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Starfire flung herself on her bed, sobbing. How could he have done this to her? What had she done to deserve this?

Raven entered Starfire's room silently and sat down on the bed next to Starfire's weeping form. She wasn't so great at comfort, but Robin wasn't going to be much help at the moment.

"You know he didn't mean it, Starfire. He…needs to sort out his priorities. Something's not right, or he wouldn't have…"

"He does not love me anymore! That is what is not right!" screamed Starfire into her pillow. The pillow muffled the sound some, but it still hurt Raven's ears.

"Yes he does, Starfire, there has to be a reason!" she said, her voice rising. A nearby vase of flowers exploded, water soaking the card attached that read To Starfire, Happy 2 year Anniversary! Love, Robin. Starfire shut up immediately, but couldn't keep tears from falling at the sight of the destroyed vase.

Raven sighed. "Give me that letter again. Maybe he left a clue to where he went."

Starfire's hand, previously clenched, opened to reveal a very crumpled piece of paper. On it was the messy scrawl of something written hurriedly.


I'm sorry I couldn't tell you earlier, but something's come up. I've got to leave. I hope you guys will stick together and protect the city without me, and that you'll forgive me one day for just leaving the team. Beast Boy, I know I've always been really harsh on you, but I didn't mean it, really. You're like the little brother I never had. Cyborg, you're my best friend, and I never got to tell you I appreciate everything you've ever done for me. Raven, you're a guardian angel, always there for me. Don't change, and I want to let you know BB's liked you for a long time. Sorry about the attempted joke. I never was good at them anyway. I don't want to say goodbye, but this is it. I hope we meet again in the future, but the chances of that are slim to none.

I'll never forget you guys,


Nowhere in the letter did it mention his girlfriend of over two years.

"He has already forgotten me," moaned Starfire, burying her face in her hands. Raven sighed again. She could find absolutely no clues, and most of all; Robin had seemed to forget about Starfire. The poor girl could hardly breathe without him beside her, and he just left her. The chances of us meeting in the future are slim to none. So, were the Titans over? Protect the city without me. So, he wasn't in the city anymore? Then where was he, back in Gotham?

Starfire was still sobbing, so Raven tried to put her arm around her, awkward as it turned out. However, Starfire appreciated the effort.

"Friends," Starfire said in a monotone she had started using. It was a morning a week after Robin had left, and without Starfire being her own bright and cheery self, the entire Tower looked like something out of Raven's dreams. "I have decided I cannot stay here anymore."

The other Titans stopped eating. "What?"

"The Tower holds too many…memories. I cannot survive one day longer in here. I wish to leave, please!" Starfire started. She broke down crying before she could finish her whole statement. The other Titans only spared one glance and one nod before helping Starfire to her feet and placing her in a chair. The breakdowns had become somewhat of a routine.

When Starfire calmed down enough, she said in a shaky voice, "Please, just let me leave. I will never be happy here again. At night, he haunts me, and I am all alone. And in the daytime I see him everywhere and I cannot stand it anymore!"

Raven, Cyborg and Beast Boy looked at each other sadly. They knew it was true; Starfire had not had one happy moment since Robin disappeared. "You…you can…we won't stop you, Star. We know you won't be happy here anymore, but…we'll be sad to see you go. Keep in touch, okay?" said Beast Boy sadly.

Starfire got up from the chair, nodding numbly. "Thank you. Perhaps I shall…"