Chapter 1: Why?

"Why?" a voice echoed in the empty dark room. Two silhouettes were in a dark silent metal room. One of them was sitting on a bed the other one standing against the secured door. They lights of the room had broken down years ago and the only bit of light there was slid true a small hole, the size of a pencil, in the door. Lighting a small part of the floor.

"Why what?" a other calm gentle coolly voice responded after a while.

"Why did you save me?" the warmer voice asked shaking a bit this time.

"What do you mean?" Bobby responded calmly leaning against the door post looking at the figure that was hidden in the shadow.

"Damn you know what I mean. Don't fuck with me Bobby! You beaded me, you could have killed me once I was out, you should have! But you saved my guts instead. So I want to know why the fuck you did it?!" Pyro said as he stood up suddenly coming out of the shadows looking angry at Bobby.

"I don't leave my friends in the cold." Bobby replied coolly not moving a mussel.

"We're not friends anymore." Pyro said grumpy sitting down again staring at Bobby furiously from the dark.

"We used to be John and maybe you forgot but I didn't." Bobby responded, his voice cooler then before.

"Pyro!" Pyro corrected him. There was a knock on the door. "Bobby we have to go to class get out!" a young female voice said.

"Hay to you to human!" Pyro snapped at the door loving the fact that he could pick on someone. He could try that on Bobby as much he wanted he wouldn't react.

"Shut up jerk!" was the reply as the door opened and Marie appeared looking pissed off at Pyro.

Pyro stood up immediately looking at her fire in his eyes.

"What's wrong, Marie? Are you scared of me since you don't have any powers anymore?" Pyro mocked at her.

"You wished." She responded.

"No, I know!" Pyro responded ginning evilly.

"You know that's a pretty big mouth for someone who is nothing without a lighter either." Marie said as she stood in front of Pyro having the terrible urged to slap him.

"It's okay Marie, I'm coming." Bobby said interfairing before something might happen. "Let's go." He said as they moved out. "See you later Johny." He said looking over his shoulder.

"It's Pyro you idiot!" He snapped at the door and then sat down again as the door closed, leaving the room dark "And I wouldn't count on that one Bobby." He mumbled to himself.

Authors note:

Short I know. But it's just a introduction chapter. This fic is manly going about Bobby(Iceman) and John(Pyro) but you can expect quite a bit of Marie(Rogue) in it as well. Happens after the 3 movie X-Men the last stand. It's all about Pyro's and Icemans friendship. And for those who care I'm not really planning any slash in this one (but maybe, very maybe I might change my oppinion during the chapters).But anyway I think you could see it as slash if you want, just see it as it pleases you. PLEASE REVIEW I wanna know if it's worth continuing or not. So if you want to know how it continues REVIEW.