Chapter 10 A VERY Happy New Year!

The moment the door slammed shut, Hermione was on him. She knew that if she wanted to let Ron know that she was serious, she had to be the aggressor and then he'd take the lead. They kissed frantically as they banged into furniture and stumbled down the short hallway to her bedroom.

Ron hoisted her up in the air and practically carried her the rest of the way, landing in a sloppy fumble on her bed. He was struggling to get out of his cloak and Hermione was eager to help him. Too many clothes, she thought, as she yanked on the clasp. He broke the kiss and got off the bed. For a moment, she was going to protest, but then she realized that he was undressing, and this, she did not want to miss.

Standing before her, Ron pulled off his heavy cloak and let it fall to the floor. Within the next instant his dinner jacket was off and his shirt was completely unbuttoned. Hermione watched in rapt silence. She had never seen anything as captivating as Ronald Weasley undressing for her.

His freckled chest made its first appearance of the night and she let her eyes travel down the defined lines of his torso to where his hands made quick work of his belt. His trousers were open now and sliding silently down his long lean legs. Hermione swallowed thickly as she stared at his tented boxers. There was something large and hard in there that was eager to get out. She was so mesmerized by it that she hadn't even noticed that Ron was holding out his hand to her.

Snapping out of her stupor, Hermione took his hand and allowed him to pull her off of the bed. She was in his arms the next second and they were kissing vigorously. Her cool hands slid around his waist and up his back. Ron's skin was smooth and taut. She had never felt him like this, and before she could stop herself, she pulled away from the kiss and rubbed her face against his chest as if she was channeling Crookshanks.

God, if it wasn't for the fact that Ron moaned like it was the best thing he had ever felt, she would have been mortified, for it was such a strange thing to do. Her lips pressed against his chest and she kissed her way back up to his mouth. His arms wrapped around her tightly and she felt her zipper slide down. With a silent shimmer, her gown slipped down her body and pooled at her feet.

Ron's breathing was hot and heavy as he latched onto her neck with a hungry mouth. His hands were everywhere as if he couldn't quite believe what he was feeling. Hermione wanted desperately to lie down; her legs were turning to jelly. Ron must have noticed that he was supporting nearly all of her weight so he moved them to the bed once more.

Hermione's red bra and knickers were the only things keeping her from being completely nude and she found that she desperately wanted them off, even as scary as that thought was, but Ron was kissing her again and she couldn't think.

He lay half on her, half off and she could feel his erection pressing into her thigh. His hand trailed over her waist and up to her breast. He caressed the right one gently then moved his hand around her back.

"Mmm, it's…it's in the front," Hermione whispered timidly, and with trembling fingers, she unhooked her bra and pulled the cups away from her breasts. Ron simply gazed at them for a full minute. It was beginning to make her self-conscious.

"You are so beautiful," he murmured as his left hand traveled up her abdomen and took hold of her breast again. Hermione's eyes slipped closed. His hands were so large and powerful. It amazed her how he managed to be so gentle.

"Are you sure?" he asked as he moved the straps of her bra off her shoulders.

"Yes," Hermione whispered with her eyes still shut.

She had no idea Ron's mouth was about to make contact with her left breast, so when it did, she gave a jolt and he pulled away quickly.

"I'm sorry! Did I hurt you?"

"No…I was just…surprised," she panted.

Having his mouth on her was like no other feeling she had ever had before. It sent tingles clear down to her toes. It stopped her mind from turning over thoughts and her mind was always turning over something. As his head dipped again, Hermione tried to prepare herself but it was of no use. When Ron's warm wet mouth covered her perky breast and his tongue flicked over her hard nipple, she was unable to keep the moan from slipping across her lips.

He rolled on top if her and snuggled himself between her legs. It was as if that one movement was the signal they were both waiting for to begin grinding against each other. Knickers against boxers, they were creating a fire down below. Ron's breathing was ragged in her ear as he ran his wet tongue up the curve of her neck and sucked her lobe into his mouth.

Suddenly, Ron rolled off of her partially, and Hermione was momentarily worried that he was having second thoughts, but when he slipped his hand into her knickers she knew that stopping was the furthest thing from his mind. He'd gotten the undergarment to her knees when he seemed unable to wait any longer because his hand was sliding back up her inner thigh. Hermione kicked her legs to shimmy the knickers off her legs.

His hand was on her now, and Hermione was nearly breathless, as she remembered how good this felt from the other night. She did not want him to finish her like he'd done that first time, she wanted to finish while looking in his eyes as he went along with her. Squeezing her eyes tight, she rolled her hips with the rhythm of Ron's hand.

"Oh God," he rasped. "…so….soft," he wheezed.

For her part, Hermione could only groan and sputter gibberish. Her fumbling hand tried to find Ron's body, one part of his body in particular. He seemed to sense that she was after something so he rolled completely off of her, and lay on his side, his hand still working her intently. Hermione turned on her side as well, smashing his hand between her thighs but, Ron still managed to keep his fingers going.

She struggled to get his boxers off, and he finally removed his hand from her center and gave her some assistance. Quick as a flash Ron had yanked them off and tossed them somewhere in the room. He was back on her instantly, but this time, he caressed her breast and sucked her neck.

Hermione's eyes were glued to the part of his anatomy that just sprang free from his boxers. It was her first time seeing a penis outside of a book. What Ron was doing to her breast and her neck was clouding her mind, but she couldn't take her eyes off his manhood. It was pink and veiny and hard and it looked like it hurt. It appeared to twitch and move without any effort from Ron. It was not very attractive, but God help her, she wanted it badly.

Still on their sides facing each other, Hermione took a slow deliberate hand and followed a trail of deep ginger hair down Ron's stomach, then over the curls that nestled his cock. The moment her hand made contact with his shaft, Ron stilled. She could tell he was trying very hard to keep up his actions, but he simply couldn't.

Hermione was very surprised by the silkiness of it. The way the skin moved when she moved her hand, even though it looked tight and rigid. As she gently stroked upward, Ron sucked in a sharp breath. Meeting his eyes, she could tell that he liked that so she did it again and got the same reaction. Again and again, she stroked him that way until Ron was moaning in a soft, constant hum.

His large hand covered hers then he squeezed gently, and slightly increased the speed of her stroke. Hermione knew he was teaching her how to please him, and she honed in on this bit of education like key information on the most important test of her life. Within seconds she had mastered the technique and Ron was panting and thrusting in her hand vigorously.

She was in awe of his reactions to this. The flush of his skin, the light sheen of sweat, and the faint tremble to his body let her know that she was doing it right. He had completely stopped touching her, and although Hermione could have felt slighted by that, it thrilled her even more. The fact that she could touch him and make him completely lose himself was mind blowing to her.

Her hand pumped vigorously, as she held his thick cock firmly in her grip. She looked down his body, watching all the changes it was going through. His testicles were pulled tight to his body now and she was sure that's not how they were in the beginning. Suddenly, Ron's body jerked.

"Wait! Hermione…stop…stop…wai…" he shouted as if someone had their hand around his throat, but it was of no use. Hermione did not heed his warning, or rather, she did not have time to, for in the next instant Ron's cock exploded. She jerked her head back quickly for the first blast nearly hit her in the face. Soon her breasts, belly and hand had been spattered by Ron, but she kept a firm grip on his pulsing cock. It was mainly because she wanted to experience this entire thing from start to finish.

With wide eyes, Hermione watched as Ron's penis continued to thump and spurt a few more times. He seemed unable to unclench his muscles until the very last of it was out and then he collapsed on his back with an exhausted sigh. Hermione removed her hand from him and looked down at the substance on her fingers, chest and stomach. She probably should have been disgusted, but she wasn't. This was a part of Ron and she found nothing unpleasant about it at all. Ron opened his eyes as if they had been glued together.

"I'm sorry," he whispered. "I hadn't meant to…to…you know…before we…could be together."

"It's alright," Hermione smiled at him. He was so lovely.

"No, it's not," he murmured and then looked down at her body. "Shite, look at the mess I made, I'm so sorry, Hermione…I've ruined it." he said sadly as he sat up and leaned over the edge of the bed.

"It's alright, Ron. Honestly, I'm not upset," she replied, studying the back of him. He had truly grown into a magnificent looking man. Ron sat up with his wand in his hand and a second later, Hermione felt her body tingle as the magic cleaned her.

"Come here," she whispered as she slid up the bed and rested her head on a fluffy pillow. He didn't move right away, merely sat on the edge of the bed and looked at her. Hermione pulled back the covers and got under them. Now that they weren't up against one another, it was rather nippy in there. Ron crawled over to her and got under the covers as well. She snuggled into his chest as he wrapped his arms around her.

"I'm sorry…I wanted it to be…different," he whispered into the top of her head.

"Ron, it's fine, I mean it. We can always try again tomorrow," she said softly, and gave his chest a kiss. She felt him pull away from her and instantly wondered what was wrong. Peering up at him, she found that he was looking at her incredulously.

"Tomorrow? I'll be ready to go again in about five minutes!" he said with a smirk, but there was a look in his eyes that let her know he was serious.

"Really?" she asked breathlessly, and he nodded, turning the smirk into a full smile.

"So…while we wait…" Ron hissed in a naughty tone that Hermione was getting all too familiar with. He tossed the covers back to expose her curves, and began to kiss his way down her body.


What started out as eager exploration quickly turned to blind panic as Ron realized he had no idea what he was going to do. He had never done this before. As he let his mouth linger around Hermione's navel, he glanced up at her and sure enough, she was looking at him with hazy expectation. Ron swallowed thickly, and began his decent.

If he had been thinking, he would have waited until they'd done more, or actually consummated their relationship. What if he was rubbish at this and it put her off for everything else? Or worse, what if he didn't like it and hurt Hermione's feelings. From what he remembered of what Fred told him about his first time doing this to Angelina, it was brilliant. In fact, all of his brothers made him think that it would be the most delicious thing he would ever taste in his life. Better than even bacon?

Gently, Ron pushed her thighs wider and kissed each of them. He could hear Hermione's breathing take on a shallow pant. She was anxious…so was he. Suddenly face to face with her womanhood, he found that he really wanted to look at it; learn it, feel it and be one with it. Somehow he thought even Hermione would frown on him taking notes at this moment.

Ron licked his lips and the next time his tongue came out of his mouth he was tasting her. The first swipe made her twitch and he paused, checking her expression for any signs of discomfort. There were none, only eager curiosity, so he went in again and was pleasantly surprised that he was not bothered by the taste. In fact, there was hardly any taste at all.

Feeling braver, Ron pressed his lips to her folds and circled his tongue between them several times. He had no clue what he was doing as everything his brothers had told him was so far gone out of his mind at the moment that he could barely remember he even had brothers.

With a dogged determination, Ron decided he would have to do something so he began to work his mouth as though he were kissing her mouth. It was impossible to tell if Hermione was enjoying this because the only sounds coming from her were choppy sporadic pants. Nonetheless, he continued because honestly, it was beginning to get him excited. His cock was so hard that he briefly wondered if he would come just from tasting her.

Though his skill was definitely at an amateur status, Ron was a determined student and just as Hermione had learned to please him, he was not going to stop until he found out how to make her scream. As it was, the howling wind outside was the loudest thing in the room, coupled with the wet sounds of his mouth on her folds.

Hermione's feet found their way to his shoulders and that movement opened her up more for him. Ron glanced up at her as his tongue slipped lower, taking full advantage of her bent legs. She looked as if she were praying. Her eyes were closed tightly and her lips were moving silently. Every so often, she would look down at him with a rather startled look on her face, but a moment later her head would fall back to the bed as if she could take no more.

Ron was trying to lick and kiss every bit of this area that he could find. He wanted her to moan and wail and come hard, but she wasn't doing any of this yet and he was beginning to feel as if he was simply rubbish at it. Flicking the tip of his tongue against the hard nub he found nestled between her slick lips caused Hermione to make her first real sound. It was a soft whimper, but it excited Ron tremendously.

Determined to be a better student at this than he was during all of his years at Hogwarts, Ron latched onto the nub with firm lips and sucked, it got another noise, this time a moan. He slipped his hands under her bum and held her as if he was about to drink down her essence…perhaps he was. Working his mouth over her as if he were kissing her deeply, Ron alternated gentle sucking of her clit until Hermione was fairly shaking and a sheen of sweat had broken out all over her body.

Peeking up at her again, Ron found that she was now holding firmly to her breasts and squeezing them. He groaned loudly as that was the sexiest thing he had ever seen her do. Her face was screwed up in the most ghastly expression. She looked as if she were in serious pain; so much so, that Ron was about to pull away and ask if she was okay. Hermione must have sensed that he was going to stop because her hands flew down and latched onto his hair. No, he was not going anywhere. He almost smiled.

She was so wet now, slippery even, and she was panting faster. The sound of smacking and slurping resonated loudly in the room, and it was driving Ron so mad that he was scarcely aware that he had begun to grind against the bed. Suddenly, without warning, Hermione gave out a hoarse wail as her thighs began to tremble, and within the next instant she was pumping her pelvis against his face, then she arched back with another shout and froze for a long moment. She seemed to be straining so hard that an angry vein bulged from her neck as well as her forehead. Ron could feel her inner muscles spasm, almost knocking, against his mouth as he continued to slowly suck.

Then, it was as if she had been de-boned, for her legs fell from his shoulders, her hands released the deathly grip they had on his hair, and her head flopped to the side. Ron peppered her vagina and inner thighs with gentle kisses then moved up her stomach, unable to keep the smile off his face. He had done it, he had pleasured a woman and done it well judging from Hermione's reaction but still, he needed verbal confirmation. So as he crawled up her body, pausing to kiss her breast, he decided to simply ask her.

"Did you like it?" he whispered as he kissed her other breast. She did not answer and it made him worry slightly. Unable to look her in the face, he kept his head low.

"If…if you didn't…I can try again. Tell me what you like, and I'll do it, I promise." Still, no response and this time Ron looked up. Hermione lay perfectly still, her eyes closed peacefully and her mouth slightly open. She looked…

"Hermione!" Ron hissed in a loud whisper.

"HERMIONE!" he shouted when he got no response from his first attempt to rouse her.

He sat up quickly on his knees, and tapped her face gently, but nothing happened. Again he slapped her softly, but still there was nothing from her. She was breathing, he could tell, but he had no clue what was wrong with her. Suddenly he remembered his wand so he leapt off the bed, and began rummaging through his discarded clothing. Just as he found it and turned to aim it at Hermione, she stirred.

With cat like grace, she stretched and yawned as if she'd just awakened from the best nap she'd had in ages. Ron stood breathless as his hands shook violently. It would be years before he would realize that it was this incident and not the war that brought about that annoying and sometimes embarrassing hand tremor.

"Wha — what the hell happened to you?" he asked as his heart thumped in his chest from a horrible mix of nerves and relief.

"Hmm?" Hermione asked with another yawn and stretch. "I must've passed out for a moment," she smiled.

"Passed out? Passed out! " Ron shouted.

"What is it?" Hermione asked as if she had no clue what he was on about.

"Does that happen every time?" he nearly screamed at her.

"Well, I wouldn't know would I? I've never had it done before." she smiled.

Ron simply gaped at her. She seemed oblivious to the fact that he was nearly white from fear. Hermione was stretching on the bed and snuggling into the fluffy comforter as if this was the coziest situation two people could find themselves in. Had Ron been in a better frame of mind, he would have found it very erotic but as it stood, she'd just scared him shiteless.

"Um…I've…I've got a headache…do you have any potion?" he mumbled.

"Sure, it's in the cupboard in the lav'," she yawned and her eyes slipped closed. "Hurry back to bed, it's nippy."

Had Hermione's eyes been open, she would have seen that Ron did not go get the potion, but walked out of the bedroom.


Hermione's eyes blinked open slowly. She felt brilliant, cozy and comfortable. Glancing at her clock, she realized that she'd been asleep for nearly three quarters of an hour and the New Year had not come yet. She stretched long and gave her stomach a little scratch. Looking to her left, she realized that she was in bed alone. Her first thought was that Ron was in the loo, but upon glancing in there, she could tell that it was empty. Then she remembered…remembered what had happened and how he seemed a bit panicked by her reaction.

She sat up in her bed, holding the comforter to her naked bosom. That had not been a normal reaction. Who passes out during oral sex? No one, that's who! Panic and doubt began to creep up in her chest. Maybe something was wrong with her, maybe she would do that every time and Ron would never want to touch her? Maybe he'd already left?

Hermione scrambled from the bed, nearly falling over the tangled sheets around her legs. She pulled it free from the bed and wrapped it around her body. A vast sigh of relief escaped her lungs when she got to the other side of the bed and saw that Ron's clothing was still on the floor.

Silently, she stepped out of her bedroom and found Ron sitting quietly at her kitchen table sipping tea. He was still as naked as the day he was born and just as beautiful she was sure. His back was to her so she knew he didn't notice her approaching.

"Ron?" she whispered as she stepped up beside him.

"Hey, love," he looked up at her with a tired smile.

"Are…are you alright?"

"Me? Sure, I'm fine. Are you alright?" he asked, looking at her intently.

"Yes, of course," she answered quietly, and then there was an awkward silence that followed. Hermione tightened the sheet around her while Ron took another sip of his tea. She cleared her throat gently.

"Ron, are you angry with me?" she asked, looking down at her toes.

"What? Don't be daft, why would I be angry with you?"

"Well, you…you seem a bit afraid of me and maybe don't to want to touch me…"

"Hermione," Ron sighed and grabbed her arm, pulling her down on his lap. "You scared the shite out of me! I thought…well, I don't know what I thought, but it brought me back to that day at the final battle when…when I couldn't wake you. I was scared, is all. I'm not angry." He pressed his lips to her bare shoulder and his hair tickled her cheek.

"Are you ever going to do that to me again?" she asked, hating that she was even the slightest bit embarrassed about the fact that she wanted him to do it to her again, all the time if possible.

"Well," Ron began as he fisted the sheets at her hips. "I'd like to do it again, I…I just don't want anything to happen to you."

"Ron, it's just…sex…it's not going to kill me. Besides, I'd wager none of your brothers have ever made a woman pass out before." She quirked an eyebrow as Ron's head shot up so he could look her in the eyes. She could see that he was trying very hard not to smile, but the blush on his cheeks and ears were giving him away.

"Ronald!" Hermione said very severely. "I had better not hear even a whisper of this from any of your brothers!"

It was obvious that he was giving his best effort not to smile, but it wasn't working. Hermione had apparently given him something to be very proud of.

"I won't tell them," he answered unconvincingly as his smile grew.

"Harry either!"

"Oh," he groaned. "I can't tell Harry? But…I tell him everything."

"Ron! I'll be mortified if you tell Harry that I passed out during…while you were…you had better not tell him! No bragging!" she ordered, and tried to be stern with him, but it was nearly impossible as he was looking so very adorable.

"I can't help it that I'm a fantastic lover, Hermione," he laughed now, unable to hold it in any longer.

"Honestly, Ron…" she rolled her eyes.

"Think of all the lives I can help by spreading my skills around."

"The only person that's going to benefit from your skills is me!" she said, and leaned forward to kiss him.

Ron held her tightly around the waist as they slipped into a deep kiss. Hermione loved kissing him. His lips were strong and soft, but he never overpowered her. Kissing him was like an escape. It made her forget where she was momentarily. He pulled away just as she was about to become totally lost.

"Sit on me proper," he hissed, and Hermione didn't quite know what he meant, but he gave her hips a push and she reasoned that he wanted her to straddle him. Hoisting up the sheet, Hermione spread her legs and sat down on Ron's thighs. Instantly, he began kissing her again. Her hands fisted his hair as she held his head in place so she could get the most out of his fiery mouth.

Ron pulled the sheet from her body and tossed it to the floor. The cool air felt good because she was getting rather hot from this action. His mouth left hers only to land on her neck and throat. Hermione looked down and was very pleased to see Ron's erection standing strong between them.

Not having too much confidence yet, Hermione hesitantly reached down and let her fingers ghost over him. In a flash Ron pulled away from her neck and his hand latched onto hers, squeezing it tightly around his shaft.

"Er…don't…just…not too much, okay, or I'll lose it."

He was wide-eyed and looked a bit frightened. She knew he didn't want to have the same thing happen as before and neither did she. She wanted to be with him once and for all…now!

"Let's go back to the bedroom," Hermione said, and stood up with him still between her legs, but Ron grabbed her hips.

"We…we can stay here…if you want. We can try it…like this," he said in a whisper, and then looked down between their bodies. Hermione followed his line of vision and caught on very quickly to what he was proposing. His cock was jutting up in the air, practically pointing at her center and screaming, 'just sit on me…it's easy!'

"I…I dunno, Ron. I don't know how to…I've never done it that way before."

"Have you done it any other way before?" He quirked an eyebrow with a smirk.

"You know what I mean! I don't know what I'm doing. I may not do it right."

"Trust me, Hermione, whatever you do will feel brilliant to me." They stared at each other for a moment, silently agreeing to try this. "My brothers said that women like this position because they have more control." Ron followed, apparently still trying to sell his idea.

"O…okay…we can try it." Hermione nodded.

"If you don't like it, we can go in the bedroom, okay."

Again she nodded as Ron brought her hips closer to him, directly over his eager cock. He grabbed hold of it and pressed the head against her entrance. She was not as wet as before, and she wondered if that would make a difference. Ron must have noticed as well because he slipped one of her breasts in his mouth and sucked her taut nipple causing her stomach to clench instantly. He pulled his mouth away quickly.

"I need my wand! I have to do the contraception—"

"I'm…I'm on the potion, Ron." Hermione whispered, and she could tell he had more questions about that, like, for how long and such, but there were more pressing matters at hand.

Slowly, his mouth moved to the other breast, and he sucked and licked with fevered passion. Hermione tossed her head back as a moan escaped her throat. He was quickly working her into a frenzy and her legs were beginning to tremble under the strain of standing over Ron as she was.

With unpracticed patience, Hermione began to lower herself onto Ron's waiting muscle. She'd gotten no more than the tip in before she stopped. It was more uncomfortable than what she had imagined, but on the other hand, just this bit was causing a pleasant feeling to course through her as well; enough to let her know that she wanted to do this fully. Ron pulled away from her breast and looked up at her.

"You alright?" he whispered, and Hermione nodded with her eyes closed.

"Just…just don't move, okay…let me do it."

"I won't, I swear." And he sat perfectly still while she slowly brought herself down on him. It was the stretching that was getting to her. It felt as if he was tearing her, but she was determined. Ron bit his lip and groaned as his hands gripped her hips almost painfully. She could tell that he was fighting every instinct his body had not to pull her down on him or thrust up into her, but he said he would not move and she knew that he wouldn't. Stopping halfway, Hermione's legs shook terribly as they tried to support her in this position.

"I can't go any further," she whimpered, disappointed in herself. "Sorry,"

"Let me—"

"No!" she shouted before Ron could finish his statement.

"Hermione, I'm not going to hurt you…I just thought that if you…" he lifted her hips a bit so that he nearly slid out of her and then gently pulled her back down to where she was before. Again he did it and upon the third go, Hermione was moving of her own accord, and just like that, they were having sex. Her cheeks flared at the thought that she was actually making love to Ron. He was inside her, though not fully, but it still counted and it still felt absolutely brilliant.

"Fuck," Ron groaned with a heavy sigh as his head lulled to the back of the chair. Hermione continued to bounce shallowly on him causing her center to become slicker by the second.

"Ron," she whimpered. "My legs…they're cramping."

Before she could prepare herself, she felt Ron lift her in the air and in the next instant she was laying on her kitchen table. Hermione gave out a hoarse scream because in the midst of the movement, Ron had inadvertently plunged himself into her. Her eyes slammed shut and she dug her nails into his shoulders. He groaned loudly, and Hermione knew she had hurt him with her sharp little nails, but she also knew that it must have felt very good for him to be fully sheathed inside her.

"I'm sorry…I hadn't meant…" he panted.

"I know, Ron. Just stay still for a moment."

Hermione had been prepared for the pain to be greater than what was actually coursing through her now. Perhaps it was because her hips were slightly off the edge of her kitchen table, or perhaps it was because Ron was standing and didn't really have any weight on her, but whatever the reason, she hadn't actually felt the barrier tear. It was just more stretching and that was beginning to dull to a minor throb.

With a gentle roll of her hips, Hermione gave Ron permission to start moving. He seemed to be testing the waters as he slowly rolled his hips, copying her movement. Again she rolled and then he rolled. Within moments they were thrusting shallowly together. It was silent in her small kitchen as they both seemed to be holding their breath in stunned amazement. They were making love and it was real this time, full and complete.

Hermione pulled Ron's head to her and kissed him deeply. He gave a muffled moan as his hips began to pump more earnestly, rattling some of the items on her table. It was a bit painful for Hermione with him moving as rhythmically as he was now, but she wouldn't dream of stopping him. She discovered rather quickly that the pain does not last too long and if she relaxed a bit, well, it actually began to feel rather wonderful.

Ron pulled back, standing to his full height, his hips still moving. He seemed to be radiating power, but Hermione was not in the right frame of mine to view Ron as he really was. To her, he looked like an Adonis, even though his hair was tussled, his lips were swollen and he had large red blotches on his cheeks, one resembling a hand print. Yes, she had slapped him earlier, hadn't she? Nevertheless, he was beautiful standing between her legs, giving her everything he had as his muscles flexed and he whispered garbled words of praise.

Faster he moved now and the table shook causing the cup of tea to shatter to the floor along with a dish of sugar and a plate of biscuits. Hermione didn't care, he could break everything in her kitchen as long as he didn't stop doing what he was doing.

"God! You feel so good," he rasped as he placed her ankles on his shoulders and bent forward. Hermione choked out a barking shout and pushed his head. Ron shot back instantly and lowered her legs.

"Sorry…I guess we are not ready for that yet," he said with a nervous grin on his face.

"Not likely," she snapped without any real bite, and placed her hand on her abdomen. It felt as if he had just rammed himself into her stomach.

Ron leaned forward again, but this time her legs remained spread wide. He kissed her mouth eagerly as his pelvis pressed against hers creating just the right pressure on her clitoris. Her hands slid down his long lean back as low as she could go, just barely touching his bum. Ron reached over their heads and gripped the edge of the table giving him more leverage to thrust.

They began to grind against each other as if their lives depended on it. The table shook dangerously, but Hermione couldn't be bothered…she was so close to that feeling she'd gotten from what his mouth had done to her earlier, but this was so much more intense. Please don't pass out…please don't pass out! She chanted in her head.

Ron's breathing was so ragged that she thought he was near asphyxiation. They moved slickly against each other, sweat dripping, juices flowing. Hermione could feel it coming; it moved through her belly and traveled down to her center and then it snapped. Her muscles constricted fiercely, the inner and outer ones. Ron froze too, he seemed to have stopped breathing and for a fraction of a second nothing happened. Hermione's muscles locked and Ron was like a Petrified person, and then it was as if she lost all control over her body.

She was shaking and gasping as her vaginal walls spasmed and shuddered making her lose her breath. Don't pass out…Ron was thrusting in her sloppily, with sickly groans as he flooded her with his warm seed. She could feel it, feel him shaking with release and she wanted to pay closer attention, but her release was far too intense for a tutorial at the moment.

With heavy sighs, they both seemed to go boneless as Ron slumped on top of her and Hermione's legs dangled limply off the edge of the table. They were sweaty and sated and the smell of sex was pungent in the air, but Hermione was never more pleased to have made a mess in her kitchen.

Slowly, Ron kissed her damp cheek and then sat up. His fringe was soaked and stuck to his forehead and he had lines of sweat rolling down his lean chest. Delicately, he separated them and Hermione immediately pressed her thighs together. Ron extended his hand and reached for her. She allowed him to pull her up to a sitting position and they kissed.

"I love you," he murmured against her lips.

"I love you, too."

"That was brilliant," Ron said, pulling her into a sticky hug.

"Mmm, it was, wasn't it? And I've been told that it will only get better." Hermione murmured against his lips and then smiled in a rather naughty way, which was only for Ron to see. "You've got a hand print on your face…I'm sorry," she whispered. Ron touched his cheek and smiled.

"No worries, love, you can slap me any time if it's followed by a night like tonight."

"Don't count on it. If ever I slap you again, you can be sure that we will not be making love afterward."

"Don't be so sure…" Ron wrapped her legs around his waist and picked her up. Hermione giggled, but then her eyes caught the small amount of blood smeared on table and she panicked.

"Ron! Put me down!" she shouted, and he let her down instantly. She grabbed the sheet and wiped the table quickly, hoping Ron hadn't seen the mess. She wrapped the sheet around her bottom and ran off to the bathroom.

"What is it, Hermione? What's wrong?" Ron asked, while chasing behind her.

"Nothing…just…just having a shower," she shouted through the door as she turned on the water. She knew she should not be embarrassed after all they had done together tonight, but she was and she suddenly felt unclean.

The shower was quick but thorough, and Hermione stepped out of her bathroom feeling much better. Ron had changed the linens and positioned himself in the center of the bed with his hands folded behind his head.

"Are you quite comfortable?" she asked with a smirk as she adjusted her gown.

"Yes, quite," he smirked back, and then held his arms out to her. Hermione climbed on the bed and rested her damp head on his chest. "Don't be embarrassed by anything that happens between us, love. I don't care about any of if. I want you to be able to be yourself with me, in a way you can't with others." He kissed the top of her head and she only gave a brief nod. The words meant more to her than he probably knew. She looked up at him with intense eyes.

"I can say anything to you?" she asked, and his eyebrows creased together.

"Of course," he whispered with nervous anticipation.

"Well, I think you should know…that…you really smell awful," she said, and waited for him to catch on that she was joking. It took a second, but she knew he got it the moment his eyes changed.

"Do I?"

"Well, yes. I'm simply pointing out that I'm freshly bathed, and you smell like something the cat dragged in," she replied, and tried not to giggle, but Ron let out a bark-like laugh.

"Crookshanks dragging in many sweaty men, is he?"

"All the time." Hermione chuckled. Ron rolled her over and pressed his heavy body on her.

"Is it my pits that smell?" he asked as he raised his arm and covered her face with his musky pit. Hermione screamed and began to kick her legs in a pointless struggle, he was just too strong for her. Nearly suffocating under his musky armpit, Hermione remembered something she'd seen one of the twins do to Ron years ago and it made him run away. With that in mind, she slipped her index finger in her mouth getting it nice and wet, and then stuck the digit in his ear. Ron screamed in a rather girly pitch and leapt off the bed.

"Hermione!" he shouted, holding his ear in shock. "You gave me a wet willie!"

"Is that what it's called?"

"Where did you learn that?" he asked still looking rather shocked, but now he was smiling with an odd sort of pride behind his eyes.

"I saw one of your brothers do it to you…you hate it don't you?" she smiled in a wicked sort of way.

"Yes I do! It's disgusting and a bit lowbrow for you I should think!"

"Guess I've been hanging around the Weasley men a tad too long," Hermione grinned wide and stretched.

"Oy! Are you calling my brothers lowbrow?" Ron asked, looking as if he wanted to laugh hard. She could tell he was enjoying this exchange quite a lot.

"Oh, no, not just them…"

"So I'm lowbrow too? You'd better watch it Granger, those are fighting words!" he growled and Hermione smiled.

"Well, you'd have to catch me first. Perhaps if I run in the lav, you'll follow and some soap will accidentally get on you. One can dream…" she sighed.

"That's it!" Ron barked and leapt on the bed, but Hermione hopped off of it before he caught her. Unfortunately, Ron was far too quick for her and she was no match for his long legs. He caught her around the middle just as she stepped over the threshold of the bathroom. She squealed with laughter as Ron spun her around to face him.

"Maybe I'll need some help in the shower…you want to make sure I don't smell anymore, don't you?" And just like that, the heat rose in the cramped room.

"Well…I suppose I need to ensure you wash properly," Hermione said, with a tremble to her voice. It was new to openly flirt with Ron, knowing that it would have consequences that would be seen through to the end. He dipped his head and kissed her soundly. Hermione held his head in her hands as she pulled away from the kiss.

"Happy New Year," she mumbled and kissed him again before he could reply.


The actual arrival of the New Year was met with heavy sleeping and rhythmic breathing at 7 Offenhaut Court, unit-2, and it was the best sleep Hermione had had in a while. She stirred early in the morning and could tell the sun had only just come up as slivers of it peeked through her drapes, making funny patterns on Ron's naked body.

He slept sprawled out flat on his back as Hermione rested her head on his chest with one leg curled over his. She was so happy in this moment that it nearly brought her to tears. She was in love with the perfect guy, she had the perfect job and she finally felt as if she belonged in this place. Seems Ginny was right, twenty was a good age for her.

Looking down at Ron's body, Hermione liked how comfortable he was with her, so much so, that she wondered if she'd grow tired of him being naked all the time…probably not. She watched as he hazily scratched at the patch of hair below his navel and then ran his hand over his sleeping penis. Hermione lifted her head and glanced at Ron's face; he was still sleeping soundly.

Quietly and gently, she disentangled herself from him and scooted down the bed. She really wanted to get a good look at his penis. This was impossible to do earlier as she was far too eager to feel it, but now, she could take her time. Moving his hand, Hermione looked at the clump of flesh closely. Even in this flaccid state, it was still quite fat, though she found it hard to imagine how this stumpy thing could possibly grow to the size it did last night.

Hermione ran her index finger over it, then held it gently with two fingers. She glanced up at Ron once again and found him still fast asleep with his mouth slightly open. Before she was even aware of doing so, she was tipping her head forward as her tongue darted out to taste the soft flesh she held. It didn't have much of a taste and the scent of soap was present with just a hint of what she gathered was Ron's true essences. It was divine.

Becoming bolder, Hermione opened her mouth and slipped the fat blob inside. It was meaty and spongy as she slopped it around in her mouth. She almost wanted to chuckle at her actions, but knowing she wasn't being watched was somewhat freeing to her. Ron's cock gave a twitch and Hermione could tell it was growing. That's when she noticed that Ron's left hand was gripping the sheets tightly. Her eyes shot up to find Ron looking down at her with obvious astonishment.

He rather looked like he had a massive headache, for his face was screwed up in a horribly painful expression and his mouth was agape. Hermione let his penis flop from her mouth and was about to ask if this was okay with him.

"Don't stop," Ron hissed raggedly, and she slipped her mouth back on his now fully erect penis. She sucked the tip in her mouth and found a slightly salty substance on her tongue. She knew he had not finished yet, but perhaps some leaked out just a bit when he was excited, and judging by the grunts and moans, Ron was excited. Hermione pulled her lips off of his tip and ran her wet tongue from the base all the way back up to the head. She was rewarded by a shuddering moan from Ron.

"Do you like it better when I…when I lick it?" she asked timidly, and then ran her tongue up his length once more. "Or do you like it better when I use…my whole mouth?"

Hermione slipped her mouth over him again fitting in as much she could and then sucked. Ron looked near insanity and apparently was unable to answer so Hermione repeated the questions.

"Hermione!" Ron gnashed out in between her alternating licks and sucks, as she was still trying to pull an answer from him. "I…we…we either have to talk about it…or you have to do it…I can't do both!" he wheezed.

"Oh," she said bashfully, finally understanding that it was foolish for her to try to interrogate him at a time like this. He threaded his hand in her hair and smiled at her gently.

"Whatever you do will be brilliant, love. So don't worry."

The smile was wiped from his face as Hermione took heed to those words and sucked him into her mouth as deeply as she could fit him with out choking. Ron's cock was so thick that it really did stretch her mouth and she thought about what Daphne had said in the lavatory last night. She squeezed her eyes shut to let that thought pop out of her head. If she could help it, she wanted to make Ron forget than anyone else had ever had their mouth on him before her. She may not be skilled enough to do it now, but she was confident that one day she would.

Her mouth pumped him steadily and Ron was grunting and thrusting in earnest now. His hand slipped down and he began to stroke his shaft, matching Hermione's driving rhythm. She watched this movement for a few moments, making sure she understood what he was doing, then she snatched his hand away and replaced it with her own.

Hermione got up on her knees so she could get a better position and now her mouth and her hand were working Ron fantastically. His hands were fisted in her hair and he was moaning and thrusting in time with her.

"Fuck!" he shouted. "That feels so good," he grunted heavily.

Hermione could see that his testicles were pulled tight to his body now and she remembered this happened before when he was about to finish. It wasn't a moment later when Ron began to shout unintelligible things.

"Ga…mmm…sss…ma…FUCK!" he wailed just as Hermione pulled her mouth away in time for Ron's quaking eruption. His hips thrust upward as spurt after spurt of his warm fluid shot in the air and landed on his abdomen as well as Hermione's delicate hand. She continued to pump his thick muscle, milking it to the end. Her eyes were glued to his body, watching every reaction she was pulling from it.

Ron was flushed red from head to toe and he had a thin sheen of sweat on him. His muscles were clenched tightly and he trembled. The panting that he was doing had slowed to a deep wheezing and his eyes were no longer squeezed tight. Hermione could feel him going flaccid in her hand so she pulled it away slowly. She had Ron's fluids all over the back of her hand and he had it all over his stomach. She thought about how it tasted and wondered if he would have liked it better if she hadn't pulled her mouth away. She stored that question for further exploration…perhaps tonight.

Leaning over the edge of the bed, Hermione picked up her wand from her discarded clothing and cleaned the two of them. She tossed the wand to the floor and then crawled on top of Ron. Before she could help it, she was rubbing her face on his chest again and realizing why cats love to do this so much, it was simply lovely. Ron's arms encircled her and he gave what sounded like a deeply satisfied sigh.

"Did you enjoy that?" Hermione whispered with a sleepy smile on her face.

"It was perfect. You must always wake me like that," he replied and she could hear the smile on his face. She looked up at him to find she was not wrong, he was smiling from ear to ear.

"So you'd want me to do it again, sometime?" she asked, coyly.

"Are you kidding? You have met me before, haven't you?" Ron asked with a laugh, then he grabbed her hand and shook it. "Perhaps we should be formally introduced…it's nice to meet you, my name is—"


"Fuckin' hell!" Ron hissed and shot out of bed as his mother's voice reverberated around Hermione's tiny flat.

She had never seen anyone get clothes on that fast, but Ron had his dress trousers on and zipped before she could even right herself to get out of bed. By the time her feet hit the floor Ron was rushing out of the bedroom, shirtless, toward the sitting room where Mrs. Weasley's voice had come.

Tying her dressing gown tightly around her, Hermione stepped up to her bedroom door and listened. God help her, she was far too embarrassed to go out there with Ron.

"Ronald! What is the meaning of this? ("Sorry Mum!") The last anyone has seen of you, you were running out of the party off to Merlin knows were! ("Sorry Mum!") Out all night! ("Sorry Mum!") No bother to wonder if people were worried! ("Sorry Mum!") I got up this morning, worried about you, wanting to make sure you were alright after your quarrel with Hermione, and what do I find when I go to your room? ("Sorry Mum!") An empty bed, that's what!"

"I'm sorry Mum…I—" Just as Ron was about to launch into what sounded like an explanation, Hermione heard the whoosh of someone else Flooing in.

"Molly dear," Mr. Weasley's voice carried back to the bedroom where Hermione stood listening. "Let's go, we'll talk to Ron later when he gets home."

"No, Arthur, we are not leaving here without Ronald! Go get your things! I'm furious at your irresponsible behavior!" she raged.

"No," Ron replied, so low that Hermione barely heard him.

"What was that?" Molly asked, apparently she barely heard him as well.

"I said, no," Ron repeated quietly.

"What do you mean, no?"

"I mean, no! I'm not coming home now. I'll be in later or…tomorrow!" This was met with silence, and Hermione only assumed that Mrs. Weasley had been rendered mute.

"When are you going to realize that I'm not a child? Turning seventeen didn't do it, fighting in a war didn't do it, so maybe the fact that I am in love and choose to express my love in a…physical manner will finally make you see that I am a bloody man!"

Again, there was ringing silence, but now, Hermione could not take it any longer. She should be standing with her man. As quiet as a mouse she stepped out of her bedroom and crept down the hall toward the three Weasleys. It was obvious that Ron didn't know she was in the room until her hand slipped in his and he gripped it tightly. Hermione's heart nearly broke when her eyes landed on Mrs. Weasley. It was painfully obvious that she was fighting a raging battle inside, a battle that had been going on in mothers since the dawn of time…when do I let my child go?

No doubt Molly had had this battle five times already, but Hermione was sure that each time was just as painful as the last and she still had one more to go.

"Ronnie," she whimpered. Ron let go of Hermione's hand and rushed to his mother so he could embraced her tightly. Hermione turned her head to hide a traitorous tear that bubbled out of her eye. Mr. Weasley smiled lovingly at the pair.

"I'm sorry I said that swear word, Mum," Ron murmured, still holding his mother.

"It's alright, Ronnie," she sniffed and kissed his cheek before she pulled away. "I'm sorry I stormed in here. Sorry, Hermione, dear," Molly said to her. She was only able to nod her acceptance of the apology for she was nearing an emotional burst.

"Ron," Mrs. Weasley sighed. "I hope you never know the fear and worry that your father and I have suffered through. It's natural for a parent to worry over their children, but in a time of war when all of your babies are involved…well, it takes a part of your soul that I fear will never return," she looked at the couple sadly.

"I do recognize that you are an adult, Ron, and I'm very proud of the man you have grown into. It's just fear that creeps into me sometimes and makes me want to keep you under my wing forever. I know that I can't, but forgive me if I forget that sometimes."

"It's alright, Mum. I don't want you to worry about me, and I'm sorry I didn't let you know that I wasn't coming home. I promise I will in the future." Hermione didn't miss the reaction Mrs. Weasley had to that statement, 'in the future,' meaning, he planned to stay here again. She nearly did a dance, but thought that inappropriate now, so she settled for nervously twisting the belt to her dressing gown.

"I understand that while I live under your roof, I have to go by your rules. I can respect that, and this will never happen again," Ron finished.

"Alright," Mrs. Weasley said hesitantly, and then they all stood in a very awkward silence.

"Er…well, son, will we see you two at dinner?" Mr. Weasley asked and Mrs. Weasley looked extremely hopeful.

"Um…" Ron glanced at Hermione and she gave a curt nod. "Sure…we'll be there," he smiled at his parents.

"Great! We'll see you then, son," Mr. Weasley said, and then the pair Disapparated with harmonizing pops.

"Bloody hell!" Ron shouted the moment his parents were gone. "Can you believe that?" he asked, but Hermione was simply staring at him, her man, looking beautiful and masculine. She was so deeply in love with him that it shook her to her core. She was such a goner where he was concerned and she had no reason to hide it now. Stepping up to him, Hermione pulled him in her arms and kissed him.

"Mmm, what was that for?" he asked.

"Just…just because I adore you," she smiled and kissed him again.

"Can you imagine if she would have shown up five minutes earlier!" Ron said incredulously, causing Hermione to chuckle. She sighed deeply.


"Hmm?" he murmured as he pressed his lips to her forehead.

"Promise me that you will always stand up for us like that." He looked down at her and smiled a bit confusedly.

"Of course."

"Promise me that it will always be like this." She hugged him tighter.

"I promise," he kissed her head again.

"Promise we will never let anyone come between us," she whispered.

"I promise," Ron answered adamantly. She looked up and met his eyes again, hers now slightly misty.

"Promise you'll love me forever?"

"Even after I die."


Four Years Later…..

Hermione rode the lift in silence. This was normal for her even if there were people on board, which there wasn't today. However, she was very distracted this morning. Her thoughts were heavy with events of the previous weekend. Night before last, she had given Ron the final fantasy she had planned for his birthday. It was an eye opening evening, filled with passion, tears and even a bit of spanking.

Hermione blushed deeply as she stepped off the lift heading toward her department. Still lost in her thoughts which were making her tingle slightly, she rounded the corner and smacked right into something solid and furry. Her bag fell from her shoulder and she stumbled back, nearly hitting the ground, but an overly large hand caught her and set her right. Hermione looked up and gasped.

"Hagrid! What are you doing here?" she smiled, happy to see her friend. They rarely got back to Hogwarts now with their busy schedules.

"Er…ah…mor'nin 'Ermione!" he sputtered then thrust three massive Sunflowers at her. Hermione stepped back with a squeak, but she took the offerings with confusion and piqued curiosity.

"Thank you, Hagrid" she said, looking at the flowers.

Beautiful as they were, they still had clumps of dirt and the roots attached, she wondered why he was giving them to her. Before she got a chance to ask that question, Hagrid stepped aside revealing a long queue of people that trailed right up to her office door, all holding flowers. Hermione's heart began to speed in her chest as she slowly stepped up to the next person, who happened to be Bill.

He handed her a small bunch of purple Hydrangeas, and kissed her on her cheek, yet said nothing. Hermione smiled, still a bit confused. She knew something special was happening and she was simply going to keep quiet and let it happen.

Next was Fleur. She smiled sweetly and handed Hermione three white Gladioli, then kissed her on both cheeks. Hermione's hands shook as she took the flowers and added them to the others.

She stepped up to Charlie and the second eldest Weasley son gave her a warm smile, then handed her some cherry colored Heathers and a Snapdragon. He embraced her tightly and then kissed her on the forehead.

The wickedly gleeful smile of Fred Weasley met her next as she moved down the queue. She was so eager and excited to see what this was leading to that she wasn't even worried that Fred's flower (a magical version of a Snapdragon) was actually spitting out tiny puffs of smoke. He hugged her to him and spun her around quickly before setting her on her feet a bit dizzy.

George greeted her with an identical wicked smile as his brother's and then handed her a magical Bird of Paradise which began chirping loudly the moment Hermione touched it.

"Bugger," George mumbled then whacked the flower on the head with his wand and the beak-like petals continued to move, but no chirping could be heard.

"Thank you," Hermione said, and found that she had nearly lost her voice. George smiled warmly and pulled her into his arms. She nearly cried as she had never been hugged like this from either of the twins.

Mr. Weasley smiled brightly as he handed over a bunch of ivory Orchids. He pulled her into his arms and embraced her much like her own father often would. A lump was growing in her throat and it took several swallows to get it down.

By the time she stepped up to Mrs. Weasley, Hermione's nerves were teetering on break down. As she watched tears well up in the eyes of the woman who had done so much for her, she fought back her own tears. Seeing Molly there confirmed what Hermione was expecting to see behind the closed door of her office, but she couldn't think of that or she'd never make it. Look at the flowers, concentrate on the flowers, Hermione told herself. Mrs. Weasley handed her three pink Lisianthus' that were nearly perfect, then she pulled her into a rather back breaking hug.

Hermione was breathing hard by the time she was released and some of the flowers had gotten crumpled, much to the dismay of the snapdragon and bird of paradise.

Seeing her mother brought the lump back to her throat, bigger and harder this time. Mrs. Granger handed Hermione five yellow Carnations which she knew were her mum's favorite. Her mother held her face in her hands and kissed her on the nose.

"I love you…I don't think you have any idea how much…" she looked as if she wanted to say more, but was simply overcome. Hermione was slightly thankful that her mum could say no more, otherwise she was going to lose it.

Stepping up to her father is what finally caused the first tear to fall. He brushed it away with his thumb. For so long he had been her hero, the man in her life. He had not filled that role in some time, but somewhere deep inside, he always would. Handing her a combination of white, pink and purple Gerber Daisies, Mr. Granger took his daughter's free hand and kissed it, then pulled her to him for a warm hug. This was something she would never tire of, her father's arms around her.

"You make me so proud to be a father, princess. You always have and you always will," he whispered in her hair causing a few more silent tears to leak out. Hermione nodded, feeling rather content to stay in her fathers arms, but he guided her to the next person waiting.

Ginny was looking as if she was struggling to maintain her composure for she seemed ready to burst at the seams with excitement. She eagerly handed Hermione red and yellow Alstroemerias, but was crushing her with a hug before she could even add them to the pile gripped in her arm.

"I knew this day would come…" she said in a teary voice. "I didn't know it would take so long, but I'm happy all the same!" she eked out then kissed Hermione on the cheek. Her heart was thumping wildly in her chest right now because she knew what was waiting for her behind that door and she was nearly dizzy with anticipation. Even the large bouquet she cradled didn't seem to be bothering her now. She wanted to get in her office! There was one person standing in her way, however.

Harry was poised and statuesque as the only barrier between her and her future. His green eyes glowed passionately as he held a beautiful bouquet of white flowers. He didn't hand them to her, but simply let her step closer to him before he spoke.

"It…it seems like such a long time ago when I was doing something similar…on your birthday in fact. I remember a conversation we had in a dark corner at the Burrow and you told me that…that I was your brother." He stopped speaking and looked as if he had something hard in his throat that was blocking him from swallowing. Tears were trickling down Hermione's cheeks as she waited for Harry to continue.

"I hope you still feel that way…I hope—"

"I do," Hermione rasped and wanted to throw her arms around him, God she loved him so much. He smiled and she could tell he was nervous, but he pressed on.

"You are my family, Hermione…" he swallowed. "I have lots of family now, but only one sister…um…these…" he handed her the flowers. "…these are Lilies and Lily of the Valley. I never knew how beautiful they were and so fitting that my mother was named after them." Again he paused to regain himself.

"You remind me of her. I know that's odd because I don't really know her, but from what I've been told by everyone who knew her, she was smart, and brave and extremely kind and that pretty much sums you up." He smiled brightly. "I think she would have loved you, she is somewhere watching over me and I'm sure she is very happy that I have you in my life."

At this, Harry seemed overcome and pulled Hermione into a suffocating hug. Before she could reciprocate, he was opening the door to her office, and practically pushing her through it.

She stumbled inside to find Ron pacing in a tight circle. The sound of the door closing got his attention and he stopped, then smiled nervously at her. He carried a single red Rose in his hand and he was handsomely dressed in a crisp white button-down shirt and dark blue trousers. Slowly he approached her. It was hard to tell who was shaking more as he handed her the rose.

Within the next instant, he was on bended knee and that was all Hermione could take. She burst into tears causing all the flowers to fall from her arms, as she needed both hands to cry into. Ron immediately hugged her hips and buried his face into her belly.

"I can't do this and look at you cry," he mumbled into her stomach with a kiss. Hermione took several gulping breaths and tried very hard to pull herself together.

"O-okay, I'll try to stop," she sniffed and threaded her hands through his hair. Ron peeped up at her and seemed to believe that she would curb her tears so he could say what he had to say.

"I love you," he whispered and Hermione nodded with her mouth clamped shut. She hoped that he realized that she could not speak for fear that she would start bawling.

"Do you like the flowers?" again she nodded. "I thought it would be a nice reminder of our first date," he whispered and Hermione smiled wide.

"S-sorry I dr-dropped them," she choked out and Ron chuckled.

"No worries, love-bug." He stared at her for a moment. "Blimey, I've forgotten everything I'd planned to say. It was loads of good stuff too." He bit his lip and looked as if he were wracking his brain to think about it. Hermione sniffed and held his face in her hands.

"Ron…just say what's in your heart. Say what you feel," she whispered. He swallowed thickly.

"I love you, more than I thought possible, even. It seems to swallow me sometimes…you know. I just want to be with you forever, I want to…to make love to you every night and every morning and have babies and grand babies and great-grand babies. I want to look beside me when we are 150 and still find you there…I want…I…blimey, will you marry me, Hermione?"

At first she nodded and he didn't move. She couldn't see his face clearly because her vision was obstructed by her tears, so she whispered, "Yes," and in the next instant she was being lifted off the floor and spun around.

"YES!" Ron shouted, and that seemed to be enough for the people waiting outside the office; for the door flew open and the crowd came barreling in with cheers and applause. Hermione was dizzy and it was from far more than just being spun around by Ron. Her life was about to change and she was ecstatic. She was going to marry her best friend, her soul-mate and maybe it was naïve of her to think so, but she knew life was going to be perfect for them all from this moment on.

"I love you," she whispered to Ron, who still had her in his arms. He responded by pressing his lips to her in a searing kiss that was met with a roaring cheer.

The End…or The Beginning, however you want to look at it

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