Denny paused where he stood, his breath caught in his chest, his heart pounding in his throat. She was there, on the other side, and only the line between the living and the dead separated her from him and him from her.

He felt her shoulder against his, and his world spun. For a moment, he felt as if he could touch her; for a moment, it seemed possible to raise his arm and graze her cheek. For a moment, the line between them was blurred, smeared and slightly erased.

And then…the moment ended. Denny lost the sensation of spinning, and the line that kept him from Izzie became a wall again, a wall made of stone that couldn't be knocked down or weakened. It was a whole other world, now, and he struggled to hold onto the memory of the moment.

He couldn't feel her anymore, though he liked to think she was still there, and at the same time he prayed she had moved on. He didn't want Izzie aching for him, he wanted to her to move on with someone else, someone who could love her like she deserved. But he didn't want to be forgotten.

He prayed she remembered, feeling the moment and embracing it as he did. Because those moments, those single seconds of time, were all they had left of each other.