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-Chapter Start-

Chapter 1: Lloyd, Eternal Trouble Seeker

It was just after sunrise. The little house that Lloyd Irving had grown up, still stood in its peaceful little setting, just a short walk from Iselia. Five years had passed since the Journey for Regeneration and quite a few things had changed. For one, the house itself was little bigger, now that Lloyd and Colette were living there with the old dwarf. The two had gotten married and decided that it was the perfect place to relax. Dirk had been all too happy to oblige. Soon after, father and son had soon set to work on rebuilding and adding on; just to make things a little more comfortable. Most of the construction had taken place in the past four months, after Colette dropped a bomb that made Lloyd nearly pass out from hearing. She was expecting and Lloyd was going to be a father.

That was why, this particularly earlier morning, Lloyd was going about the house as quietly as he could looking for his Flamberge and Varpol swords. He had grown to be quite the strong young man and in fact, he was proud to admit, looked much like his biological father, Kratos Aurion. In honor of his father, Lloyd had found an outfit that looked similar to his father's but had a flair of his own style. He still dressed in red, and while this uniform had no cape, it still had the tassels that he wore from the journey before. Altogether, it seemed like he had merged the two outfits together and them added a few modifications to suit his liking. Lloyd's brown hair had grown considerably and now laid in a fashion almost identical to Kratos', however Lloyd was determined to keep the bangs from his face. Currently the swordsman had found his weapons and was in a chair, tying his boots while he thought over his latest predicament.

Truth be told, they were somewhat short on money. With a baby along the way, Lloyd was not foolish enough to believe that they could just make by and he would not burden Frank or Dirk by asking them to support his family. So, in order to provide for his family, the Eternal Swordsman had taken a job in Triet, to rid them of certain monster problem that had taken five lives already and was scaring many others away from the town. So, determined to get this over and done with as quickly as he could, Lloyd stood and strapped his weapons to his side. Yet just as he was about to retrieve his travel pack, he unluckily tripped over a wooden figurine that crashed into the table causing a horrific racket. As the swordsman laid on the ground, he thanked Martel that Colette had gone to Iselia to visit the Sage siblings the day before. He would not have to explain his actions and would hopefully return before she had the chance to miss him. Then there was Dirk.

A sound off to the side, caused the brunette to look over and found himself staring into the suspicious eyes of said dwarf. Then he saw something else. In his father's hands, was his traveling pack. Lloyd could only sigh, "Caught.

"So where ya be goin' this fin morning?" Dirk asked plainly.

"Listen dad. We're gonna have a baby to look after soon as we don't have a lot of money. So I'm going into Triet to take a job to clear up a little monster problem they have. It's good money and from the sound of it, I should be able to handle it. I need you to go into Iselia and stay with Colette until I'm back. Don't let her know where I've gone ok?" Lloyd quickly explained to his father, hoping he would understand.

"Not even a father yet an' already orderin' me 'round," Dirk growled softly shaking his head as he watched his adopted son pick himself off the ground. He smiled somewhat before reluctantly handing over the bag saying, "Fin, but you better be gettin' back soon."

"Thanks dad!" Lloyd said, relieved as he ran past his father.

Dirk watched him go as unease began to swell in his chest soon after hearing his son take off. Then he turned his attention to the figurine that his son had tripped over, which turned out to be of the foe they had worked so hard to defeat before, Yggdrasill. As he turned the wooden figurine over in his hands, he came to a stop on the eyes. There was a flash. They seemed to be alive. Staring at him in disdain. Hating his very existence. Then it was over as soon as it came. Dirk shook his head, "Old dwarf, yer eyes are playin' tricks. You've been on the wretched surface for too long."

After placing the figure on the shelf where it belonged, Dirk went about cleaning the house until he knew for a fact that the people of Iselia would be going about their daily routines. It was then he shuffled toward the town, trying to explain away the sense of dread that had befallen him. He walked in silence and was only drawn from his thoughts when he reached the gates of Iselia. There was a group standing just inside the entrance and upon further inspection he quickly ran through their names in his head. Colette stood in the middle with her usually smile on her face and she was surrounded by Sheena, Zelos, Regal, Presea, Genis, Yuan, and Raine who was holding a small blue haired child in her arms.

It was the child in Raine's arms that was the first to spot Dirk. Her eyes were calm and she inspected the dwarf carefully, obviously trying to figure out what he was doing there. She had her mother's face, but possessed her father's hair and piercing eyes. Firk shivered at the girl and could already see, despite her young age, she would grow to be a formidable opponent, just like both of her parents. Meanwhile, Regal stood a little bit off to the side of the group, no longer wearing the shackles he once had and dressed in clothing befitting the President of the Lorenzo Company. Sheena was dressed in an outfit resembling what she had worn on the Journey of Regeneration but it seemed more refined and almost passable for both Mizuho as well as being the wife of a noble. Zelos…Zelos hadn't changed much. Meanwhile Presea and Genis stood side by side, hand in hand, quite the happy couple. All the while, they were focused on Colette who had no doubt explained to them her current predicament of expecting her children.

"What be all this 'bout? Is a dwarf not to know 'bout anythin' nowadays?" Dirk asked as he came closer to them. This jostled them from their conversation and they all turned to face him as he came to a stop. Dirk's heart plummeted. There was the same dread and unease he felt, reflected back in their eyes. Something was wrong.

"Hi Dirk!" Colette chirped clapping her hands together as she normally would. She smiled at him and continued, "We were just coming up to see you. Is Lloyd back at the house?"

"Yeah we wanted to see 'daddy,'" Genis snickered mischievously. Dirk merely smiled, glad to see that their friendship was still quite intact. Lloyd needed someone like Genis to keep him from getting into too much trouble.

"Well, Lloyd went to go take care of a few things. He should be back in a couple o' days," Dirk answered calmly, wishing he hadn't allowed his son to go in the first place. He had heard about this creature that Lloyd was going to face. It was said to be beyond the skills of any swordsman and unbeatable. So of course, Lloyd had to go fight it. Dirk blamed Kratos in that aspect, his genes were surely what drove his son to act that way.

"Would these things he's going to take care of, include a monster problem that has turned up in Triet?" Raine asked as she eyed the dwarf suspiciously. She shifted her daughter lightly in her arms, receiving and annoyed glanced from the two year-old. The female half-elf looked Dirk dead in the eyes, daring him not to tell her the truth.

"Aye, that he is," Dirk sighed in defeat. Lloyd wasn't going to be happy with him for giving that up so easily.

"That creature is a large black skeleton that we all had fought on our prior journey. It's a dangerous foe called the "Sword Dancer." It was so formidable that it gave us quite a bit of trouble. It would seem that someone has brought it back and whoever did, is a very skilled mage," Regal explained causing the dwarf to feel even worse about the situation.

"What's even more troubling is that no one we know did it…" Genis continued shaking his head worriedly.

"After searching the Renegade database, I've found that there can only be one person who had enough power to do it, aside from our present company," Yuan stated causing everyone in attendance to visibly pale. Dirk looked between them all and had a sense of where it was going. The one person who always seemed to be the cause of all their trouble, "It would seem that its Mith…It's a Yggdrasill. He's returned."

"That means Lloyd-" Sheena began to gasp but Colette vigorously shook her head.

"We don't know that, Sheena! We have to hope-" the blonde was cut off in that instant when those more sensitive to mana sensed a disturbance overhead. Everyone looked to the sky to see a comet like thing covered in a purple aura shooting across the sky and soaring straight toward the Martel Temple where it would seem to crash into the ground. Yuan's eyes grew wide and he stammered out, "Kr-Kr-Kratos?!"

"Let's go check it out!" Sheena called out as she made to lead the group until Zelos' hand shot out and gently wrapped around her arm. In one fluid motion he spun her back toward him and held her close as he brought out his angelic wings saying, "I'd feel better if you stayed behind, my sweet hunny. After all, we can't let our own kid get hurt."

With that he took off and led the charge toward the temple with Yuan close on his heels. In the meantime, Raine placed her own child in Sheena's capable hands and they left the two pregnant women and child safe inside the confines of Iselia. Under Dirk's careful watch no less.

No words were spoken as they all ran. Thoughts whirled through each of their heads, but few were able to fully comprehend them at that point. It wasn't until they reached the top of the temple stairs that their minds seemed to catch up to their bodies. There lying on the ground before them was in fact Kratos. He was unconscious and clearly worn and beaten. Whatever had happened to him prior to him falling from the sky had put him in the perilous balance between life and death. The auburn haired fighter was barely breathing and Yuan could see that the mana was flowing freely out of his body. Thus the half-elf darted forward and began to give him some of his own mana once again to stable his life force.

"De ja vu," Zelos stated seriously as Raine stepped forward to aid in the healing process as well. He looked around at the others who numbly nodded in confirmation. Then he turned to the two half-elves trying to heal him and asked, "Do you think the old man's gonna make it?"

"This is quite similar to him releasing all the mana from his body at Origin's seal, except this time, he is much further along. I can't be sure, but Kratos was never one to die without a fight…except when Lloyd was involved," Yuan answered carefully as he focused on his friend. Raine continued as well and soon they stepped back, having done all they could do. While his clothes were still disheveled the Seraph's wounds were healed and seemed as though he was breathing somewhat easier. The group was at a loss for what to do next.

"Perhaps we should take him into town. He could rest there?" Regal suggested stepping forward while the others wordlessly consented. However, before he could get much closer to the swordsman, Kratos let out a soft groan while his eyes slowly opened. He waited for the world to swim into focus around him before he slowly pushed himself into a sitting position.

"W…what…where?" the mercenary seemed at a genuine loss for words. He then noticed the group standing around him and shook his head, "How did I get here?"

"I don't know my friend, but it's good to have you back," Yuan answered as he moved forward and helped the reluctant swordsman to his feet. Kratos looked around wearily and shook his head trying to clear his thoughts.

"Derris Kharlan was nearing the point when it was out of reach of this world and I was alerted to a new…mana signature manifesting itself in the spot where the Tower of Salvation once stood. When I attempted to investigate it I was…ambushed…and…ugh."

It seemed as though he had not yet fully recovered as he leaned forward and held his head. Raine moved forward and Zelos shook his head as he said, "Don't over exert yourself old man. Bud would kill us if we allowed you to hurt yourself."

"Lloyd…where is he?" Kratos asked, slowly returning to his old self. He managed to step away from Yuan and stand on his own. His sharp eyes focused on the group and said, "I remember that during the ambush I was told that my son would be next on the chopping block. I had to get here and…"

"We saw how that turned out," Yuan stated causing Kratos to fall silent once more. Yet before anything else could be said, they suddenly heard a shout that caused Zelos to lose absolutely all the color in his face. That voice sounded like the exact kunoichi and cheiftan that he had married and was currently carrying his unborn child. The red-head spun on his heel and shot toward the source of the sound.

-Chapter End-

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