Title: Deception
Rating: T
Summary: A deception leads to the revelation of hidden truths…
Disclaimer: Battlestar Galactica's premise and characters belong to Ron D Moore and co, I'm just borrowing them for entertainment purposes.
Season: Set early season three. No specific place in the season timeline, so in that manner it's AU.
Spoilers: Only for the events of the first few season three episodes
A/N: This is the longest Battlestar Galactica fic I've ever written. I've stuck to short so far and not ventured into multiple chapters, but I hope it's ok. Thanks to Alza for reading this through for me. Enjoy! All feedback is welcomed.
Please note: Chapters alternate between a 'present' timeline, and flashbacks starting three weeks earlier. Each is clearly labelled, I hope it's not confusing. And, providing the site co-operates, I should be posting all chapters tonight, so please bear with me :-)


Deception, Day 22

"… The President will make a statement, and then you will be able to ask questions."

Tory stepped back from the podium and Laura took her place before the press. Resting one hand on either side of the wood, she looked out into the sea of reporters, each obviously anxiously awaiting what she had to say.

She swallowed hard, taking a deep breath for the courage to do what she knew she needed to.

"Good morning," she greeted them, glancing nervously to the back of the room where Bill was standing.

He offered her a nod of encouragement, and she smiled and continued.

"I'd like to ask that you don't interrupt me. As Tory explained, you will have an opportunity to ask questions. I'd appreciate it if I could get through my statement in one go." She looked down at her papers, her right hand leaving its grip on the podium to shuffle them a little, before she took another deep breath and faced the reporters again. "I had hoped this wouldn't be necessary," she stated, "but recent events and polling have shown that the development in my relationship with Admiral Adama has not been accepted as well as we had hoped within the fleet… I would like to assure everyone that it was never our intention to hide our relationship in the conspiratorial way that it seems to have been perceived. I'm sure many of you can understand that we simply wanted some time away from public scrutiny to adjust to the change ourselves… The fleet has always been our priority… And, as such, I have listened to the concerns expressed regarding conflict of interest, and lack of trust in our leadership…"

Mutterings and whisperings within the press corps indicated that they were sensing what was coming next.

"… And, in order to make you all feel more at ease, I will go immediately after this conference to the Quorum, and I will hand them my resignation…"

The murmurs grew louder, and gave Laura a chance to still her shaking hands and take another breath for confidence. To her side, Tory gestured for the reporters to settle down, and Laura offered them a weak smile. "I'm almost finished," she told them. "… Vice President Zarek will assume the office of the President until an election can be held. We are both aware that this government has not had an elected leader since New Caprica, and Vice President Zarek and I agree that holding an election as soon as possible would be in the best interest of the fleet…" She paused then, mentally preparing herself for the onslaught that would follow her next words. "Any questions?"