A/N: I tried desperately to study, but of course I ended up writing slash. I found this in an old science spiral. Bah, physics.

Newton's Laws

"I do not understand, man."

I sighed. Kyle was, yet again, being difficult. For such an allegedly smart guy, he sure couldn't grasp physics very well. And, as his best friend, I was obligated to be a study buddy, but damn. If this doesn't qualify me for martyrdom, I don't know what does. Also, all this time spent with him is making me delirious, I think. Just yesterday, I caught myself admiring his coloring, the way that the florescent lighting reflected upon his smooth, pale skin.

"It's simple, Kyle," I began for the thousandth time, looking at the boy next to me over my books. "I'm pushing on the table, and the table is pushing back. That's why it doesn't move, because the forces are equal. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Do you get it?"


I had an idea. I reached across the table and grabbed his hand, pulling it into the air. Our fingers lined up, perfectly symmetrical in size and shape. I pushed gently. Kyle pushed back, almost out of habit. I stopped, looking into his face for that moment of comprehension, but there was none. Our hands, still together, dropped to the table absently.

"You pushed back, so our hands stayed in place. If you had pushed harder than me, my hand would have moved. But the forces were balanced, so we didn't move." I noticed Kyle staring downwards, and I followed his glance to our hands, which, in conversation and neglect, had intertwined fingers. Our eyes made contact, and I made to pull away, my cheeks feeling warm, but Kyle tightened his hold. He drew closer to me, a stray curl in his face, his head cocked to the side, green eyes sparkling.

"So, what you're saying is, when two objects connect, if they exert equal forces on each other, neither one will move?"

"Exactly. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Now, that's Newton's third law-mph!" My words were cut off by a pair of lips. Kyle pulled away, smiling. For a moment, I could not speak. When I did, it was a confused jumbling of mostly vowel sounds.


Kyle laughed a little. "It's simple physics. Your mouth is much bigger than mine." True, Kyle did have a tiny mouth. "Therefore, it has more mass, and more gravity. My smaller mouth was just...attracted to it." There was a twinkle in his eyes, a devilish humor.

"So, you get it."

"I totally get it. I got it in class."

"What? Then why have I been tutoring you?"

"So I could use that awesome line."