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The first thing Sango saw when she slowly creaked her eyes open was a white ceiling. The first thing she felt was a warm bed sheet over her that smelled lightly of laundry detergent. She panicked for a moment, not knowing where she was, before the previous day's events came back to her.

"Ah, you're awake," came Kagome's voice from somewhere to her right.

Sango sat up, pushed back the covers of the bed, and blearily looked around. "Ka… Kagome?"

"Can you eat?" asked Kagome, who had appeared at Sango's side. "You've slept passed breakfast."

"I think so…."

"Here," came Kikyou's calm voice as she entered the room carrying a tray with a bowl of miso soup. "You should eat this, if nothing else." She passed the tray to the girl in the bed.

Sango sipped the hot liquid quickly, burning the inside of her mouth.

"Thanks," Sango gasped, feeling her insides burn. Kagome motioned to the glass of orange juice on the tray. The now awake brunette gulped half of it down at once, trying to cool her mouth and throat.

As Sango finished eating, the doorbell rang. Kikyou, who was apparently staying at her cousin's home, got up to get it.

A moment later, she returned, Inuyasha and Miroku behind her.

"Sango?" Miroku asked tentatively upon entering the room. "We have news for you."

"What is it?" Sango asked, the fear imminent in both her eyes and her shaky voice.

Miroku took out a pack of papers from his school bag.

"These are all reports on the Spider Ogre," he said grimly as he took a seat on one of the extra chairs Kikyou had brought up. "Apparently, Spider Ogre is fairly well known, for a criminal who lives and works in the shadows. He has his fingers in almost all the types of crimes you can imagine, but he himself rarely goes out. He usually sends some type of minion, of which he has many, or something called a golem, which is a type of puppet made of dirt and one of his hairs. He seems to be more of a thief than anything else. Remember that theft awhile back at that Shinto shrine? The one where the famous Shinto artefact, the 'Shikon no Tama', was stolen?"

Sango nodded.

"He was behind that one. It was actually one of the rare times he himself went out. What kidnapped your brother was probably a golem."

Sango nodded in understanding. "But how can he make these golems?" she asked Miroku.

Miroku looked pensive for a moment.

"It's because of the Shikon no Tama's power," came Kikyou's voice from the doorway. In her hand she held a mug of gently steaming liquid. She walked over to the bed and handed Sango the mug.

Sango sniffed it and gingerly took a sip.

"It's just hot chocolate," Kikyou reassured. At the questioning glances she received, she added, "Chocolate is good for calming people down, especially after a great fright."

"Chocolate? You've got to be kidding," commented Inuyasha.

Kikyou glared at him. "It tastes better than any medicine you ever made."

"Hey, that cold medicine might taste bad, but it works better than anything you can buy in a drug store!" the silver-haired teen defended.

"Inuyasha, you added half raw liver," the older female reminded him.

Inuyasha glared at the ceiling. "I would have used dried stuff if I'd had any!"

Kagome rolled her eyes at the two bickering friends.

"Kikyou, how much do you know about the Shikon no Tama?" she asked.

"I know the owner of the shrine where the Shikon Jewel was kept, Kaede. She was a class mate of my mother's in high school," came the pale skinned girl's reply.

"Miroku," Kagome began. "Do you have any idea why the Spider Ogre kidnapped Kohaku?"

The violet-eyed young man shook his head. "I have no…" he trailed off. Then, cautiously, he turned to look Sango in the eye and asked, "Sango, what weapons and martial art styles has Kohaku trained in?"

Wondering what it had to do with anything, she answered him.

"Aikido, Judo, Kendo, and a weapon that's like a chain-sickle. Why?"

Miroku put a hand to his mouth in a pensive gesture and appeared to think for a moment before answering.

"Because I think I know why Kohaku was taken…" he said, still thinking.

"And why is that?" Inuyasha demanded.

"Hm…. I have to go check with the police chief in charge of the Spider Ogre case, but maybe…" Miroku turned to Kagome. "Can I borrow your phone?"

"Go ahead. Do you know where it is?" the dark haired girl asked.

"I'll show him," growled Inuyasha as he grabbed Miroku's arm and dragged him down the stairs to the first floor.

Once the men had left the room, Kagome looked at the papers Miroku had left on her desk.

Scanning through them, Kagome's eyes caught the direction of the Spider Ogre's last reported hideout.

Kagome looked up from the papers to her cousin.

"Kikyou, don't you have friends in that one gang?"

Kikyou looked confused before realizing what the other girl was talking about.

"The Shichinintai? Yes, I do believe I have connections there…"

Sango looked up from her food to stare in disbelief at Kikyou. Why would Kikyou of all people have connections to a gang of all things?

Noting Sango's gaze, the straight haired young woman told her that one of the Shichinintai's men had been wounded in combat with another gang and he had been taking to the clinic where she worked. She had made friends with the wounded man and the leader, and thus the other five in the gang.

Almost immediately after Kikyou had finished talking, the door opened and a troubled Miroku and Inuyasha walked in.

"Did you find out why Kohaku was kidnapped?" Kagome asked immediately.

Miroku nodded solemnly.

"Why?" Sango asked, a note of panic in her voice.

"I hope you're ready for it," Miroku said, honestly concerned. "The police chief said that the Spider Ogre has done it before and will probably do it again. Kohaku was kidnapped to be brainwashed and to be used as an assassin."

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