Sharpay was a successful singer, of course she wasn't really famous yet, but she was working on that. She was a gorgeous blonde that knew what she wants and theres no stopping her to getting it. Her life was perfect, she was 24 living in California. She was still single, for the main fact being that she still hasn't been able to get over a certain boy. Her high school sweetheart. Well sort of, they have been going out since Senior year. He was the lunk headed basketball boy and she was the drama queen. Not such a perfect match, but yet they seemed to fit perfectly. His name was Troy Bolton, the name she could never forget. Everyone thought of them as the 'perfect' couple and she was starting to believe it. They graduated together and were so serious, that they were even talking about getting married. They have been going out for a total of 5 years. The longest relationship both of them has ever been in. Everything was going well for them...that was till they had one huge fight. They broke up and never really talked to each other. They've written letters every now and then.

It wasn't till that day when Sharpay came home from working in the studio. She parked her black Porsche and got out, she made her way to her mailbox and grabbed the mail, and then walked back up her drive way and opened the door into her two story house. She walked into the living room and set the mail down on the coffee table, while kicking off her heels and walking into the kitchen to get a glass of water. Her day had been long and hard. Her vocal cords felt like they were killing her. She was used to this feeling. It was part of being a singer. Water seemed to help soothe it a little. When was done, she put the glass in the sink and walked back to the living room and sat on the her couch. She reached over and started to go through her mail

She sighed "junk, junk. bills, bills, wedding invitation, bills, junk...wait wedding invitation!?" she got the letter and opened it.

"Your invited to Troy and Gabby's wedding" Sharpay nearly fell off the couch. "TROY AND GABBY?" She was furious and confused. Why would he invite his ex-girlfriend to his wedding? Was it to shove it in her face or to hurt her all over again. Either one, they did a successful job at. Inside the envolope there was a letter. It seemed like Troy had wrote it, just by the handwriting of her name on the front. She didn't know if she could read it or not. The wedding was tomorrow and she wasn't sure if she wanted to go. (Yes I know, weddings are not that soon, but just bare with me.) It would be nice to see his face again...then again if he was just trying to get back at her with embarassing her, then she didn't want to have anything to do with it. Suddenly she had a thought, what if she was the one that embarassed him. As little peices started to work together in her head, she finally came up with a plan. One that would just show Troy, to not mess with her. She smiled to herself as she went to bed, tomorrow was going to be one hell of a show.