Keeping Us A Secret

by: LunarEclipse360

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Remember those walls I built

Well, baby they tumbling down

And they didn't even put up a fight

They didn't even make a sound

I found a way to let you in

But I never really had a doubt

Standing in the light of your halo

I've got my angel now

Four Years Later

The day couldn't have come any sooner. After four years of waiting, Gabriella Montez was finally going to become Gabriella Bolton. It was a dream that she hadn't stopped dreaming of since the day he asked her to marry him.

"Are you going to eat or are you just going to daydream?" her mother asked as she sat across from her.

"I can't help it, mom. I'm getting married in a few hours."

Her mother smiled. "Yes, I know, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't eat."

"I'm afraid that if I eat, my nerves won't let me keep it down."

"Nerves? What are you nervous about?"


"You love him, don't you?" Gabriella nodded. "And he loves you, right?" She nodded again. "Then there's nothing to be nervous about."

Smiling, Gabriella picked up her fork. "You're right, mom. I don't have anything to be nervous about."

"That's my girl. Now eat."

Gabriella put her fork into the piece of scrambled egg on her plate and placed it in her mouth. She had no reason to be nervous. She was about to marry the man that she loved with all of her heart.

An hour later, it was time for Gabriella to get ready. Taylor, Allie, Kelsi and Sharpay all came over to help out and to get dressed themselves. Gabriella showered and washed her hair, allowing Sharpay to style it. She had rules though. Sharpay wasn't allowed to do anything flashy. She wanted a simple, down the back hair style. So, Sharpay just curled her hair and let it fall in waves.

As Sharpay curled Gabriella's hair, the other three girls put on their dresses and fixed their make-up. In the end, Sharpay ended up fixing their hair also before she was given time to get herself together. Half way through the 'getting ready' process, Gabriella had a break down.

She didn't mean to it had just happened. At first she began thinking about how she wished her father could be there to see her, then it suddenly dawned on her: What if something happened to Troy like it did her father? She didn't think she could live a life without him and that's when she began to cry.

"Gabriella, what's wrong?" Sharpay asked and the other girls noticed she was crying.

"I don't wanna lose him," she cried.

"What are you talking about? You're not gonna lose him," Kelsi said.

"How do you know that? My parents were married for ten years before my father passed away. If something happens to Troy, I couldn't live like that. I couldn't live without him."

"Nothing's gonna happen to him, Gabi," Taylor said and rubbed her best friend's back.

"You don't know that. I'm not as strong as my mother. I would never be able to survive without him in my life."

Allie sighed and looked at the other girls. "There's only one person that can get her out of feeling like this."

They all nodded. "Troy."

Troy bounded up the stairs, his heart beating a million miles per second since he got the call that his fiancée was having a break down. He spotted the four girls standing outside of her room and they all smiled at him. He smiled back before walking into her room.


She looked up and his heart broke. "Troy? What are you doing here?"

"The girls told me you needed me."

She stood up and walked up to him, wrapping her arms around him. "Promise me you won't leave me."

He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer. "I promise. I wouldn't dream of it. What made you think I would?"

"I just…I was thinking about how I wished my father could be here to see me and then it dawned on me: What if something happened to you and I had to live the rest of my life without you, like my mother is doing? I could never do that. I would die inside if I had to live without you."

"Gabi." He pulled away slightly to look her in the eye. "I could never leave you. Even if by some stroke of fate I'm forced to, physically I'm gone, but spiritually, I'll always be right beside you. I could never pass through those pearly gates without you by my side. Remember when we went to our spot on prom night and watched the sunrise?

"Yeah," she said with a nod.

"My love for you is like the sun; burning brightly and eternally. I'll never stop loving you even after my heart stops beating. I was made for you and only you." She smiled and he wiped away her tears. "You okay?"

She nodded. "Thanks. You don't know how much this means to much you mean to me."

He smiled. "I have an estimate." She giggled and he kissed her. "I should go."

"I'll see you at the end of the altar."

"I'll be waiting." He kissed her once more before leaving.

She sighed and turned around, walking to her closet. She opened the door and reached for her dress. Pulling it out, she looked at it and smiled. She quickly ran into the bathroom and put it on. With her new found confidence, she was ready for this. She knew, deep in her heart, that her marriage would last, Troy would make sure of it.

It's like I've been awakened

Every rule I had you breakin'

It's the risk that I'm takin'

I ain't never gonna shut you out

Stepping out of the bathroom, she walked up to her full length mirror and ran her hands over the sides of her dress. The strapless satin dress fitted her perfectly. The beaded lace bodice flared from her waist and emptied out into the train that followed behind.

The four girls stood in the doorway admiring the beautiful dress before Kelsi stepped forward with the lace veil. She placed it on Gabriella's head and used a hairpin to make it stay. She then placed a simple rhinestone tiara on her head, completing it. Sharpay walked in and started redoing Gabriella's make up.

"And we have a bride," she said when she was done.

Gabriella looked into the mirror and smiled. "You look amazing, Gabi," Allie said.

"I feel amazing."

"We better get going. The ceremony starts in an hour." The five girls walked downstairs where they met with Gabriella's mother and the six of them climbed into the limousine.

Troy was nervous. There was no denying that. Ever since Taylor called him and told him about Gabriella's break down, his nerves had taken over.

"Dude, calm down," Chad said, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"I can't help it."

"What's gonna happen when she comes walking through that door? Are you gonna run?"

"No, of course not."

"Then stop acting like you are."


Suddenly, the music started and his attention was drawn to the doors at the back of the church. Sharpay was the first to walk in, followed by Kelsi and Allie. As he watched them, his nerves began to dwindle and he soon felt ready for this. Taylor and the flower girl, Allie's niece, were the last ones to walk down the aisle before the doors closed. The wedding march started up and butterflies went haywire once again in his stomach. The doors opened and his jaw dropped. He couldn't believe this beautiful woman, this…goddess, was about to become his wife. He didn't feel worthy of her. He couldn't understand how someone like her could choose someone like him, but she had. She stopped in front of him and he took her hand.

"You look beautiful," he whispered and she blushed.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join together this man and this woman in holy matrimony," the priest belted as the couple in front of him stared at each other, lovingly. "If there is anyone who wishes to express why these two should not be wed, come forward or forever hold your peace." No one in the church would ever dream of breaking the two up. They were deeply in love and nothing could come between that. "I am told you have written your own vows."

Gabriella looked at the priest in bewilderment. She didn't remember saying anything about writing her own vows. Looking to the man in front of him, the grin on his face told her that he had something to do with that.

"At first we weren't going to," Troy started, never taking his eyes away from hers. "But I felt that I needed to. Gabriella, from the first minute I locked eyes with you at that party the beginning of senior year, I knew that you were the one for me. You're smart, you're beautiful, you're sweet and…you're everything that I could ever want. At first, I wasn't going to go to that party, but I went anyway. That was fate's way of bringing me to you. You mean everything to me and I wouldn't dream of sharing a life with anyone else."

By the end of it, Gabriella had tears in her eyes. She couldn't believe he was real and he was hers.

"Gabriella," the priest said and she nodded, wiping her tears away.

"Troy…I never understood how someone like me came to deserve someone like you. I once believed that love didn't exist, but you changed my mind and for that, I'm grateful. I never pictured what my future would be like until I met you and that's how I knew you were the only one I would ever want to spend my life with. I love you so much and I…" She stopped, feeling a wave of emotions crashing over her. "I'm sorry, I just can't seem to stop crying," she said and everyone laughed. Troy reached up and wiped her tears away with the pad of his thumb, encouraging her to continue. "I'm grateful that God has brought you into my life, cause without you, I don't know where I'd be."

He cupped her cheek and mouthed, "I love you." She smiled and grasped his hand, kissing the palm of it.

"Do you, Troy Alexander Bolton, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, through sickness and in health til death do you part?

"I do."

"And do you, Gabriella Marie Montez, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband, to have and to hold, through sickness and in health til death do you part?"

"I do."

"The rings." Gabriella turned to Taylor and Troy turned to Chad, both taking the gold bands from their best friends. Troy took Gabriella's left hand and held it to the tip of her finger. "Troy, repeat after me. With this ring..."

"With this ring..."

"I thee wed."

"I thee wed." He slid the ring onto her finger and kissed the back of her hand.

She grinned before taking the ring and holding it to his finger. "With this ring...," The priest said.

"With this ring..."

"I thee wed."

"I thee wed." She slid the ring onto his finger and intertwined her hand with his.

"By the power rested in me by God and the state of New Mexico, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may now kiss your bride."

Troy smiled and grabbed her by the waist, pulling her closer. His lips crashed into hers and she wrapped her arms around his neck. Finally, after four years of waiting, she was his wife and would be that way for the rest of her life.

"Ladies and gentlemen," the priest started after they broke apart. "May I introduce to you Mr. and Mrs. Troy Alexander Bolton."

Gabriella giggled as she continued to stare into his blue eyes. "I love you," he said.

"I love you, too," she responded before he pulled her in for another mind-blowing kiss.

Everywhere I'm looking now

I'm surrounded by your embrace

Baby, I can see your halo

You know you're my saving grace

You're everything I need and more

It's written all over your face

Baby I can feel your halo

I pray you won't fade away

I can feel your halo(Halo)

I can see your halo(Halo)

I can feel your halo(Halo)

I can see your halo(Halo)


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