Title: Slave Girl

Author: sheep-san is here to stay!

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Fanfic: Fruits Basket.

Summary: I, Tohru Honda am a pleasant. My mother, Kyoko died of an illness that was pass from one victim to another. After she died, immediately my younger brother and I were in a auction that was held every month. This country was being rule by one kingdom... and that's kingdom called Kingdom Sohma.

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Slave Girl:

Chapter 1: Auction/Sold!

Hi! It's very nice to meet you! My name is Tohru Honda. I'm sixteen years old, a girl with eyes that was blue as the sea, and my hair color is brown. My hair was down to my mid-back. My clothing was wearing out; I could collect little things from home, before my younger brother and I were force to leave the next day. Our shoes were about to be ripped apart any second. There were at least ten children that were in the auction, if you include my little brother, Matt and me. Matt is only five years old. My father died when Matt was only two and I was fourteen years old. It was hard for mother, but she always smile. Yes...she always have a smile.

"Ah... here you have a girl who is sixteen, her eyes would make the sea jealous. Don't you think so?" said the seller who was standing up pointing at me. I was holding Matt in my lap. He fell asleep.

"Lets start with a hundred coins."


"We have one hundred ten here!"


"Two hundred Do I hear a 250?"


"Two eighty two eighty!"


"Three hundred going once going twice!"


"400, Sold to this nice women in front!"

I was shocked that I was being sold for that much, but when one of the seller 'buddies' tried to pull me up. I would not move.

"Hey! Girl, get going to your master!" said the seller 'buddies'. My master was behind him. She looks like she was about mother's age, but a little older. She was wearing a traditional kimono; it had a nice light from her.

"I'm sorry," I said, "I can not move until my little brother comes with me."

"Excuse me," said my new 'master', "I meant to get both of you."

"Oh." was the only word that would come up to my mouth. I stood up, putting Matt against my shoulder, he's head rested on my right shoulder, while I wrap my arms around him, carrying him and walking to my 'master'.

"Come." said my master as she went inside of a carriage. I followed behind her. Then the diver came and shut the door, went to the front and drive.

"What's your name, child?" asked my 'master'.

"My name is Tohru Honda and this little boy here is my little brother, Matt Honda."

"I see..."

"A-am I your slave?" I asked curiously.

"No, you are not. You are a slave to my daughter, Kisa, whom is only twelve. Today, you and your brother are a birthday present for her twelfth birthday."

"I see..." I said as I looked out of the window, seeing that we were reaching a castle!! The carriage stopped to a halt, the driver walked over to where my 'master' side, open the door, 'master' stepped out, driver closed the door, and went over to my side and did the same thing, but carefully not to wake up Matt. As I stepped out, I was stunned to see the castle up close, 'master' walked behind the castle, I followed, then stopped.

"Excuse me... but what should I call you? Maybe 'Master or Madame'?"

"You... can call me Kitsu. Kitsu Sohma." said my master, smiling and persuades walking, I walk behind her, and in ten minutes, we reach a house. I think we've reached her home (a/n: sorry I couldn't think of anything else, and I didn't know what's Kisa mom's name is.).

"This is my home, it's not much." She said as she looked at her house and back at me. I was too studded to speck. The house looked like traditional Japanese, so was every house that was surrounded.

"Come, Tohru."

Kitsu opens her door, I walked behind her, she took off her shoe, I did the same thing, and with Matt, who look like he was about to wake up. I haven't explain what he look like, have I? Well, he has mom's hair color and the same eye color as her, but his eyes are more like cat-like. He really feisty when it's comes to thing about him, me, or other people he knows.

"Come, we must get you and your brother ready for the party. I have the maids get your clothing ready, do you know how to change?"

I nod my head and said, "Yes, I do. If you just leave the clothes inside the room. I will change myself and my brother."

She smiled and I smile back. Then I heard her call someone.

"Miki! Come here please!"

'Miki!' I thought, 'I can't be her...'

You see, Miki and I have been friends since birth, her parents died last year because of the disease, and that was the last time I seen her. I gave her a necklace that I made myself. It had the year of the rat and on the back it said: 'Friends will be together forever.'

A girl with light brown hair and light brown eyes came in, wearing a tradition clothing. She had on the necklace!

"Ru! Is that you?!" Miki asked as she walked to me.

"Ki! It's been so long!" I said as she hugged me. Then a small moan was heard between us. It was Matt, he's waking up.

"Mommy... mommy why are you?" asked Matt as he open his eyes slowly revealing his cat-like eyes.

"Onee-chan... Where's mommy?" he asked as he looked at me. My eyes sadden.

"Matt, mommy died." I said quietly. His eyes widen.

"No! No! Mommy no die! Mommy! Mommy!!" Matt said as he began to make a fuss. I put him down, he looked around to see we are not home.

"Where's mommy?! Mommy!!" he yelled, he tears was coming up to his eyes.

"See... Matt. Mommy here." I said as I held out the only picture of all four of us.

"No! Mommy no die! Mommy no die!" he said as he began to stomped, tears rolled down his eyes, not stopping.

"Mother... I did hear a child crying." said a voice. She came in, her eyes and hair matched her kimono.

"Kisa! You ruin your birthday present!"

"My birthday present? You mean this child is my present?" she asked confusingly.

"No...I will tell you later,de--."

However, she was cut off by Matt's demanding and crying.

"Mommy! Where's Mommy?!" Matt demanded, tears was still rolling down his eyes.

"Matt! I told you, mommy died!" I said as I lowered myself to reached his height. My heart hurt, to see him like this.

"Mommy... died... Like Dada did?"

My eyes widen, I nod. A tear escape from my right eye.

"Me sorry, Me sorry! Me want Onee-chan! Me only want Onee-chan!" He said as he sobbed onto me, crying, clutching my shirt, shacking. I put my arms around him.

"Shhh. Shhh... It's okay... Onee-chan won't leave you." I said as I put my hand and rub his back, that his crying stopped. I looked at him, there was still tears in his eyes, I took my hand and wipe off the leftovers of his tears.

"We be together, forever?" asked Matt, looking at me, wanting to know the truth.

"Yes, we will be together." I said as I smiled at him, he smiled back and hugged me, I wrapped my arms around him, carrying him up with me.

"Matt..." Miki said.

Matt looked at me, then at Miki.

"Ki!" Matt said happily, smiling at her, he held out his arms as a sign for her to take him into her arms. Miki smiled and took Matt out of my arms.

"Hey, there! How's the big boy?" Miki asked as she put her nose and rubbed it against Matt's. Matt giggled and smiled, I smiled at that.

"I'm sorry for this." I said as I turned to Kistu.

"It's alright... I understand. I see that you know Miki, how long did you two known each other?"

"We known each other since we were a baby, our parents are friends."

"I see... Miki could you show where Tohru and Matt's room are and after that I need you to get the living room, ready for the party."

"Yes, Kitsu."

"Come Tohru." Miki said as she led me to my room, I gather my things, bowed to Kitsu and the girl whom was called 'Kisa' and followed after her. After a few rooms later, she lead me and Matt to a room, she open the door, and inside showed two beds next to each other, a dresser, night light and many things that was needed for a room... well, except the clothes.

"Here." said Miki as she handed me a kimono, and a smaller size for Matt.

"Thank you!"

"It's nothing. Do you know how to put on a kimono, Tohru?"

"Of course, silly! Why do you think playing dress up for hours for?"

Miki laughed, "I forgot about that! Well, if you need me just look for me in the living room."

I nod my head, "Okay!"

Miki put Matt on the bed, kiss him on the cheek and smiled as she left the room, after closing the door.

"Matt. Let's change into our new clothes."

Matt smiled happily, he like wearing new clothes. Within an hour Matt and I was wearing our new kimono. Mine had a oniigirl all over and as for Matt, his has the Zodiac of the rat on there. We left our room, I went to the kitchen to see if I could be a use of something. Matt was walking beside me, smiling proudly. I spotted Kistu. She was in the dining room.

"Kitsu, is there anything I could do?" I asked as I walked over to her, Matt followed closely behind me.

"Hmm. Oh! Tohru! That's wonderful, your clothes fit you and I had to guess on them!"

Tohru sweat dropped.

"So... is there anything I could do?"

"Yes, I need you to get some food from the kitchen, and bring them over here to the table."

"Okay." I said as I turned to Matt.

"Hey, Matt I need you to stay put. I'm going to help out, can you do that?"

" 'Kay."

"Good." I said as I went to the kitchen and brought the food that was needed to be putted on the table.

"That's good! You are done! Thank you for your help, Tohru!" Miki said as she came in.

"No trouble at all."

Then the doorbell rang, people were coming in. Many people! They almost filled the living room, it was big than ours back at home. (a/n: Tohru's living room was small enough to fit at least five people, while this one is to filled over fifty people).

"Okay everyone! Settle down, the birthday girl here!" said Kitsu.

It was the same girl who I met earlier. She was seated at the middle of the table, her cake was like almost every cake I seen, but it had something fluffy on it, I think it called, 'frosting'.

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