Naruto of the Paper

Sum: No! This isn't about Naruto having a paper route. It's a crossover with R.O.D/ Read or dream! I don't own ether!


---Konoha three hours after the Kyuubi attack---

"I can't believe that the villagers would shun Naruto like that." said the Third, sitting at his desk. "I can." came a reply in an English accent from the door. When the Third looked up he saw a blonde gentleman with blue eyes wearing a suit and holding a cane. "Mr. Joker! It's good to see you again, but what brings you here?" asked the Third, with relive on his face. "The boy, he's a paper. We heard that a female paper master was having a child and the library dose like to keep tabs on the papers." replied Mr. Joker, sitting down. "I see, but his mother died and the father isn't known." said the Third. "Then, I'll take the boy." replied Mr. Joker, looking at the old man. "Yes, that would be best. No one here is a paper-master and they won't help him, because he has the Kyuubi inside him." replied the Third. "Yes, I'll put him under Yomiko. You remember her, the little book crazy woman?" asked Mr. Joke, getting a nod in response. "Well, then I'll take Naruto and be on my way." said Mr. Joker, picking up baby Naruto. "Wait, take these." said the Third, handing Mr. Joker a bag. "There his father's techniques. I would like to know how he is time to time." said the Third, taking a seat. "I see, Well, I'll do what I can." replied Mr. Joker, leaving the room and Konoha.

End Prelude: …And the moral of today's story is… before you judge someone walk a mile in their shoes. That way when you judge them you're a mile away and you just jacked their shoes. Well, that's me! Je ne! Tenkai of chaos.