Chapter I

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Sam and Dean split up in the rundown factory, guns firmly in their hands. Dean carried his pistol and Sam carried the shot gun loaded with rock salt. They were on their typical hunt: some angry spirit looking for revenge. Supposedly, the body was still in the factory where the man had died. The factory was definitely creepy at night. Nothing the boys couldn't handle.

Sam slowly rounded the corner to a large room, with a large rusted machine. It looked like it was used to cut something back in the industrial revolution. He pointed the gun in every direction, making sure nothing would attack him. He should have looked behind him.

A shadow crept up behind him. It raised it's arms and gently put them on his shoulders.

"Boo." It whispered.

Sam spun around almost shooting his sister. Andrea grinned at him. Her hazel eyes were full of life. Long, raven black hair fell in beautiful waves to her lower back.

"Andy, what are you doing?" Sam asked. "I could have shot you."

The shot gun was still pointed at her.

She pushed it out of the way. "But you didn't. And it's only rock salt. Wouldn't kill me… it'd just hurt a lot."

He rolled his eyes, focusing his flashlight back to the room. The room was freezing and smelt like smoke. Sam was glad he had his jacket. Papers crunched under their feet as they walked towards the machine. Oil and blood stains littered the floor.

"You guys haven't found the body yet?" Andrea asked.

Sam shook his head. He flashed the light at the cutter. Something inside the wide barrel and the blades caught his eye. He gave the gun to Andrea. Carefully he stuck his arm through the machine, barely missing some of the blades. Sam's hands met something hard and cold.

"What is it?" Andrea tried to see.

Just as carefully, he pulled out his hand. At the end was a severed arm.

"An arm." Sam sighed, dropping it to the floor. "What's in it's hand?"

It was hard to pry open a dead man's hand. Rigor had already set in and after that… well it was like someone super glued the hand shut. In the hand was a silver chain with a matching silver locket at the end. Sam opened the locket. A picture of a man and woman was in it, I'll always love you, Lisa. Love, Kyle etched into the other side.

"Some kid probably dropped it in there, not thinking the machine could work anymore." Sam thought. "Machine turned on, cutting off his arm."

"This world is full of idiots. Kids don't believe in ghosts."

It was then that a strong whiff of rotting, decaying flesh filled the air. Andrea groaned and plugged her nose. A cold hand grabbed her neck, throwing her into the far wall. She smacked into a rusty shelving unit. It collapsed with her weight. Sam whipped around just in time to see Andrea fly through the air.

"Andrea!" he screamed.

A young transparent man appeared in front of him. Pissed green eyes stared at him. Sam noticed that Andrea had dropped the gun. It laid a mere few feet away, behind the ghost. He was just about to grab it, when the ghost grabbed him instead. He was picked up by the back of his shirt and thrown onto the machine. The spirit's cold hand pinned Sam down by his neck. Sam struggled but it was no use. The machine sputtered to life, the blades begging for the taste of blood.

"Hey, freak! Let go of my brother!" Andrea screamed, shooting rock salt.

The spirit vanished, the machine turned off. Sam gasped for air, Andrea ran over to help him up. She had a gash on her cheek and temple. In the far corner of the room was another shelving unit. Air rushed out behind it, meaning there was a room behind it. It was effortless to move the unit out of the way, most of the shelves were bare. Sam kicked open the door. The room was like a small study. In front of the door was the rotting body of Michael Star, the owner of the factory who was violently murdered.

Andrea took out some rock salt and gas, pouring it on the pile of bones and flesh. Sam was about to burn it when the ghost returned.

"Go away!" he screamed, coming at them with a knife.

"Where the hell did he get a knife?" Andrea groaned. "I'm a friggin' idiot! I dropped the gun… again!"

The sound of a gun being fired startled the spirit. He turned around, only to vanish with another bullet. Dean stood with the smoking shot gun.

"Hurry up, and torch the sucker!" Dean shouted.

Sam took out his lighter and threw it on the cadaver. Instantly the body was engulfed in flames. Loud shrieking filled the room. Michael was back but didn't last long. His spirit burned just like the body. He crumpled to the floor in ashes.

Dean ran over to his siblings. "You two alright?"

Sam nodded. "We're fine."

"Just peachy." Andrea grunted.