Cold Coffee

by Lywinis

Mia never minded cold coffee…until now. Something about the sludgy liquid made her stomach roil with anger and frustration. Maybe it was because the cup was sitting on the table next to the man who would call it a sin to let coffee go to waste like that. It might also be because she couldn't bring herself to look at him in the hospital bed, his eyes closed and his breathing so shallow it was like an infant's. Sometimes you had to put a hand over his mouth, feel the breath that stirred there like the fluttering of dead leaves, to even tell he was alive.

She took the coffee to the sink and dumped it out. It gurgled down the drain, and her stomach lurched in sympathy. She placed a fresh pot on, making sure it was one of the special blends he liked so much. Her hope held firm that it would be the coffee that woke him, if not the sound of her voice. She had taken to sitting in silent vigil more and more lately, her voice dwindling over the course of the four years she had been coming here to see him. The visits were always regular, always on time, but now, more than ever, they were mostly silent.

Her voice broke the silence, and made her jump. "He's good, for a rookie. You'd like him. He reminds me of you. His style, I mean. He's never one to sweat the details, he just goes marching ahead, and he finds the truth, no matter the cost. He's…" Her voice trailed off, lingering in the stillness.

He was what? Her successor, her friend? She worked around the thought in her head, and she couldn't bear to say it in front of him. Did she think of the young rookie as more? She didn't know right now, not with this man's face and form lying on the hospital bed in front of her. She ran her hand through his hair gently, the fingers lingering on his face as she kissed the too-cool brow.

"I'll be back tomorrow. I have to go and meet my sister for food. Before that, I have some paperwork. When you wake up, I'll have to thank you for the leads you gave me. I think I finally have him."

The hospital door shut quietly, and Kaminogi slept on.

Author's Note: Drabble written as an entry for the gyakuten100 community on LiveJournal.(The theme was "waiting".) I admit I ship Mia/Kaminogi like whoa. It is one of my favorite pairings, and so you get my drabbly bits. I think this was just what I needed to clear my head for Lean on Me. That chapter is coming along nicely, but I just don't have the gumption to finish it up at the moment. So this will have to do for now. Also, it kinda celebrates the fact that Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations, aka Gyakuten Saiban 3 is being localized.