Greetings, this is my take on the video game, Megaman Legends. A novel based on the game may seem boring, but I'm doing my best not to make it that way.

Of course, this is just a prologue, so tell me what you think of it before I submit the rest. So, without further ado:


Megaman Legends

a.k.a. Rockman D.A.S.H.

The Unofficial Novelisation of the game.

In the not-so-distant future land of Terra, a world covered by endless water as far as the eye can see, civilizations are forced to make a living on tiny patches of land that are scattered amongst the vast ocean. A new energy source has been discovered, large prism-like crystals called refractors. The larger ones, which can span to about the size of a small animal use their glowing energy streams to power up colossal air vessels made to trek uncharted territories. The smaller diamonds are used as Terra's new currency, but even the large ones can be sold at a decent price.

But how, you may ask yourselves, do the citizens of this seemingly peaceful planet acquire these colourful energy prisms? Where are they found?

The answer:

Diggers. Explorers known as diggers roam the sea, searching for refractors in the ruins of underground Terra. These ruins are still a mystery to most. What is known is that what appears to be the remains of an ancient civilisation house the only energy source that is used on this planet. The diggers use their enormous airships in order to make their way towards the entrance of these ruins, usually located on a large tower sprouting out of the sea, or located on an island. The entrances lead to the actual ruins which are all located underground, interconnected to one another. Some ruins are even connected via underground corridors that span miles and miles across the vast sea.

Once inside, the diggers are submitted to perilous traps and must confront the dangerous Reaverbots roaming the corridors. These ancient machines are thought to have been created in order to protect the various refractors held in the ruins from trespassers. The androids are about as mysterious as the ruins themselves, and it is still unknown as to who or what built them.

Once a digger commences his exploration, which is generally identified as a dig, he is usually aided by a spotter, an individual who stays at a reasonable distance from the ruin (usually in the aircraft they used to get to said ruin) and guides the digger through the dark and empty caverns by means of radar system. Once the refractor in the ruin has been acquired, the digger then proceeds to either sell it at a reasonable price, which is how they're circulated throughout the islands of Terra, or use it for his or her own personal benefits.

However, there are some people who prefer to acquire refractors (weather they be small or large) in a different way. A method that can be seen as immoral to some. Air pirates are the names of these people. They roam the seas as well, searching for small islands or even other vessels to steal whatever they can find of value. These people represent an overall threat to the people of Terra, and are seen mostly as lazy, greedy and selfish people. The sky pirate business is certainly a thriving one, and seems to be growing gradually over the course of time. Fortunately, there are still quite a few more diggers who prefer to make an honest living.

And so the adventure begins, as a small aircraft known as 'The Flutter' flutters across the open sea, drifting through the clouds, and making as little sound as a bird makes soaring in the morning sky, of which there are many soaring around the Flutter. The ship approaches the entrance of a ruin towering over the water. Apart from this monumental structure situated in a remote area of the great sea, all that can be seen around it is, as described beforehand, water. Beautiful, gleaming blue water.

The airship turns on itself as it approaches the large tower at its base. A small door on the side of the vessel that faces said tower is opened and an equally small blue boy is seen standing in its doorway. In front of him is a small hole which is about the size of the door of the airship. Reluctantly, he hops from the doorway into the ruin's doorway, into epic adventure. He takes a few steps into the dark and humid corridor as the ship that dropped him off slowly floats away. The blue boy seems eager to commence a grand adventure, and a grand adventure is exactly what he will commence.


So, what did y'all think? The actual story will be much more interesting...hopefully. XD