Veronica and Lilly sat in front of her closet staring at her clothes. Lilly was in dressed in jeans and a halter top. Veronica was in a robe with her hair and make-up done. "Remind we why we had to get ready here instead of your house? None of my clothes work for where we are going." Lilly gave Veronica side long glance - that told Veronica that she knew why they were at the Mar's home instead of the Kane's - Celeste.

After a more time spent staring at the clothes hanging in front of them Lilly finally spoke. "You have an awful lot of pink in here."

Veronica huffed. "I like pink."

Lilly laughed at the expression on Veronica's face. Her bottom lip stuck out and her arms were crossed in front of her like a two year old. "Veronica Mars we will find something for you to wear tonight - even if we don't have my expansive wardrobe to chose." Lilly rose from the ground and started going through the clothes hanging there. "I do have to say that tomorrow we are going shopping because there is no variety in here. You need to be able to express your every mood and need something to let the inner you shine through. Because Veronica even though you are pink you are also so much more than that."

Veronica laid back onto the floor with a groan and let Lilly paw through her clothes. This was a lecture she was familiar with and tired of. She was ready to give in and go shopping. Letting Lilly have more control in her choices. Plus Veronica had to admit she played it safe, she liked pink and knew it looked good on her so why wouldn't she buy it? "Alright sen sei tomorrow we do it your way. I am sick of nights like this and your tops never fit me right anyway. But for tonight all we have is what is in this room so oh wise one please attire me in way that I will actually look close to the 21 my new fake ID says that I am."

Veronica remained on the ground as Lilly squealed "Yes!" and began to hold things up and discard them. Finally she began throw things at Veronica's head. "Here I found something. This top with these pants and here are some heels that I have never seen you wear and I wasn't with you when you bought them. How did you get something this hot without my help?" Veronica peered through the clothes that now lay on her face. Lilly stood in front of her closet arms akimbo on her hips.

"I have taste Lilly - sometimes I just prefer the easy comfortable option. And I can shop with other people."

"Alright whatever, it just goes to prove that we are going to get you some fabulous stuff tomorrow - now get dressed we have clubs to get into illegally!"

"Lil why don't you say it a little louder so my dad can hear I'm sure he would love to hear how we got these fake ID's," Veronica started dressing as she talked, "Yeah Dad Lilly and I snuck into the station with your keys and took ID pictures and then had them mailed here. Well it did seem chancy dad but even though you are sheriff you aren't nearly as nosy as Celeste. That should go over well."

"Your Dad isn't even here so shut up and come take a look at us." Veronica and Lilly stood in front of Veronica's floor length mirror. Both with long blond hair hanging loose around their shoulders. Lilly was in tight fitting jeans, black heels and a halter top that dipped low in the front. Veronica was also in tight jeans and heels and then a white tank that dipped low in the back and the front. "We look hot. Let's have your Mom take some pictures of us before we head out."

The two raced down stairs. Veronica with an overnight bag. "Mom! Mom!" Veronica called as they headed down the stairs. Lianne came out of the kitchen with a coffee mug.

"Yes Veronica?" She drew out the yes like a servant would for an overly demanding patron.

"Could you take some pictures of Lilly and I before we leave?" Veronica handed over a disposable camera. "I already held down the button for the flash so it should be ready." Her Mom looked at the camera to check before she lifted it up to her eye.

"Alright girls one two three." Click, flash. The two changed positions and poses. Lianne aware of the process took several more shots. "Alright here you go. Veronica where is the camera your dad I got you for your birthday it is way nicer than this?"

"Mom I didn't want to something to happen to it." Veronica shoved the camera into her back pocket and she made her way to the door behind Lilly. "Bye Mom I'll see you Sunday!"

The girls headed out to Lilly's Mercedes SUV. "So Lil tell me again why you were grounded from your car and convinced Celeste to give it to you anyway?" Veronica tossed her duffle bag into the back with Lilly's.

"Well I didn't talk to Celeste I talked to my Dad and convinced him that you needed a birthday weekend and blah blah. I think he gave in because he was tired of listening to me. But hey whatever works." Lilly climbed into the front seat. " And I have a confession that will not shock you at all - this isn't really a birthday thing at all it is a get over Donut thing and get back to being the Veronica Mars I know and love."

"I know, I know I need to stop but seriously why did he break up with me? I know you won't tell me and Logan doesn't know and Duncan acts as if I am not even alive anymore. So I am over it. I mean who does that? What could I have done that was so horrible? And now I am past the mourning phase and the why me and am onto the pissed off phase. Who breaks up and doesn't tell someone why or the fact that they are broken up - that is just so wrong." Veronica took a stabilizing breath and Lilly looked over at her with an eye brow raised. Veronica had been consistently mopey about Duncan and this was the first take charge thing she had heard from Veronica.

"Good. Then I won't have to give up the cutest guys for you out of pity you will have to fight me for them." Lilly slid a CD into the CD player. She adopted a radio announcer voice, "And ladies it is now time for a way back play back it will take you back to the days when you were young, too young to know this was crap." Spice Girls came through the speakers and Veronica laughed as they both began to sing along.

By they time they reached LA it was ten thirty, still a little early for the clubs to be packed but early enough to get started. Lilly pulled up in front of a club where a line was just beginning to form. Lilly as a billionaire's daughter had pull to get them in without the line, the ID's weren't really necessary for situations like this but more for Neptune. Plus it was fun that they were 'real' even though they weren't really 21. Lilly and Veronica climbed out. "Take care of my baby I don't want a scratch on her." Lilly smiled as she handed him her keys.

Lilly laughed as she grabber her arm, " Come on Veronica Mars! We've got hearts to break and a dance floor to hit!" Lilly pulled her towards the door as the bouncers let them through, without cover, of course.

Once in the club Lilly pulled Veronica straight to the bar. "Alright Miss Mars since this is the get over Duncan weekend you get to pick what we are drinking first." Lilly grinned and then made a show of crossing her fingers, squeezing her eyes closed and chanting "Please say shots, please say shots, please say shots..."

Veronica leaned over the bar and got the bartenders attention and made the motion for two lemon drop shots. Lilly opened her eyes when they were placed in front of them. "Yes it is like someone read my mind!!!" They took the shots, Lilly waiting for Veronica to finish hers. "Veronica you know you swallow it you don't sip shots."

"That was a really big shot."

By midnight they were both drunk and giggley with it. Veronica was hanging onto Lilly as she laughed at some guy trying to dance. The club was packed by now and there was hardly room to dance on the dance floor but this guys movements made people stand back he was all over the place. "Veronica," Lilly sung her name. Veronica straightened herself out and looked at Lilly whenever she said Veronica like that Veronica ended up doing something that wasn't what she would ever do without Lilly to push her. "I think you should go get his number and you have to tell him he's a really good dancer."

Veronica looked at Lilly as far as dares went this was pretty bland where Lilly was concerned. Veronica shrugged and headed over to the dancing man. Half way there she glanced over her shoulder and grinned at Lilly. Lilly gave her a thumbs up and then motioned to the bar.

Veronica met Lilly back up at the bar and downed the shot her friend had waiting for her. "Umm...Lil I may have done something..."

"What? What did you do?" Lilly leaned with her back against the bar scanning the room as she idly questioned Veronica.

"Well I may have let it slip that it was not me that thought he was a good dancer. I may have asked if he thought you were cute and that you thought he was a fantastic dancer and you wanted him to teach you some moves. And I may have put extra emphases on the moves." Veronica picked up her drink and mirrored Lilly's stance at the bar. "And here he comes." Veronica grinned knowing this was going to be good.

Lilly grinned at Veronica and then turned to the guy approaching them. "Hey so I guess my friend told you. That we have been looking for someone to complete our threesome," Veronica had just taken a drink and preceded to choke on it as she sputtered, Lilly continued. "See our boyfriends just didn't get what we wanted so we dumped them and came here looking for someone with the right moves." Veronica was fully choking now.

"Uh I have to go to the bathroom come with."

"We'll be back wait right here for us." He hadn't said a word he just nodded stared at them bug eyed as they made there way to the bathroom. Shaking his head wondering if what had just happened actually happened.

In the bathroom Lilly was laughing so hard she was bent over. Veronica was getting loud. "Lilly!! I can't believe you told him that! We will never get rid of him now! Oh my god I can't believe that you did that. He is probably outside the door right now!" Veronica paced in front of the sinks. Lilly managed to wipe the tears from her eyes and moved onto touching up her lipgloss in the mirror.

"Man your face when I said threesome, classic." Veronica has stopped pacing and was now staring at Lilly in the mirror. "Oh don't worry I was done with this place. We'll just tell him to meet us at our hotel and give him the wrong place. I mean unless you want to..." Lilly smirked at Veronica in the mirror, who was now leaning against the counter checking her make-up. Veronica rolled her eyes at Lilly. "Right, kidding. And defiantly not with him, what if we were going to." Lilly laughed as Veronica rolled her eyes again and followed her friend out of the bathroom.

They made there way to the door, but before they could get there they were intercepted by their new friend. "Hey, so where are we going and who is driving?" He had thrown his arms around their shoulders and walked with them to the door.

Lilly looked at Veronica and winked at her. Veronica sighed and rolled her eyes for a third time. Lilly got them into this mess and now she was leaving Veronica to act as point to get them out. The usual way things ran for them, Lilly gets them into trouble and Veronica gets them out. "Well, I can't leave our car here and you'll want yours later because I am not much of a morning person and neither is Violet over there. But we are staying at the Sunset Regent Room 1216." We will see you there." The threesome had reached the door and Veronica and Lilly were in the process of looking for their valet ticket. The guy had not parked valet he was looking for his keys.

"I am so there. Violet," He turned to Lilly and took her hand and kissed the top of it. Lilly rolled her eyes at Veronica over his head. He turned to Veronica, "Betty." He did the same to her hand. Then he head off down the street, glancing over his shoulder to make sure what he was seeing was real.

Veronica and Lilly held it together until he walked around the corner. Then they burst into laughter. "Well, if I was even considering doing that with him the hand kiss made sure I never would. Like I would waste us on someone like him, lame!"

They were still laughing when Lilly pulled up to their actual hotel, the Sunset Marquis. They headed up to the room Lilly had put on her dad's credit card and had their bags taken up. When Veronica protested that they could carry them their selves Lilly replied that the bell boys were dying to take them up to their room. "I mean how many hotties like us do they get to wait on? None, because we are the hottest there is." Veronica laughed, and shook her head. This was Lilly at her best. A little tipsy and ready for the slumber party portion of the night.

The next morning they woke up late. Lilly woke before Veronica and in true slumber party tradition yanked a feather from one of the pillows and tickled Veronica with it. Veronica grumbled and swatted at Lilly's hand. Lilly tried to hold her laughter in but she finally let it go when Veronica hit herself in the nose. "Morning Sunshine! We have shopping to do!"

Veronica flopped over and pulled the comforter over her head. "Go away. I'm not getting up before noon today."

"Uh Ver-on-i-ca," Lilly drew out her name so she could be as annoying as possible. "It is one thirty on the afternoon. We need to hit the stores and then hit the clubs again tonight." Veronica rolled over. Pulling the covers over her head as she went.

"Damn I was hoping for more time. You can shower first." Then tired to go back to sleep Lilly was notorious for taking forever in the shower and Veronica knew she would have another forty-five minutes. As soon as she had gotten comfortable again Lilly pounced landing on top of Veronica.

"Sorry to disappoint sleepy head, I already showered and got ready so now I am waiting for you!" Lilly bounced one more time on Veronica for good measure. "Remember today is the day we create the new you so get up and let's get shopping!"