Prompt: Sam Carter // #001 Garden // #002 Tupperware

Notes: Written for ordinarymoments

"Hey, Sam!" Daniel yelled out in greeting as he and Jack walked towards their friend. He waved at her, a carefree grin gracing his features that he rarely wore while at work. "What're you up to?"

Sam glanced up from what she was doing and smiled back, catching Jack's eye for a moment and sharing a look with him. Daniel, for all his enthusiasm, missed the look and continued on to join Sam by the garden.

"Hey, guys!" Sam acknowledged them happily. "I was just making sure I didn't forget anything." She gestured at the stack of Tupperware containers that were laid out in front of her.

Various food items filled them, including sandwiches, blue and red jello cups, pie, fruit, chocolate and some homemade cookies that Sam had made earlier. The cookies were slightly darker than they were supposed to be, but they weren't too bad. Sam had never been much of a cook, so taking that into consideration, they were pretty damn good.

"Ah, Carter," Jack drawled out warmly, his deep brown eyes softening as they settled on her blue ones once again. "I'm sure you've got everything. And," he added, holding out a carton of beer, "here's the good stuff, as promised."

"Thank you," Sam grinned, taking the beer and placing it by the food. She ignored the slight spark of electricity that shot through her stomach as her hand accidentally brushed his. Turning back to the containers, she studied them for a moment before nodding. "I think that's everything," she confirmed. "What about Teal'c?"

As if conjured by her words, the Jaffa appeared from around the corner and began to walk over to them.

"Present and accounted for," Jack replied with a grin. He turned to wave to their friend, then turned back and sat on the picnic blanket next to Sam. Daniel sat on Sam's other side, leaving the space across from her to Teal'c when he finally joined them.

"Hey, Teal'c," Sam smiled warmly in greeting. Her response came in the form of a silent, respectful nod and a sharp twinkle in her friends' eyes.

Happy that everyone was settled, she began passing out the food and beer. It wasn't long before they were all set and she leaned back to enjoy the day.

"Bon appetite!" Jack put in as they began eating. He raised his red jello cup in a toast and added, half-jokingly, "to saving the world…again!"

Sam grinned and took a swig of beer. Team picnics were definitely the best way to spend downtime!