It's Always the Quiet Ones

A/N: This story takes place as if High School Musical never happened. It takes place in college for our main characters. Gabriella may seem a bit edgier and confident than before, but it is all for the sake of my story. I'm sorry that the first chapter is pretty short. I hope I'll be able to lengthen the chapters in the future.

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Chapter 1: Masquerade

It was hot in Oxygen. The new club was celebrating its grand opening with a Masquerade Bash on New Year's Eve. The bass of the music was making the whole room vibrate and there were at least seventy five people on the dance floor, moving to the heavy hits of the song.

Troy Bolton sat laughing with a group of his teammates. Chad Danforth, his best friend, was retelling the story on how he broke up with his most recent girlfriend. The whole basketball team was celebrating the New Year with drinks, girls, and dancing.

Troy was wearing dark jeans and a blazer over a t-shirt. Over his face, he wore a black half mask, as Oxygen was holding a masquerade. All of his other teammates were all wearing similar masks as well.

"—and then she takes her chocolate sundae and tries to dump it on my head! But it's too bad, that it was still frozen… she kept shaking the cup over my head hoping something would spill out and into my hair. But still nothing. Then she storms out. After she walked out the door, I couldn't help but laugh at how pathetic the scene was," Chad stated.

Troy let out a small laugh. "No wonder you haven't had a girlfriend that lasted longer than three weeks, man!" The whole team, including Chad, bellowed out in response.

Troy smiled. Those guys were some wild fellows. He got up to go to the bar to get another drink.

After he grabbed his beer from the bartender, Troy was suddenly pushed into the table as some people from the dance floor moved out to make some room. He turned around to yell at the guys who pushed him, but he stopped when he heard that the chatter on the dance floor quieted. The club goers were looking, mesmerized, at a woman in the middle of the dance floor.

Troy followed their gaze and his breath caught.

An angel with long, dark hair was dancing to the music. She was wearing a short red dress with a very low cut back. She was also wearing a matching red mask on her face. He also noticed a small tattoo of a sleeping dragon on her lower back. All Troy could think was, Damn, that girl is hot.

But what really caught his attention were her movements. She moved perfectly in tune to the music. She danced like she was a part of the music and if the music would stop, she would disappear. Troy felt that no one, including himself, deserved to watch her dance. It was ethereal.

Gabriella Montez let out a relieved sigh when she stepped onto the dance floor. The last time she had the time to go out and have some fun was in the summer. Dancing was always a form of release to her. She could always rely on the movements to help her release stress. It was too bad that all the people who tried to dance with her weren't up to her standards. Oh well, she thought, here's another night to dancing alone.
Troy let out a breath. He walked back toward his group of friends, not keeping his eyes off the mystery girl. When he reached the table, he noticed that the whole team was watching his girl as well. He watched as a blonde man in a somewhat flamboyant shirt and matching hat danced towards her. He let out a sigh of relief when the girl turned down the man's invitation to dance.

Chad leant over to him and whispered in his ear. "I bet you can get her to dance with you… Go ahead and try." Chad pushed him towards the dance floor. Here we go.

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