Keeping Us A Secret

by: LunarEclipse360

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I Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You

You never know what you're gonna feel

You never see it comin' suddenly it's real

Oh never even crossed my mind, no

That I would ever end up here tonight

Troy Bolton, captain of the East High Wildcats basketball team, walked into the first house party of the new school year. He really didn't want to come but his friends convinced him to. He sighed as his eyes roamed the room, looking for the familiar group of jocks that he knew all too well. His blue eyes were adverted by the sight of a girl he'd never seen before and he stopped in his tracks.

He turned his eyes to where he saw her and he felt his heart skip a beat. She was beautiful. She had long, dark brown curly hair and brown eyes he would love to get lost in. Her skin was tan and, from what he could tell, very smooth.

Gabriella Montez was new to this town and this school. Her first friend was Taylor McKessie, who happened to be her next door neighbor. Taylor convinced Gabriella to come to this house party. She said it would be a better way to meet new people. Gabriella agreed but the minute they stepped through the door, Taylor left to go have fun leaving Gabriella by herself. So much for meeting new people.

Gabriella sat on the staircase, watching everyone else have fun. She wasn't one to go up to anyone and introduce herself. She was rather shy and hated having to make herself known. She sat there staring at people dancing until she felt someone's eyes on her. She looked over and saw a guy with shaggy sandy blonde hair and blue eyes staring back at her. Their eyes were connected for a few seconds until one of his friends distracted him.

"Hi Troy" said Rachel, the head cheerleader.

"Hi" he said, ignoring the flirtatious tone she gave him.

"Everyone's been waiting for you" Troy nodded and followed her. He took one more glance towards the girl but found she was no longer there. He felt his heart drop in disappointment and continued to follow Rachel to the back of the house.

As soon as his eyes were off of her, Gabriella quickly got up and went outside. She never had someone stare at her like that, especially not a guy. She leaned against the railing of the porch and stared into nothing. She smiled as she remembered his blue eyes. She had to admit he was pretty cute but by the way that girl looked something told her he was one of the popular kids.

She sighed and the smile fell from her face. She wished Taylor would come back and take her home. Sure she could walk home but it was so dark out, she wouldn't feel safe.

'Why did she have to abandon me?' she thought to herself and took a seat on the porch stair.

Troy had been with his friends for a whole five minutes and was already bored. He wanted to ditch them and find the girl he saw earlier but he knew that wouldn't go over well with his friends.

"Hey Troy" came Rachel's voice and he almost jumped out of his skin.

"Don't scare me like that"

"Me? I scared you?" he nodded and she giggled flirtatiously. "I'm sorry. So what were you thinking about?"

"Stuff" he said not really wanting to tell her he was thinking about some girl he's never seen before. That would piss her off. Rule is; never piss off the head cheerleader unless you want your reputation ruined.

"What kind of stuff?" she asked getting closer to him

"Basketball...stuff like that"

"Oh. So do you think you guys are going to have a good year this year?"

"Maybe. You never know." she giggled and touched his arm.

"Oh Troy you're so modest. That's what I like about you" she moved in closer to him and he felt himself growing uncomfortable.

"Um I have to use the bathroom. I'll be right back."

"Don't take too long" he nodded and smiled nervously. She moved away from him and he walked away. Instead of going to the bathroom, he went straight out the front door. He stopped when he saw the girl from earlier sitting in front of him. He nervously cleared his throat and she turned around.

"Oh sorry" she said and moved to the side so he could walk.

"It's okay. this seat taken?"

"Oh no" he nodded and sat beside her. An awkward silence passed between them. Neither knew what to say.

"So you're new here?" he asked breaking the silence.

"Yeah. I just moved here a few days ago"

"Welcome." he said and held out his hand.

"Thanks" she said and took it. A spark of electricity jolted through the both of them and they quickly pulled back. "Ouch."

"Sorry about that"

"It's okay. It was just static electricity that's all." he smiled and nodded. "I'm Gabriella by the way"


"So you're the famous Troy Bolton everyone's been talking about"

"Sadly yes" he said with a sigh.

"I'm guessing you don't like the fame"

"No the fame is great, it's just the attention that comes with it that I don't like" she nodded and he leaned back on his elbows. "Sometimes I just wish they would take one month or one week or even one day and just not pay attention to me. The attention was great at first but then it just got annoying. Everyone treats me like I'm some celebrity and I can't take it anymore." he sighed and leaned up on his knees. "Sometimes I just wish they would treat me like a normal person instead of the captain of the basketball team."

"Well if it helps, I won't treat you like that" he looked at her and smiled.

"Thanks." she smiled back and nodded.

"You're welcome."

Their perfect moment was interrupted by a heated Taylor storming out of the house, followed by a herd of laughing guys, most of them on the basketball team. The two looked back, confused to what was going on.

"I swear that ass is going to pay." she screamed and stormed down the stairs.

"Oh come on McKessie you know that was funny" said Chad Danforth, Troy's best friend and teammate.

"Funny? I'll give you funny when I shove that basketball up your ass." Taylor screamed "come on Gabriella we're leaving"

"But..." before Gabriella could finish her sentence Taylor pulled her up and pulled her down the pathway. Laughter was still heard behind them, this time it was more than just the guys on the basketball team. Gabriella looked back and saw Troy staring at her. She gave him a short wave and he mirrored her. Gabriella climbed into Taylor's car and they drove away.

"Dude" Troy turned around and saw Chad standing behind him. The rest of the guys had went inside, the fun was over so there was no reason to stay outside.

"What's up?" Troy asked and Chad sat beside him.

"What were you doing out here with that girl?"

"We were just talking that's all"

"Well unless you want to ruin your reputation I suggest you stay away from her. She's a nerd just like McKessie and I don't want to see your reputation go down because you're hanging out with a girl like her. So promise me you'll stay away from her" Troy nodded and Chad patted his back before going back inside.

Troy sighed and looked up. He didn't want to disappoint his friends but he couldn't just stay away from her. He didn't want to stay away from her. There was just something about her that interested him. Something about her that he liked and he wasn't about to give up on it.

All things change
When you don't expect them to
No one knows
What the future's gonna do
I never even noticed
That you've been there all along

Monday morning rolled around, Friday's party forgotten in a sea of homework and preparation for the new school week. Troy walked into the school building, everyone greeting him like they always did. He waved half-heartedly at the girls that were constantly flirting with him and walked straight to his locker.

His mind wandered as he made his way to his locker. Most of it went to the girl he met on Friday. 'Gabriella' he thought to himself as he zoned off, not noticing the person walking in his direction until they crashed into one another. Both he and the other person was sent to the ground.

"I'm so sorry." he said and looked up. His blue eyes meeting familiar brown ones.

"It's okay" she said and smiled. He quickly stood up and outstretched his hand.

"Here let me help you up" she took his hand and the same electricity flowed through their hands but they ignored it. He pulled her up then bent down to pick up her fallen books. "Here you go" he said, handing her back her books. She took them and looked at him.

"Thanks" Troy opened his mouth to say something but was cut off by the sound of Chad calling his name. He turned around and watched Chad come towards him.

In that time Gabriella slipped away unnoticed. She knew from what Taylor told her last night that Troy's friends, especially his best friend, hated people like her and Taylor. She didn't want to leave without saying goodbye to Troy but she didn't want to be caught talking to him by his best friend.

"Hey captain what's up?"

"Nothing I was just..." he turned around to say something to Gabriella but found that she was gone...again. He sighed and turned back to Chad. "I was just walking to my locker."

"Great I'll walk you" Troy raised an eyebrow at his friend's weird behavior.

"Okay what's going on?"

"Let's just say McKessie wants revenge for Friday so I'd rather not travel the halls alone"

"That's what you get for messing with her."

"It's not my fault she can't take a joke"

"What did you do to her anyway?"

"I told her that if she couldn't find a boyfriend before prom she could take my basketball as her date" Troy stopped in his tracks and turned to Chad.

"That's not a joke that's a fucking insult"

"Well it was funny to me and the guys"

"That's because you hate the fact that she's smarter than you"

"I do not. I hate the fact that she's a geek. Don't get me wrong she's hot and everything but she's a geek. Basketball and science don't mix."

"Whatever you say" they finally approached Troy's locker and he spun his combination into his lock.

"I saw you talking to the new girl today"

"I wasn't exactly talking to her. I kind of knocked her down so I helped her up"

"Dude you're the jock, she's the geek. You're supposed to knock her down then leave her to get up on her own."

"She's a girl. The rules are different with them."

"Oh right" Chad said "oh well I did all that stuff to McKessie for nothing. It was worth it." Troy rolled his eyes and took his books out of his locker. "So I saw you talking to Rachel on Friday. You two going out yet?"

"No and I don't plan on going out with her."

"What? Why not?"

"Cause...she's just not my type."

"She's totally your type. You're the captain of the basketball team and she's the captain of the cheerleading squad. You two are supposed to be together."

"According to the rules of high school but not according to the rules of life."

"You worry about life when you get out of high school. For now you need to get together with Rachel."

"I don't have to get together with anyone if I don't want to" Troy closed his locker and walked away. Chad followed behind still trying to convince Troy to go out with Rachel but Troy refused to give in. "Chad just stop okay" Troy yelled and turned to him. "It's my life not yours so back off." Troy walked away from Chad and went straight to homeroom.

The second he walked into homeroom, he stopped in his tracks. His eyes caught sight of Gabriella sitting in the back of the room.

'Why didn't I notice she was in my homeroom?'

"Mr. Bolton so glad you could join us." Troy's eyes snapped towards his homeroom teacher, Ms. Darbus. "Now would you please take your seat." Troy nodded and walked to his seat. His eyes went back to the brunette in the back, this time his eyes meeting hers. He smiled softly and she returned it.

Gabriella watched him sit down in his seat then turned her eyes back to Taylor. She wasn't really listening to what she was saying, her mind was too busy thinking about the blue-eyed boy sitting a few seats away from her. Her eyes wandered to where he sat and found that his eyes were looking back at her.

She smiled and looked away to hide the blush that crept on her face but Troy saw it anyway. He smiled and turned back to the front. The whole time this game was going on, Taylor had been watching them. She knew this had to stop. She didn't want her best friend to get hurt. Geeks and jocks aren't supposed to be together.

"Gabriella" Taylor said and Gabriella looked at her. "Listen Gabriella. I don't want you to get hurt so I'm telling you this now. Don't and I mean don't become involved with Troy Bolton. He's a jock and jocks belong with cheerleaders. Our groups don't mix with each other. We don't become friends and we definitely don't date. If you don't want to get hurt I suggest you stay away from him." Gabriella nodded and looked at the back of Troy's head.

She knew she should follow Taylor's advice but she couldn't help it. Troy was the first guy to talk to her and not make her feel like she wasn't wanted. Troy turned his head slightly, feeling her eyes on him and smiled. She smiled back and he turned back around.

'This is going to be an interesting school year' they both thought and began to listened to what Ms. Darbus was lecturing about.

I can't take my eyes off of you

I know you feel the same way too, yeah

I can't take my eyes off of you

All it took

Was one look

For a dream to come true