So, after writing my Monk, Psych, and Vampire Knight crossover I thought: What would happen if the obsessive compulsive detective and the fake psychic were to meet once more and this time end up meeting another famous detective? After recently watching and reading Death Note I thought it would be a good idea to have Monk, Natalie, Shawn, and Gus meet L. So here it is! Note: I don't own any of these characters...though I'm sure you've already figured that out. Also to new readers, I am currently undergoing reconstruction on this fanfiction. That means I am fixing Shawn's name (back when psych was new, they had a couple of spelling errors on the official site so i got his name wrong) and I am also making it easier to read since i know the formatting messed up a couple of times. Enjoy!

Mr. Monk Returns to Japan

Chapter One: Recruiting


Mr. Monk entered the captain's office with Natalie at his side.

"This is good we haven't had a case in a while," Natalie said.

"Monk, you're just in time," Captain Stottlemeyer said. Mr. Monk immediately began to reorganize the office.

"So what's this case about? You didn't mention on the phone. We should probably head over to the crime scene," Mr. Monk was saying mostly to himself. He couldn't help but feel a little nervous. Usually, he is called in and goes directly to the crime scene. Why have him go to the office first? Something wasn't right.

"Actually Monk we have a serial killer on our hands," the captain said. Mr. Monk looked up from what he was doing, surprised. Usually serial killers were on the news by now.

"Really? In San Francisco?" Natalie asked.

"Not exactly..." Stottlemeyer began. Mr. Monk didn't like where this was going. "Monk criminals all over the world have been dying of heart attacks."

"So? How can someone murder so many people? It has to be a coincidence," Natalie said.

"Well that's not what the police think. They suspect the murderer is living in Japan." At the sound of Japan Monk immediately became uninterested in the case. Not again!

"The head of the investigation wants you to go to Japan and help solve the case." Randy, who had been pretending to play his song "Don't Need A Badge" with an air guitar, immediately became interested.

"L wants Monk on the case?" Randy said excitedly. Oh dear, another Randy obsession. Captain Stottlemeyer turned to him.

"You know the head of the investigation?" he asked, clearly unconvinced. The only other friends Randy had was his mom and the wallet model named Crystal who broke up with Randy ages ago.

"Well yeah. L is known throughout the world. He has solved so many cases and no one even knows what he looks like. He's the best of the offense Monk. He's my idol!"

"Randy two weeks ago your idol was a TV star," the captain said.

"Hey Sonny Chow is my second idol!" Randy said defensively.


"If he is the best of the best then why does he need me?" Monk asked, "why doesn't he just solve the case himself ...and leave me alone."

"Oh come on Mr. Monk you should be honored," Natalie said.

"Monk there's something else you should know," Stottlemeyer said, "Twelve FBI agents were sent over there and they all died. I don't think you should go."

"That's good because I don't want to go either," Monk answered.

"What! No you have to go! L needs you," Randy said. How pathetic.

"Randy shut up." Stottlemeyer said.

"Actually I think you should go too Mr. Monk. I'm sure other people are rejecting this guy too. He needs you Mr. Monk." Mr. Monk was of course shaking his head. He was not going to Japan again. Natalie pulled him aside from the other two.

"Come Mr. Monk. There won't be any vampires like last time. That was just a fluke. Forget what the captain said. You should go."

"...You're just trying to convince me so we'll get paid."

"Well...we haven't had a case in a really long time and I'm tired of taking two extra hours just so you can figure out what you want to leave behind at the grocery store." Mr. Monk thought for a moment, trying to think of an excuse not to go. But in the end, he knew the battle was over and they would be off to Japan again. He reluctantly nodded his head. Natalie became excited and began to leave the office.

"We're going to Japan!" she said.

"Great! I'll pack my bags!" Randy exclaimed, "I gotta call mom. We are going to have so much fun!"

"Uhh're not going," Stottlemeyer said. Randy immediately spun around.

"What? Captain, please. You can take all the expenses out of my paycheck."

"Randy twelve FBI agents were killed and you expect me let you go to Japan? You wouldn't last a day there." Randy sank into depression then turned to Mr. Monk.

"Well have fun in Japan. Listen when you meet L get me an autograph and tell him that I'm a huge—"

"We will Randy," Monk said. Stottlemeyer shoved Natalie and Monk out of the office before they would be buried with Randy's requests.


"Shawn, look at all these bills. Your meaningless expenses are going to force us into bankruptcy," Gus said.

"Oh Gus, don't be such a worry wart. We'll get it paid." Shawn began to flip through the mail.

"Shawn we have spent money on extra pencils that you throw up at the ceiling, blank paper that you use to shoot baskets, and a Pac Man arcade game."

"But Pac Man is so much fun."

"No, until we get enough money to pay off our rent, no more buying useless things." Shawn suddenly stopped and looked at a letter.

"We just got the answer to our money problem Gus." Gus raised an eyebrow.

"What are you talking about?"

"Pack your bags Gus; we're going back to Japan!" Shawn exclaimed and he immediately got up and began packing, handing Gus the letter. Gus scanned the contents.

"Why would they send something this important in the mail?" Gus said.

"Dude, who cares!"

"Shawn, this is probably a scam."

"That's what you said about the last case and look what happened with that."

"...and what kind of name is 'L'?"

"Gus, why do you always do this?" Shawn asked.

"Do what?"

"You always shut down every case we get. Like you said we need the money, now let's go, go, go!"

"I'm just being cautious, Shawn. Who knows who this L guy is? For all we know, he could be a serial killer."

"Ok, think of it this way. If we got a letter, who else do you think got a request? Maybe a certain Mr. Monk and Natalie Teeger?" Gus immediately reconsidered taking the case.

"Come on, what have we got to lose?" Shawn said.