa's face to get her off. Syd then bounced off the middle rope and took down Alyssa with an elbow spring. Syd then waited until Alyssa was up and then she bounced off the ropes, dropkicking Alyssa right in her knee. Syd then lifted up Alyssa, picked her up and dropped her with a body slam. Syd then bounced off the ropes, looking for an elbow drop, but Alyssa moves. Alyssa then picked up Syd and took her to the corner, placing her upside down in the tree of woe. Alyssa then tried to win the match by removing Syd's top, but Syd sent a well timed punch to Alyssa's midsection. Syd then tripped Alyssa into the corner, which set her free. Syd then bounced off the ropes, but Alyssa sent a kick to Syd's midsection, and again looked for the Crouching Tiger, but this time Syd caught her leg. Alyssa tried for a spinning heel kick, but Syd ducked, and released the other leg. Alyssa was off bounce and this allowed Syd to pull Alyssa's shirt over her head, blinding her. Syd then hit her swinging DDT finisher, the ElemenDDt. Syd then removed Alyssa's shirt.

The match was now tied at one as Syd lost her shorts and Alyssa had lost her shirt, with the next clothing removal winning the match. After Syd removed the shirt she spun it around over her head, and then tossed it into the crowd. This didn't go over well with Alyssa, as she speared Syd down. Alyssa then lifted up Syd and tossed her shoulder first into the ring post. Alyssa then went outside the ring and picked up the short she had removed from Syd, and then started choking her with the shorts. Alyssa then picked up Syd, looking for the snake eyes, but Syd fought off and started after Alyssa's pants. Alyssa however got her leg up, kicking Syd right in the face. Alyssa then bounced off the ropes and hit the Crouching Tiger. Alyssa then started for Syd's shirt, and it looked like she was about to have it all the way off when Syd rolled up Alyssa. Syd got a hold of the back off Alyssa's pants and pulled then all the way down. Syd was having trouble getting them off all the way because of Alyssa's shoes. Alyssa tried to stop Syd with punches, when Syd delivered a lethal kick to the face, and it looked like Alyssa was out. Syd then finally got the pants off all the way.

"The winner of this contest SYD," announced Mr. Kennedy as the crowd cheered Syd's victory. Syd then rolled Alyssa out of the ring and started posing for the crowd. Once Alyssa was back up and realized she was only in her bra and panties, she ran up the ramp, trying to cover herself, as Syd waved goodbye to her. Syd then started to head backstage, stopping and shaking hands and taking pictures with her fans. She each removed the shirt she was wearing and gave it to a lucky fan.


"Jason Sklar here and with me at this time is the original Black Ranger Zack. Tonight you face another fellow Black Ranger, Danny, in what many are considering your match, a Dance Floor Match."

"You know J-Man those people are right, this is my match. I mean I am a professional dancer. This match is perfect for me, and my girl Angela, as we are by far the best dancers in the PRWA. As for Danny, like that loser nerd has ever been to a dance in his life, no one probably invited him, and he couldn't take flowers or he would be made fun of even more then he is now. I mean how did that guy ever become a ranger. I bet that everyone else in the PRWA would be a better match-up in this match then him. Jase it's a good thing I'm hungry, cause this match will be a piece of cake," said Zack as he then walked off.

Jason was about to walk off when one of the backstage people came up to him in a hurray.

"Jason, Jason, you gotta come quick, something has happened," said the backstage person as he started running, Jason after him.

The two ran until they got into a locker room, Jason with a stunned look on his face.

"Oh my god," said the Sklar brother.

The camera then shifted to see Trini laid out in the locker room. She was laying stomach down and there was a small pool of blood on the ground and the back of her head was red. About five feet away from Trini was a lead piped that was colored pink, yellow, and blue.

"Oh my god, guys go get some medical help now," yelled Jason Sklar as the backstage people left to get help as Jason watched over the fallen yellow ranger.

A/N: Well, well, what a way to end chapter 22. Who could have taken out Trini, was it Scorpina, who had been planning something with Tommy and Kim, or was it someone from the GRE, and why was the pipe colored pink, yellow, and blue. Don't worry all of those question will be answered in due time. As for chapter 23, it will feature the full match (intros/match/post-match) for the Elsa/Queen Bansherra Demon's Tomb Casket Match, an interview with the PRWA Mixed Tag Team Champions Cassidy and Devin, and the intros for the Dance Floor Match. Again I hope you enjoyed chapter 22, and please leave a review.