Me: Well this it the Ending.

Starscream: I guess this came out okay.

Grim: Yeah It could have came out better but it was okay.

Me Yeah I know. Maybe the Sequal will be better.

Chapter 5 The start of a new life

Within a couple hours Grim and Starscream were able to repair all the houses and other damage on the street of Endsville. Because of Grim's powers and Starscream's immense size they were able to repair the street. After they were finished they went to Billy and Mandy in front of Mandy's house.

"All finished…Mandy." Grim growled.

"Yeah…" Starscream added also growling.

"Well done you two. Now to explain to you Starscream how everything works around here."


Mandy's neck all of a sudden got tired of looking up to Starscream for two reasons: one if anyone is to be looked up to it is going to be her and two because she didn't want to keep yelling just to talk or order him around. She already knew how to solve this problem.

She turned her head to Grim and said "Grim I order you to use your scythe to shirk Starscream to human size."

Starscream looked down to Mandy worried and yelled "WHAT!"

Grim span his scythe and said "Uh…as you wish."

Grim fired a red energy from his scythe from Starscream. The energy covered Starscream and he started to shrink. Grim then stop shrinking Starscream when he stood to be the same size as himself.

"What the?!" Starscream yelled at seeing what Grim done.

Mandy nodded at Grim and then said "Now then since we now have two best friends. We will be having one of you two at each others house."

Billy jumped on Starscream and said "Yeah! I get Screamer!"

Like before a big jolt of electricity went through Starscream making him fall over and was knocked out. Mandy again pulled him away and Starscream reawaked once again. He stood up without saying anything waiting for Mandy to continue.

"Okay than now that Billy will leave you alone now I can tell you the terms. Every week we switch off. Billy will have you for one week and I get Grim for one week. And after that week we switch off." Mandy said to Starscream.

Billy was full of joy to their new best friend forever but he was still full of energy with Mandy noticed.

Mandy then walked away with Billy and said "We'll be back."

Grim took Starscream inside Mandy's house to see it but all they did was go to the couch and sit there. Starscream was tired of waiting so he broke the silence.

"So how did you do it?"

Grim turned to him and said "What?"

"How are you stuck with these two?"

"Well, it's a long story but I'll tell you. You see. A couple of years back I went to get da soul of Billy's hamster. But Billy and Mandy didn't let me unless I'd play dem in a game. In order to confirm da deal I told dem that I would be der best friend forever. Well to make a long story short I lost at a game of limbo and well…dat's it mon."

Starscream gave a short chuckle and said "And I thought my reason being with them forever was pathetic."

"Hey! It's my job. I take souls and take dem to heaven or da Underworld and I am not supposed to take souls too early or too late unless day beat me. And dat's what happened."

Just then the power in the house went out but then came back on. Mandy walked inside to see Starscream and Grim on the couch in which she sat in the middle of the two.

"Where's Billy?" Grim asked taking the remote and turning on the TV.

"I'm using him for free energy right now." Mandy responded.

Grim and Starscream looked out the window to Billy glowing with to electric clamps on his ears in which the clamps came from the house. By doing that Mandy was having free energy.

"Well at least I don't have to worry about being shocked out of commission anymore." Starscream said leaning on the arm of the couch.

"Well till Billy runs out of energy within him you're staying here." Mandy stated.

The three of them just sat there for the rest of the day watching TV. Starscream the whole time was dreading the whole thing but he let it go. According to Grim and Megatron he could not leave this whole predicament. Even the plan he made incase he did lose was pointless. So he was just in the process of accepting the whole thing.

"I wonder how the Decepticons are doing." Starscream whispered.


Well when Megatron thought he eliminated a problem it turns out he made a bigger problem. Because of Starscream's high position; he held the Decepticons together pretty well. The Decepticons have been losing more battles now and the Decepticons morale is falling apart rather quickly. Although Megatron had a plan incase something happened to any of his high ranking Decepticons. Shockwave and Megatron have been working on stolen cloning technology they got from the Quintessons He made clones of all his Decepticon warriors including Starscream. After perfecting it Megatron activated the clone Starscream named Sunstorm. The yellow and orange seeker was just as intelligent and skilled as Starscream although his attitude was rather different. He was unquestionably more loyal to Megatron and other high Decepticon officers. Despite the fact the Decepticons were falling back into place not many Decepticons like Sunstorm and would rather have Starscream back although not all of them know what happened to Starscream…


One Week Later

Starscream transformed back to robot mode after taking Billy and Mandy to school and landed at Billy's house. He walked in to see Grim looking at the TV boringly.

"Hey Starscream, How did it go?" Grim asked uninterested.

Starscream sat on the opposite side of the couch and murmured "Well Mandy didn't insult me the entire way like she usually does."

"Ah." Grim said sarcastically.

Just then a beeper went off. Grim went to his robe and took out his PDA. It showed that a 'Logan Dinozzo' was a person he was soon to reap. Grim sighed and took his scythe next to the couch to leave.

"Where are you going?" Starscream asked not really caring.

"Just going out to do me job. Want to come along?" Grim asked with a little more positive in his voice.

Starscream had nothing better to do so he decided to go along with to watch him do his job.

"Whatever. Anything's better than watching these pathetic Earth television transmissions."

Yeah I Know That the Story of Sunstorm isn't completely accurit but than again it is called a Fan Fiction.