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Title: Notes
Part 1: Monday
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: Neji/Tenten; minor Naruto/Hinata
Rating: PG(-13)
Word Count: 1,110
Summary: AU. Tenten finds herself developing a strange relationship with the new guy in Homeroom.
Warnings/Spoilers: None, really. Maybe OOC, but it's not OOC as much as it's just AU, if you get what I mean. The teeniest bit of cursing. POV skips like nobody's business.
Notes: I generally, as a tacit agreement between my muse and I, don't write AU fics. Don't much like to read them either. So, it of course makes PERFECT sense that I'd go and write one. (eye-roll) For the purpose of the fic, let's pretend that Team Gai is the same age as the Rookie Nine.
Thanks to: Pikachumaniac-chuu and Ego-chan-babe, for being such lovelies and supplying me with much needed info. (loves on) I didn't use all of it, but it was very helpful, and very sporting of you guys. And last (but let there be no mention of the word least), thanks so much to Goldberry and Wingsover for the betas. You've all read their fics; you know what a lucky gal I was to have them both offer their services. GeeBee, Wingsy, y'all were a tremendous help. Take a bow, ladies. Audience, cue your roaring applause.
Disclaimer: Unless I fly to Japan, seduce Kishimoto-sama, get him to marry me, and then off him, I doubt Naruto will ever be mine.

Notes on School System: This school system used in this fic probably won't be anything like what you're used to. I mean, it's not radically different or anything, but it might make you go, 'Eh?' more than a couple times. I basically made a hybrid of my own school experiences, and what I know of the Japanese and American systems. If you have questions, feel free to ask! But really, remember, the school is just the backdrop. The story itself is all about the NejiTen. :3


He walked into the classroom just in time to see the tall, silver-haired man at the blackboard whirl around and fling a piece of chalk at a guy sleeping in the third row. The boy awoke with a start, but took his time in sitting up, rubbing at his eyes lazily.

"Wake up," the teacher said genially, swiping another stick of chalk off of his desk. "Next time, I might not be able to find a piece of chalk, and I just might throw whatever my hand happens to land on first… like this hard wooden eraser, or a nice, pointy pen."

The boy rubbed the palm of his hand over his head, glared at his sensei as if the man was a fly sent to personally harass him, and grunted something like an agreement.

"And Chouji," he continued, mismatched eyes homing in on the stocky brunet next to the sleeper, "if you're going to try to eat during class, I wouldn't recommend barbeque chips. Even if I didn't hear the pack crinkle open, I certainly couldn't have missed that pungent smell."

Chouji pouted, and groaned. As the teacher held out a hand expectantly, he glanced towards the door, finally acknowledging Neji's presence.

"Come on in," he said as Chouji planted the bag of chips in his hand and stalked back to his seat grumpily, waving his other hand in a negligent gesture. "You could only be our new student, I'm guessing?"

Since it wasn't really a question, Neji didn't bother to answer, and only watched boredly as the teacher rifled through a couple of papers on the desk.

"Ah… Hyuuga Neji." The sharp, narrow eyes trained on him, and Neji tried to dismiss the slightly unsettling feeling they gave him. "Welcome to the class. I'm Hatake Kakashi. Pay attention, obey my rules, and try not to be a nuisance, and we'll get along just fine." He paused to peer inside the orange and yellow packet in his hand. After some contemplation, he extracted a potato chip, and began munching. "Oh, and remember to play nice with the other kiddies," he said as an afterthought, twisting his mouth to the side.

The Hyuuga blinked.

"Tenten." The red and black gaze of Neji's new sensei had skipped across the classroom to a slim brunette in the far corner. Silver-grey eyes followed. The girl was leaning back in her chair languidly, legs crossed, fiddling idly with a push-point pencil.

"Yeah, Kakashi-sensei?"

"Show him around, would you? The school compounds, the staffroom, his classrooms and stuff."

The white-eyed boy cocked an eyebrow shortly at the teacher; he wasn't five, he didn't need a chaperone. He glanced at the girl, noted the slight furrowing of her brow, the tiny frown that marred the straight line of her lips. Clear honey eyes assessed him briefly; he returned it with a cool stare.

"Okay," she finally said, shrugging, sounding disinterested. The pencil did a spin and a flip, pivoting into the air, and she caught it with her middle and index fingers on the descent.

Kakashi nodded brusquely, lips settling into a satisfied line. He looked at Neji, and jerked his head in Tenten's direction.

"Take the seat in front of her. She can give you the timetable and other particulars later. Meanwhile…" He turned back to the board, picking up from where he had left with his note on the Meiji Era. "…Try to catch up."

With the teacher's back turned and only the faint sound of the chalk scratching the board colouring the stark white silence, Neji now registered the dozens of eyes that gauged him openly, curious and blatant. Ignoring them all, he walked silently to his seat in front of the girl. His eyes flicked over her once more, but she wasn't paying him any attention at all. Her eyes seemed to be fixated on the open textbook in front of her. Neji noted how her eyes didn't scan the page as was the norm when one was reading, but instead remained trained on one spot. He smirked, and sat down.

What Kakashi was writing on the board held his attention for all of ten seconds; he had gone through it in his old school. Bored, he folded his arms across his chest and swept his eyes disinterestedly across the class. The Chouji boy had another bag of chips lying in his lap and seemed to be contemplating his odds of being caught again. The pony-tailed brunet adjacent to him had his chin propped in his palm, and was already nodding off again. On the other side of the room, a blond kid was dipping the pale flaxen locks of the girl in front of him into his ink bottle, and sniggering rather conspicuously. Across from him, a girl with – Neji blinked rapidly – pink hair was hissing at him to cut it out. A dark haired boy stared at them both blankly, features seeming to mirror what the Hyuuga was -

Neji gave a tiny start, his train of thought suddenly interrupted by a poke to his shoulder. He turned, and saw a slip of paper in the top corner of the girl's desk, just grazing his shirt. Tenten was pretending to read again. White eyes stared at the paper for seconds on end before a hand slipped up and palmed it.

He opened it in his lap. As he unfolded it, another scrap of paper fell out. He studied the first sheet of paper. It looked to be the timetable. He perused it briefly before opening the other. It was a little note, scrawled in a lazy, casual hand.

That's your timetable. Meet me by the flags after school, and I'll show you around. Don't be late. I have track at four o'clock.

A chocolate brow arced and Neji snorted softly. He ripped a piece of paper from the corner of his notebook, and quickly penned something back in his neat script.

I don't need a chaperone.

The corner of Tenten's lips curved up slightly when she read it. Making a quiet humphing noise, she crumpled up the paper in her hand, pitched it to the floor and went back to her book.

At the front of the class, Kakashi again spun around, this time to throw his pen at the mischievous blond, right between the eyes. The kid squawked, and dropped the ink bottle, while Kakashi pointed to the door expectantly.

"Go on. Principal Tsunade hasn't seen you since you and Sasuke almost destroyed the Biology Lab with your fight; I'm sure she misses you. Ino, go to the bathroom. Yes, you do want to go to the bathroom."

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