Sakura was on an intense S-rank mission in the sound country. Someone was stealing a clock that could freeze time, forever. When she arrived at the place, she found the person who was stealing the clock. He was Orochimaru."Who told you how to get this?" She asked, or demanded. "Someone you know dearly" he said simply. It was then that she saw the Akatsuki walk by. One of the Akatsuki was a man named Deidara. She recognized him because he was her friend.


Sakura was on her way back to Konoha from the town of Iwa of the stone country. She didn't even notice someone was watching her. She was so happy that she would even go out with Lee...okay maybe not Lee.But Defiantly Naruto. Sakura was so busy daydreaming that she didn't see where she was watching, and set off a trap. She was freefalling into a hole for what seemed like forever. She closed her eyes so she didn't have to see her death. After about 2 minutes she opened her eyes only to find that someone was carrying her up.

A couple of days later she was on another S-ranked mission (if you didn't guess already, she's Hokage) in Suna. On her way there she saw a figure laying beside a tree.She didn't really know who the person was so she decited to help him out. She didn't notice the Akatsuki cloak,(--) so she healed him up to full strength. "Hey thanks, yeah. Hey I know you, you the one who killed danna, yeah." It was then that she reconised him and took out a kunai and asked "who are you".

"Now is that how you treat someone who saved your worthless life, yeah."

"That was you?!"

"Yep, now come with me,yeah."

End Flashback

Ever since then they've been friends. But today she was gonna have to face him, you wanna know why? It was her orientation in Akatsuki. She already defeated Kisame, Itachi, and Zetsu. So far she had a clean sweep. The only people left to fight was Deidara, and the undefeatable Leader. Whoever defeats the Leader, is the leader. Neither wanted to fight each other, but since they have to, they promised not to hold back. He was a tough opponent, she'll admit that, but since it was a spacial occasion, she decided that she would let Inner Sakura come and play. It wasn't long until he lost. The same thing happened to the Leader, everyone was so surprised (yes, even Itachi) that it was quiet for quite a while. Then they celebrated the arrival of they're new leader. Itachi said nothing, Kisame a pat on the back, Zetsu did the same thing as Itachi, Leader was kicked out of the organization, and Deidara gave her an congratulatory hug and loving kiss on the forehead.

When she was going to Konoha to get her stuff, Deidara follewed her to make sure that she was safe. Everyone saw that he was following her, so they left Sakura alone. Once she was finished she saw 2 people fighting outside. Once she found out that it was Naruto and Deidara. Sakura kept on telling her body to move but she didn't. When someone was struck, that's when she moved. Naruto had struck Deidara with a kunai. "Naruto what the heck are you doing?" Sakura asked with tears in her eyes. "Sakura can't you see, he's part of Akatsuki!" Naruto nearly shouted at the top of his lungs.

" Well he's not the only one."

"What are you talking about"

"I'm the leader, Naruto."

Naruto just stood there, dumbfounded.

"Sorry Naruto"

"About wha-" he didn't even finish his sentence because he was dead. Sakura was crying on they're way back to base. Deidara was doing his best to make her feel better. Luckly, one thing worked, a molding of clay in the shape of Naruto. And that's when she utterly refused to go to Konoha.