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Its been three months since the Concert. Troy and Sharpay are still going strong, they rekindled their old romance with the help of a few dates and some passionate make out secessions. Nobody has heard from Luke, nor Gabby, everyone just assumed that they went to torture someone else's love life. Gabby did just as Troy asked her to do, Get her crap and get out. Troy asked Sharpay to move in with him, which she gladly accepted. Turns out Sharpay's new producer is Kelsi. Troy approached her with the idea, while they were at Denny's. She was super excited about it and gladly took the offer. All she had to do was get an interview from Smith, which went pretty well. Smith seemed to like her. Sharpay and her were already friends, so he didn't have to worry about drama sprouting up between the two. Sharpay got Ryan an acting deal with Warner Brothers. So far, he's been pretty good.

Everything in Sharpay's life couldn't be any better...that was till she came home from the studio. She clearly didn't know what was going on. She did her usual routine, getting out of her car, walking up to the front door. This time there was a note on the door.


Open the door and find the beautiful path, follow the path to find your surprise.



Sharpay stared at the note. "What...the heck?" She shrugged her shoulders as she opened the door and saw a bunch of rose pedals. She followed them into the kitchen, she looked around and saw a note on the refrigerator door.

Follow the tulip pedals to your next clue.

"okay...is this some kind of game?" She said out loud.

She followed the tulips which led to the couch. She laid her stuff down on the coffee table and sat down, thats where she saw that the backyard window was covered with a Rosy red curtain.

"That didn't use to be there...?" She said as she picked up the note.

I hope you liked the curtain, those window blinds, just wouldn't do. I know you like romantic stuff, so what's a more perfect color then the color of a rose.

Now that you've noticed the curtain, its time for you to think of where your final destination might be. Good luck!

Sharpay put the note down and sat on the couch. "Okay...he replaced the blinds, cause they just wouldn't do. What does he mean by 'they just wouldn't do'?" She started to think for a while, till an idea popped in her head. "okay, he knows I like something romantic, which he chose a rosy red color for the curtain. There's roses in our room, so maybe that's my next destination." she said as she jumped up from the couch and ran to her room. She saw a note on the bed and ran to it. She smiled and suddenly frowned when she read it.

Sorry babe, but this isn't the place. Try again...think harder too!

She sat on the bed and started to think again. "Why wouldn't the blinds do?" She sat there for a few minutes and started to think. "Okay, lets get technical. the blinds have spaces where you can semi-see outside...curtains don't. wait! That's it! He wants me to go outside." She ran off the bed and to the backyard door, she swung it open, only to see Troy all dressed up, with a tall man, who she assumed was a violin player, mainly cause he had a violin in his hand. She saw a table set up romantically. She smiled at the sight of this. As she was walking towards Troy, she started to observe all of her surroundings. Troy just went out of his way to make it romantic, there were candles and flowers just every where.

"Troy..I don't even know what to say."

Troy smiled. "Do you like it?"

She smiled "Like it? I love it! Whats it all for though?"

Troy's smile grew even bigger, he signaled for the violin player to start playing. When he did, Troy took her hands into his and knelt down on one knee. Sharpay gave him a confused look. He just smiled. "Sharpay, through all the time in high school I was going out with you, I've never once in my life thought, what it would be like to have you with me by my side for the rest of my life. I didn't get to pursue that thought, cause of the crap Gabby pulled. My life with her was a life that was just okay. Not perfect, nor great, or shall I say, even excellent. Then I broke up with her, if you would like to put it like that. But there you were, the whole time. Still by my side and the months we spent together, I've experienced, all of the missing stuff that Gabby never once made me feel. I want you to grow old with me. I want us to have kids that are just as talented and beautiful as you. I want you in my future 100. That's why I'm asking you now, Sharpay Evans, will you marry me?"

Troy pulled out a ring and looked at Sharpay with hopeful eyes. Sharpay had tears streaming down her face, she gasped as she saw the ring, it was beautiful! She suddenly couldn't find words to come out of her mouth, all she could do was nod. That was enough for Troy. He slipped the ring on her finger and kissed her.

"Troy, I love you." Sharpay said as she hugged him.

Troy stroked her hair and smiled. "I love you too Sharpay and I'll never stop."

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