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Lol, I stopped this halfway through and forgot about it for two months. Well, I'm bored now and I'm waiting for a video to load so I thought "Why not update your Q & A" and so I replied to myself "Why not?"

And so here we are…


Stopped again. It's been how long? Well it's summertime, 2 am in the morning. Yes nothing better to do. So why not?


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2 YEARS LATER. AHAHAHAHA. I AM SO SORRY GUYS. I swear I'm gonna post this up now and start working on the rest tomorrow. I'm an awful writer. ~gets bricked~ I haven't even proof read this yet so I'm sorry for the grammar mistakes. I feel like if I proof read this I would want to rewrite it and who knows when I'll finish with that.

Kat: I'm in no mood for an introduction today so lets just start with the questions!

Riccio: But!

Kat: *pulls out Hornet's hammer*


Kat: I thought so.

Hornet and Prosper! u better admit ur feelings! by the way: prosper and scipio are HOT! Bo is so adorable! Riccio and Mosca are just wierd. no offense. kat... ur special.


Kat: FINE FINE! I'll make them admit it! *starts to type*

-suddenly the scene is black, nothing can be seen-

-screaming and the sound of struggling is heard in the background-

-scene is finally lit up again and Kat's chair is empty...empty...empty.-

Mosca: YAY! She's gone!

Riccio: Hey! The girl called us weird! *points to letter*

Mosca: Weeeeelll. We control the story now so this just means that there's no admittance of feelings today! Ha! That's what you get!

Riccio: Very well my good man. Now shall we? -offers hand-

Mosca: We shall! -takes hand-

Riccio & Mosca: NEXT QUESTION! –both raise fists up anime style-

AWSOME!i love the thief lord and there aren't may fanfics about one is one of the best i've ever read!10/10!ok, my questions for the Thief Lord and his Gang are:
1)why didn't you guys live on an island insted of a theater (just asking.i liked the theater!=D)?
2)Scipio; where did you lear to drive a boat?U ROCK SCIPIO!
and Hornet,just admit you guys like each other already!


Ida: Kat says her thanks for the great rating!

Mosca: Whoa! Ida! When did you get here?

Ida: I told you. I'm…facilitating...

Riccio: Well can you facilitate over there? -points far away-

Ida: Are you saying that you want me to go?

Mosca: Well...uhh...yes?

Ida: ...-unrecognizable mumbling- -leaves-

Riccio: YEY!

Bo: I'm here! –opens door to writing room-

Riccio: Darn it! Just when we had the story to ourselves!

Bo: Where's Kat?

Mosca: I dunno...

Riccio: Guys! We have a letter to answer!

Mosca: Huh? Oh, yes. The letter!

Bo: -reads question- I don't know why we didn't live on an island. Guess we didn't think of it.

Riccio: Plus! Ida wanted us to stay! Couldn't say no to that could we?

Scipio: -enters- And yet you sent her away...

Mosca: yeah...err..

Scipio: Anyways to answer our reader's question, since I was young I've been trained in all sorts of things, driving a boat included.

Riccio: Bet your father paid for it you rich bo-

Scipio: -shows an unidentified picture-

Riccio: THE HORROR! NOOOO! FINE FINE! Quick! Someone call Hornet! She has a question!

Bo: -goes off to find Hornet-

Riccio: uhh...err...what's taking them so long!

Scipio: -waves picture- So what now RI-CHI-O?

Riccio: Uhhh...errr...NEXT QUESTION!

Mosca: Hey! We were supposed to say it together!

Prop and Hornet 45 reviews! Fess up already


Riccio: Oh Scip! Wanna give me that picture?


-We now interrupt this story for a very important announcement-

-screen goes dark and clouds appear-


-Enter scene 1-

Bella Swan is placing her bag on her truck


She finds the mysterious Edward Cullen looking at her from the other side of the parking lot...

-car tires sqeak- a car is out of control!

Bella is saved by edward, she see's his hand push away the car, leaving them both safe...


-Scene 2-

Bella: you're impossibly fat and oblong

-Scene 3-

Bella: You gotta give me some answers...to the test.

Edward: I'd rather hear your theories...about the test

-Scene 4-

Bella: I have considered radio talk show hosts, kleptomaniacs..

Edward: All letter A's on the answer sheet right?

-Scene 5-

Edward: What if I get a zero? What if I'm...a bald guy?



-We now return you to your story-

The room seems to empty, outside there are sounds of running, and things falling down...and...and...OH MY GOODNESS IS THAT A NAKED PROSPER?

lols! this is hilarious! Prop and Hornet better fess up next chapter...and this is a question for Ida and Victor...are you guys together? How do you feel about eachother? waiting for the next chapter now...update soon!

-eclipsed heart

Ida: -enters back room- Oh! A question! For me! -reads-

Victor: Has anyone seen Scipio?

-see's Ida reading-

-reads as well-

Ida: Oh nonono! Me and Victor are childhood friends you see!

Victor: er...yes. Friends...that's right. (THOUGHT BUBBLE: FRIEND ZONED! DUN DUN!)

Ida: Well..hmm, I wonder where the others went. -wonders off-

Kat: appears to be fully tied up with ropes around her body –enters room- I wonder how is it that anyone can be out of the room and then suddenly appear when a question for them is asked.

Peter Pan: -enters room- BECAUSE IT'S MAGIC!

Kat: Oh…Hey you! Flying boy! Help me out of these would you!

Peter Pan: Err..No. I'm just here for a plot twist.

Kat: But this isn't even a real story!

Peter Pan: -leaves-

Kat: Male chauvinist pig.

Scipio: What happened to your ponytail in the film?
Bo: You're so cute and add another to the count cus I love your hair
Riccio: Have you been to the dentist yet?
Prop + Hornet: Confess already
Mosca: You might feel a bit left out but I don't have a question for you. so just HI

- McFlyFan101

Scipio: -appears-

Kat: Holy sh*t! It is magic!

Harry Potter: Yes, yes indeed.

Kat: No one called you here Potter!

Harry: Fine fine. I'm leaving. -leaves-

Scipio: Kat, who was that funny looking boy with the scar on his head?

Kat: Oh, just another fictional character like you.

Scipio: But.. I'm a real boy! Er..man!

Kat: Sure sure Pinocchio, now answer the question!

Scipio: Well they didn't quite pick the right guy for my character I think. I said Johnny Depp, but nooooo, they said he didn't look anything like me. Yeah right.

Kat: Oh-kay? Bo? Where's Bo? Isn't he supposed to magically appear?

Scipio: Not anymore, these things don't happen once you observe them.

Kat: So why did you appear?

Scipio: I have no idea…

Bo: -enters- Thank you! -leaves-

Kat: Well…uh…that was random.

Scipio: It appears that I'm wrong..

Kat: Aren't you always!

Scipio: Well, uh.. –sulks and leaves-

Riccio: -enters room- I have! But my teeth aren't quite fixed yet. I got these false teeth cause I can't be bothered to get braces.

Mosca: -head pops out of the door- Oh..err.. well...thanks. I guess.. Hi.

Hornet: -appears suddenly- GAAAHHH!#&*(&(* Where is that damned Riccio? -starts messing up room and looking for something...-

Kat: Huh? What?

Scipio: She seems to be a bit mad.

Kat: A bit mad? A BIT MAD! She's tearing up the room!

Hornet: -happens to read what's written- WILL YOU PEOPLE JUST SHUT UP! All day long its CONFESS CONFESS CONFESS! GOODNESS! Don't you have lives!

Kat: I think...we should leave...

Scipio: -backs away- I think so too.

-Kat and Scipio leave-

Hornet: -continues mindless ranting- MOSCAA! MOSCA YOU TWERP! GIVE ME BACK MY BOOK!

-in the other room-

Kat: What is she going on about?

Mosca: Er...well...look at this. -shows everyone a book-

Scipio: OH. MY GOD.





A/N: SEE! I finally updated! Though to be honest, all of this was written down I don't know how long ago. I keep on delaying updates because I want to read the book again so I can get a firm grasp of the characters. I haven't read it in a long while so this might be interesting. KEEP SENDING YOUR QUESTIONS FOLKS!