A story I just made up one day. If you see some similarities in this and a fic you wrote/read, I apologise. I know the names and last names I use are old and over re-used, maybe, but it's as good as I can find in less than 5 minutes. Note: Chuo is the name of the high school Rumiko Takahashi-dono went to.

I own what you know as mine.

"Aneue," Kohaku called softly as he tapped at his sister's door. "Wake up! You're going to be late for school!"

Sango came out of her room, looking somewhat sleepy, but already dressed in her uniform.

"Got breakfast?" the teen-aged girl asked her brother. He nodded as she sat down at the small table. "Dad still out?" Again, Kohaku nodded.

Sango and Kohaku Taijiya weren't orphans, but since they're mother had been killed in an accident six years ago, their father, Takemaru, had become a drunkard and treated them so badly, the kids sometimes wished they were orphans.

Since their mother, Hisui, had died, they no longer lived in a beautiful dojo on the outskirts of Tokyo, but in a small, old, dusty apartment near the centre of the capital, surrounded by giant skyscrapers and smoke that blocked out all but the sun. Thankfully for both Sango and Kohaku, they were close enough to their friends that they could still go to the same schools. Sango went to Chuo High and Kohaku was in his final year at Goshinboku Elementary.

Sango sighed and ate the food Kohaku set out for them. When they were done, they both did what little dishes there were.

"Let's go before that bastard gets back," Sango said as she strapped her backpack onto her shoulder.

"Yes," Kohaku agreed.

After that, they both had a fairly normal day. Sango went to her High School and learned nothing. In fact, all Sango really enjoyed was PE, being raised in a dojo, and English because she could make plans with her best friend Kagome Higurashi for a party later that night.

Kohaku also enjoyed PE and English as well as Math.

After school, Sango rushed over to her brother's school, which was really just across the street, to tell him that they wouldn't need to go home and face Takemaru immediately.

"That's great Aneue!" the younger Taijiya exclaimed. "Have you called Father?"

"No," Sango admitted. "I was going to… Thanks Kagome!" she said as her friend offered her a cell phone.

Sango quickly dialed her number and waited awhile before the answering machine came on. She waited for the beep and said, "Hey dad, me and Kohaku will be late getting back. We're at Kagome's. See you."

"Why do you have to ask his permission for everything?" Inuyasha Takahashi, Kagome's boyfriend, asked Sango, appearing suddenly.

"Now, now, Inuyasha. Not all parents are as kind as yours!" Inuyasha's best friend, Miroku Kazaana, said, appearing just as suddenly.

Inuyasha's parents, well, father, Touga Takahashi was a historian and the author of quite a few volumes of History. His mother, Izayoi, was more of a stay-at-home kind of mom. They both let him and his older brother Sesshoumaru do almost anything they wanted.

After about two minutes of random silence, they headed towards Kagome's house.

Quite a few hours later, Miroku and Inuyasha drove Sango and Kohaku to their house. Both found it quite hard to walk straight because they were so happy and hyper. It was a different story inside the apartment.

Upon entering, both Sango and Kohaku screamed.

There was their father, hanging by the neck from a noose hanging from the roof.

"A-Aneue…." Kohaku whispered. He wasn't sad that his father had died, but rather terrified that someone had broken in and killed someone in an occupied apartment building.

"Kohaku, go call the police. Now," his sister ordered calmly.

"I'm afraid you won't be able to do that," a new voice stated from behind them.

A man, or at least that's what Kohaku thought from the voice, stood at the door. He wore a white/cream fur around himself and a blue, monkey skull-like mask.

"Kohaku is mine," the stranger stated.

"Never!" Sango cried. The stranger leaped. Sango did the same, but failed to see the attacker's true purpose in the leap.

The man dodged the teen's attack and headed towards Kohaku. The 11-year-old did the only thing he could do while being backed up towards the wall. He seized a candlestick holder and threw it at his assailant's eye. It didn't help. The man dodged easily.

In the time it took for Sango to wheel around and face her opponent, he was already at the window, an unconscious Kohaku in his arms.

"I will see you later. And perhaps you'll see your brother again." He disappeared into the darkness.

As she watched her brother's kidnapper depart, she screamed, "KOHAKU!!!!!!!!!!"

"What happened…?" Standing in the doorway was Kagome and her cousin Kikyou.

Sango said nothing, but ran into her best friend's arms, crying.

"Kikyou, call the police," Kagome told her cousin. Kikyou nodded and took out a cell phone.

After a few seconds, Kikyou turned back to the other two girls. "They'll be here in a few minutes," she said. What happened after was merely a blur to Sango.

A few minutes later, the police arrived asking for the description of what happened. Sango told them as best as she could. All she could remember of what the police had said was that the man who had killed Takemaru and kidnapped Kohaku was called Spider Ogre, a well-known criminal.

"Sango," Kagome said after the police had left. "It's not safe for you here. Let's go to my house." Sango nodded in response. "Come…" She helped Sango to the car.

Once at the Higurashi's, Kagome lead Sango to her room. Sango fell down onto the bed. Out of the utter sadness she felt, and the fact that her eyes were dry of tears, Sango fell asleep the moment her head touched the pillow.

This might turn into a bit of a detective story… The only bashing there will be is gonna be against the bad guys. Mainly Naraku.

I hope this is good…. Give me your opinions!