Arrivals are Always Antagonizing

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Edward looked slightly amused as I stood on tiptoe, looking around the small airport in Port Angelus. "Remind me again why you're so anxious?" his velvet voice cut through my ears in a teasing tone. "Oh, be quiet." I hushed him, my brow furrowing. Her plane was supposed to be in by now… Maybe I would get lucky and the weather would be too bad for her to land...

"Bella, she's your cousin. She can't be as bad as you tell me." Edward rolled his eyes and I shot him a glare. "Believe me, she's much worse." I assured him. "Holly is a very unpredictable person." I murmured, turning around on my heel, and scanning the area behind me. Edward just let out a sarcastic sigh. I ignored hi, and cast my eyes to the clock on the wall.

When I let my eyes wander back to the small crowd by the arrival gates, I spotted a mane of thick, curly, shiny blonde hair bobbing out of the plane's gates. Holly spotted me, and her perfect elfish face broke into a remarkable beam as she hurried to me in a lope that suggested she was athletic. "Bella!" she cried happily, throwing her arms around my neck. I blinked a few times, and glanced to Edward, while I attentively hugged her. By the time I had my hands around her, she broke away, and started to bounce up and down on the balls of her feet.

"Oh my god, Bella! It's soooo good to see you again! I haven't even seen you in, like, 2 years! I was, like, so excited when my Mom said I could come visit you for break, you know!?" Holly's high and energetic voice bounced all around her, tainted with a strong Boston accent. Holly's eyes were gleaming with excitement. She was at least three inches taller than me, and her blue-gray eyes were bigger and more almond shaped than mine.

Holly was a cheerleader, of course. Not to mention a girls ice hockey player, figure skater, basketball player, softball player and champion dancer. Also, her school newspaper editor, student government vice president, straight A student, volunteer at her local animal shelter and prettiest girl in my family, to top all of her achievements off with a big cherry.

Holly was good at everything. The perfect daughter, if you do. Charlie and Renee absolutely adored her. She was everything I could never be. Holly was two years younger then I. Holly glanced to Edward, and her eye brows raised, and returned her gaze evenly back to me. It wasn't a wonder she was resistant Edward's charm. She had had plenty of boyfriends, who were very good looking.

"Ant Renee said that you had went and gotten yourself a boyfriend. I mean, Bella, finally. Who was that one in 4th grade you liked? Zack or something? Wasn't he like, the spelling bee champion or something? He beat you out spelling some big freak word, I think." Holly babbled on. I didn't risk a fleeting look to Edward, but looked at my shoes, blushing insanely. Holly began to sidle over to the belts where her luggage was no doubt, pulling me by the wrist, still jabbering away.

"I'm missing a hockey semi-final, two dance competitions, three shifts at the animals shelter, a softball game and a shopping spree with my friends, coming here. But I totally don't mind! I mean, like, I get to spend time with you. Which is usually never, you know? Can I meet your friends? Maybe we should go to a movie or something. Do you have an ice skating rink in forks? I could beat anyone in a race," she paused, glancing to Edward. "You could come too, Edward. I like competition." and then she returned to speed talking me.

I glanced helplessly over my shoulder at Edward, my eyes pleading for help. He just shook his head, and grinned at me. I scowled and returned back to Holly who was talking about her basketball team's record. "So, Holly-" I interrupted, finally. "I was wondering if you would like to come up to Seattle with later today." Holly blinked at me, nodded her agreement, and then I heard a cell phone ring in her pocket. "'Cuse me." she said cheerfully, before flipping open her pink razr, slipping it between her shoulder and ear, and picking up a rather large black rolly suitcase. "Like, Oh my god! Are you serious, Denise? That's soooo awesome!" Holly drawled happily.

I stared at her in amazement. She was too hyper and preppy for her own good, and her amazingly blonde curls bounced up while she turned and bobbed back to the parking lot, with Edward and I walking in front of her. "See? I told you." I hissed under my breathe. Edward rolled his eyes. "Silly Bella. She's a happy go lucky teenager. An overachiever, which is nothing to be upset about." he said, grinning lopsidedly down at me. "And she has a very interesting mind."

Behind us, I heard Holly snap her phone shut and her feet pick up speed as she followed us. "Like, Bella? What's the weather going to be like this week? I totally forgot to check before I left Boston." she cooed softly in a voice that dripped with sweetness. It was a voice I had come to dread through out my teenaged years. "Rainy all week." I informed her without turning around. "That's a shame. That means vampires and werewolves will be out." she joked, trying to lighten the mood. I stiffened, and cast my gaze sideways to Edward, who looked very amused. "Agreed." I said rigidly. Only Edward could hear the sarcasm in my voice, and I could see him trying to hold in his laughter.