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Galinda glared at the pouring rain out the window. The rain would not only ruin her hair should she attempt to venture out in it, but it would burn Elphie in a manner most grievous. Ah, well, her early-morning shopping plans were destroyed. She groggily imagined the plans floating out the window and circling the chimneystacks before becoming lodged in the branches of a low tree. She glanced at her green-skinned girlfriend who was still sleeping soundly. For a moment, she seriously considered dropping her entire nail polish collection on the linoleum floor of their bathroom. Last time it happened, it not only woke up Elphaba, but their suite mates and most of the Crage Hall dormitories as well. She decided against this, for last time she had been glared at for a full week. She grabbed a book from Elphie's side of the room and tried to get into it. The lack of pictures and the abundance of words soon bored her and she decided that her half of the room could use some tidying up. The mess drove Elphaba, whose side was so immaculate that the carpet almost glittered, up the wall.

Unfortunately, Galinda just had no aptitude at housekeeping, so she merely rearranged things a bit. She removed her dirty nightgown from the floor and threw it on her desk. She crumpled some old school papers and laid them on her bed. After she had knocked over her pencil holder and kicked around her schoolbooks, she felt satisfied with her work.

She sighed.

Elphaba remained asleep.

She sighed louder and with more enthusiasm.

Elphaba gave a small snore.

Galinda sighed as loudly as she knew how and flopped onto her bed for dramatic effect.

Elphie, damn her, only mumbled and turned over before resuming her sleep.

"Elphie!" Galinda cried, only to be slept at.

"Elphie, help! He's got a knife!" Galinda yelled fearfully.

Elphaba bolted from bed and rushed to her side. "Where is he? Are you hurt?" she asked frantically.

"No, he's gone now," Galinda said with a yawn, "Elphie, I'm bored."

"And I'm going back to sleep."

"No, please don't! The stupid rain has ruined everything. Do something with me!"

"Like what?" Elphaba asked, eyeing Galinda's comely figure.

"We can play a game!" Galinda squealed.

"Such as...?"

"Ooh, ooh, I know!" Galinda said, jumping up and down, "I spy with my little eye..."

Elphaba pushed a pair of Galinda's lacy pink underwear from where it had infringed on her clean half of the room and went back to sit on her bed impatiently. She hated this game.

"...something green!" she finished.

Elphaba examined one of the emerald toes poking from under her nightgown. "Me?" she hazarded.

Galinda looked crestfallen that she had guessed it so easily. "Your turn," she said.

Elphaba blinked at her. "We need a new game."

"Let's make one up," Galinda suggested.

"How about we see who can fall asleep first?"

Galinda glowered at her, "Don't you love me enough to stay awake for me?"

"Fine. We can play the quiet game," Elphaba said.

"No, that's stupid. Let's see who can jump on the bed longest."

"I don't jump," Elphaba said, "Hey! We can play Exotic Bedroom Romp!"

"How do you play?"

"We take off our clothes and jump on each other."

"I thought you didn't jump," Galinda pointed out.

"I'll make an exception," Elphaba promised.

"Why don't we just have sex and call it that?"

Elphaba rolled her eyes, but an intense hour later, when Galinda's pale pink, naked, and dozing form was snuggled in deep beside her green one, she couldn't help but wish that the rain would last forever.