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Little Green Pill

Matsumoto likes to think of Nova in his gigai form, with his red hair, blue-green (green-blue really) eyes, and that pale skin that rarely saw light. She likes the way he zips his mask up when he blushes (how does he still see?) and how even with all the time they've spent together he's still nervous when she turns on her charm.

What Matsumoto does not like to think about is how Nova, in actuality, is only a little green pill, indistinguishable from all other Mod souls. One of her nightmares is losing Nova in a vast ocean of Mod souls, and never being able to find him again. Or, even worse, being called on to extinguish all Mod souls, like before. No, Matsumoto doesn't like to think about that.

But now, with Nova's gigai irreparable before her, she digs into it with a hand, grasping at what she's found and taking it out. And then she disappears from the scene, using Shunpo to get as far away from the destruction as possible. She looks at what she's taken, trying to come to terms to the fact that she's in love…with a…little…green…pill.

And Nova loved her back. That was all that mattered.


.:Know you are loved by me, not lost to me:.